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Speaking of bologna...


Not to shabby, eh?

Not too shabby at all. I was just going to post how much I liked fried bologna as a child and would think about ordering it if I saw it on a menu (especially if on the road traveling rural Ohio). This one would be hard to resist.

Seems to me that bologna and meatloaf fit in perfectly with the the spirit of the initial post about using Stern's book and Holly's Eats as guides. Whether you like bologna/meatloaf or not, the mention of these restaurants that serve them certainly isn't out of context of this thread.

I like cows, too. I hold buns against them. -- Bucky Cat.

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Holy crap... I can't believe I forgot to mention Swenson's.  Swenson's Drive In.  Gally Boy.  Go!!  Right now... Go!!!  There are locations in Akron, Canton, and Broadview Hts. (South of Cleveland).

I've eaten here many times. My parents grew up in Akron, so when I would visit my grandmother we would go here. For many years she lived across the street in a building that was mostly seniors. We would still drive there though (literally turn out of the parking lot, cross the street and turn into Swenson's) because she liked to sit in the car and eat her burger. Just wasn't the same if we picked it up and brought it back to her apartment. (This is the location on Rt. 18...I think that is the right street name, seems like it has many names depending on what town you are in.)

Edited to Add: Forgot to mention...very tasty burgers!

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I like cows, too. I hold buns against them. -- Bucky Cat.

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OK I found it ...this is the bologna sandwich I meant



he he he

where's waldo?

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The great thing about barbeque is that when you get hungry 3 hours later....you can lick your fingers


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