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Mas Farmhouse


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Not really. I think Mas is a great "date" place. The ambiance is perfect for that, and the reason I find the food underwhelming as food is why I find it perfect for eating out with people whose tastes I don't know: it's unchallenging, a bit underflavored to my taste,* and completely inoffensive and undistracting. Not what I want for a serious meal out -- but great for a date with a non-foodie.


* Of course, based on her comments in the Atelier Robuchon thread, Skye thinks I like my food oversalted.

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I am returning tomorrow after not being here since last year. Any recent experiences??

What should I expect??

At the risk of incurring the wrath of Mas fans, I'd say you should expect very serviceable/pleasant if unremarkable food, and prices that are about 25% higher than they should be for the level of place it is*. You should also expect a really nice room that's great for a date, and service that's almost as good as it thinks it is. If you get lucky, you'll get very a very competent server with solid knowledge and the ability to guide you away from the price mines on the wine list. If you're less lucky, you'll get a little bit of condescension until they realize you know as much about their food and wine as they do. I've had it both ways there. NB: the prix fixe was a good addition to their menu, and was desperately needed.

* They used to be about 40% too high a few years ago, but they've tamed their act a bit. Also, beware of specials that can cost WAY more than the regular menu (e.g. $10+ more per dish), with prices they don't disclose unless you ask.

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We were there on Friday night. LPShanet's comments are directionally correct, but he puts it more harshly than I would.

For the food on the plate, the entrées are indeed about 25% more expensive than they deserve to be, with nothing under $32 on the current menu. (The appetizer premium is not as steep; perhaps 10%.) Of course, it is still good food—just a tad over-priced if all you are looking for is nourishment.

However, it is a wonderful room, beautifully appointed, and we've found service to be excellent on both of our visits. Those amenities have value, and on the right occasion (which this was) I do not mind paying for them. I've encountered none of the condescension that LPShanet referred to.

The wine list doesn't offer much for the budget-conscious, but I guess they've concluded they don't have to. The restaurant was full on a Friday evening, as I've found it to be whenever I've reserved, or tried to.

NB:  the prix fixe was a good addition to their menu, and was desperately needed.

I am not so sure about that. The prix fixe is $68 for four courses. That's consistent with the overall price level of the restaurant, but certainly didn't strike us as a bargain.

The arrangement of it, too, is as confusing as anything I've seen. The prix fixe appears on the first page of the menu, with two choices for each of the three savory courses. But then, the server explains that any of the prix fixe items can be ordered à la carte, and any item from the carte can be substituted into the prix fixe at no extra charge. So what is the point of listing them that way, when everything is interchangeable?

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