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Toronto Cooking Schools


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don't know your location, but the Richmond Culinary School has a once-a-month evening where everyone can pitch in to cook, (somewhat Iron Chef, in that they will provide the ingredients), but it's optional to participate, (so those only interested in eating can do so). there's a one-time joining fee and then it's $10 for each evening you participate in.

I had given a membership to a friend as a gift and he enjoys it. He was/is a total noob in the kitchen.

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I was very unimpressed with DISH when I went a couple of years ago. I thought that it was not good value for the price. I suppose if you just wanted to sit back and drink mediocre wine or beer and watch someone cook it might be okay.

Here is a link to my review of that experience: Review of Dish Experience

I have really enjoyed the GBC School of Hospitality continuing ed courses. I took one on Sushi making, which was fun and very informative. The cost was reasonable too. Granted, I am a bit biased as a former GBC Hospitality grad. You get a receipt that can be applied against your taxes to boot.

I don't know if Bonnie Stern still conducts her school, but I have heard good things about it from baby boomers who have attended.

I always enjoy the demos at the Cookbook Store too.

Here is a link to an earlier thread we did on cooking schools in the GTA: GTA Cooking Schools


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I'll second the GBS of Hospitality. My experience there a few moons ago gave me the confidence to "wing it" in the kitchen. They taught then (not sure about now) method...eg sauces (white, brown, and emulsion) and that all others are variations of these; basic braises, basic stews, and the variations are variations of garnish, liquid, and/or aromatics. Etc.

I now never use measuring spoons except for baking cakes and cookies. Such freedom!!!!

However there is a caveat.... I now need a human dishwasher following me around and tons of pots and pans to use as well as a six burner stove.... etc, etc, etc......

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We have had great success with the Calphalon school at King/Spadina

My husband is more into cooking and he has done the knife skills, new orleans, and sauces courses.

I did the new orleans and sauces courses with him and after about 2 hours, I degenerated to just sitting and drinking wine.

The courses are really really terrific if you are into cooking. A bit intense if you have a short attention span though.

My friends have done the demo courses at Calphalon and enjoyed them greatly too.


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