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A Couple of Chocolate Recipes Needed


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For early grey, reduce your cream by 1/4 and replace with whole milk. Bring milk to a boil and add tea bags, simmer for 5 minutes and remove from heat. Cover milk and allow for infusion for atleast 15 minutes. Strain milk into cream and return to a boil. Pour over top chocolate in a bowl and allow to rest for 2 minutes. Stir until smooth. I would use 2 tea bags per qt of cream

Dean Anthony Anderson

"If all you have to eat is an egg, you had better know how to cook it properly" ~ Herve This

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Looking for a very good high quality White Chocolate Ganache Recipe...

The quality of your ganache is going to be determined by the quality of the chocolate used.

Basically any ganache recipe is going to be just cream and chocolate, some people like to add butter or flavorings but it's not required. What are you going to be using the ganache for? What you are going to do with the ganache, ie. making truffles, filling chocolates, layering a cake, etc. will dictate the consistency, and therefore the ratio of cream to chocolate, that you need for the ganache.

Let us know what you're going to do with it and I'm sure you'll get some more specific recipes.

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Cheers for the replies guys, using Calibaut Chocolate for the ganche, will be using it to fill my moulds, did have an excellent recipe for this but it was stolen along with my last 10 years of recipes by a Ex-Chef that left my kitchen :sad:

Anyone have any other unusual chocolate recipes for truffles etc, please post i'd love to read them and maybe try in the restaurant.

Thanks again for the replies


cooking is my passion
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I managed to get a copy of Jean-Pierre Wybauw's book, Fine Chocolates Great Experience last weekend at a Callebaut sponsored event at the CIA in Hyde Park. J-PW was also there giving a demo and several well-known NYC pastry/chocolate types showed up.

This is a great book, with lots of recipes and practical advice for making all sorts of confections with chocolate as well as caramels of various types, candying fruit, pate de fruits, nougats, etc.

This is a "Must Have" book for any/everyone who works with chocolate from advanced amateurs to professionals. Most importantly, the recipes are made from the perspective of the professional - what works in production - and use ingredients that professionals are likely to have easier access to. Each of the recipes includes an indicator of Water Activity (aW) level which is a predictor of shelf life (there is also an extensive treatment on the subject of shelf life and how to extend it).

The first English-language printing of 20,000 copies is more or less sold out, but I learned that there are two editions - one with the Callebaut logo on the cover and one with the publisher's logo. The easiest way to get a copy of the book (maybe the cheapest, too - I got my copy for $50 instead of the $99 or so most places sell it for) is probably through a Callebaut rep. Most likely not the distributor you buy the chocolate from, but the Callebaut sales rep your distributor deals with. Find out if Callebaut is sponsoring a demo anytime soon and go - they will probably have a supply of books for sale at a good price for cash.


Clay Gordon

president, pureorigin

editor/publisher www.chocophile.com

founder, New World Chocolate Society

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