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No-bake Cheesecake


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this is of no help to you but...years ago there was a no-bake pumpkin cheesecake recipe in all the magazines...it was put out by the Jello Pudding people and used instant pudding. My grandmother doesnt like instant pudding so she made vanilla pudding and then added all the liquid ingrediants to that.....Parfait anyone? good thing she had pretty dessert glasses


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I'm looking from a long time for a no-bake chessecake recipe that containes unflavored gelatin. if have a link or a true delicious recipe, please help me with it  :sad:

Thanks in advance.

Here is a fairly typical recipe. Many Australian recipes for cheesecake would fit your criteria.

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Hi there,


I bought a bottomless tart ring a few weeks back and made a chocolate ganache with a biscuit base. Nothing complicated and it tasted good.


This week I decided to try a cheesecake. The recipe was for a plain cheesecake and then it was decorated with strawberries afterwards. Instead I decided to add some frozen berry mix into the cheese cake mixture before I poured it onto the biscuit. I put it in the fridge for 24 hours and when I came to check on it, the base had leaked out a large amount of yellow liquid. My theory is that the acid in the fruit reacted with the mixture and it was whey that leaked out. Once I got all the liquid off, the cake is tasty, and the biscuit base is a little crumbly but still set.


Is my theory correct? Or did I do something else wrong. Can anyone help? 

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Frozen berries are going to contain a lot of water when they are thawed.  Better idea would have been to thaw the fruit - dry it off completely and then add it.


But even then if you add too much it could throw it off as well.  How much fruit did you add?

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Frozen fruit always leaks a lot of liquid. There was no reaction. Freezing causes the liquid inside the plant cells to expand and crystallize, bursting the cell walls. When thawed, fruit is mushy and very watery as its cells are now essentially sieves.


If you read the comments on this recipe, many people found that it does not work. Some recommend whipping the cream prior to adding. Most no-bake cheesecake recipes include gelatin as a stabilizer as it, if handled properly, pretty much guarantees a good result.


You have to be very careful, especially with a formula like this, which apparently just barely holds together on its own, to think about the consequences of any changes you make to it. Perhaps a couple tablespoons of strawberry jam would work better, but, I'd look for a tested formula for a strawberry flavored cheese pie before choosing to add a non-binding ingredient to this particular recipe.

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Resurrecting an old thread to say that I made these No-bake melon cheesecake bars from NYT Cooking. Based on the popsicle-like Korean Melona bars but instead of being frozen on a stick, this is refrigerated on a graham cracker crust.   Not as heavy as a cheesecake, it's a very light and fresh tasting summer dessert.


I used Galia melon and had no graham crackers so I crushed up lemon biscotti for the crust. 

Would be fun to try 2 layers with cantaloupe or something orange as the other melon. 


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