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Food Words for Children

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When my daughter was just born, we always called her "the muffin." We said it so much that my MIL once remarked that "she's going to think her name is muffin!"

But now Leah's three years old, and I can't remember the last time we called her that. They grow up so fast. :sad:

My son Nate has always been "the little guy." No food there. But he eats like a horse!

"I don't mean to brag, I don't mean to boast;

but we like hot butter on our breakfast toast!"

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Allow me to introduce you to "Meatloaf" aka Soph-a-loaf, aka Sophie on the right. and "Punkin' Pie aka Amy closest to you. To take the name game even further, they're names are the inspiration behind the name of my company:

AmSo Delicious LLC!!gallery_16368_889_149164.jpg

Oh as for me, no food name, just Big Daddy Guy :biggrin:


Les Marmitons-NJ

Johnson and Wales

Class of '85

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My dad had all kinds of odd names for me and my sister while we were growing up. We were "tomato" and "potato" for some odd reason unknown to anyone but him. Our dog's name was peanuts. The man loves his food. :wink:


Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all. - Harriet Van Horne

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Update: as our Bebe has grown, we've taken to replacing the diminutive "peanut" with the more accurate "gordita," since our miha is most certainly a little fatty these days.

Mine's still Peanut.

Although, given the amazing amounts of food she eats, "Garbage Disposal" and "Hoover" are starting to be more appropriate.

If someone writes a book about restaurants and nobody reads it, will it produce a 10 page thread?

Joe W

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my kindergarten teacher called us all her "petits chou-chous" … I guess 'cabbage' is a pretty common french pet name for kids; sort of strange once you think about it :biggrin:

I think it actually developed not from 'chou' as cabbage, but from the verb 'choyer', which means to look after tenderly, to pamper, or to spoil.

Mind you, I think this development happened quite a while back, so most people would first make the assocation with cabbage.

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Nothing to add to the excellent compendium of names, here.

Lately I just call either one of them by a conjuction of both their names because it is impossible to figure out who is the one causing the trouble, so in the middle of their bickering I confusedly shout "Just stop it, Krdrew!" (thereby combining the names Kristen and Drew and covering all bases :biggrin: ).

There is a food term I use often with them, though, often.

"Stop percolating!"


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we call our daughter sweet pea... my mom calls her butter bean...

and, for your enjoyment, here is the sweet pea song:

sweeeet peeeeeea

you're the sweeeeeetest

sweet little peeeeeea

you're so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet

i love youty

you're a cutie

sweeeeeeeeet little peeeeeea

you're soooooo sweet.



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