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Cheap stuff

Florida Jim

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2002 Gilles Robin, Crozes-Hermitage Papillon:

Quite spicy on the nose with cool plum and black pepper scents competing for prominence; mid-weight, clean and focused across the palate with flavors more in the black fruit spectrum but nice spice and bacon accents, structured and concentrated; long finish. Although the Cuvee Alberic Bouvet from this producer is generally a more complex wine, this is neither simple nor without ability to develop in the cellar. 12.3% alcohol, $12 and another fine effort from a producer I have learned to trust.

2003 Ca’ del Solo, Big House Pink:

A blend of virtually every red grape one can think of and pinot blanc, this juice is about 13% alcohol, deeply colored for a rosé, and refreshing for its bright acidity and lack of RS; full flavored, crisp and a joy to drink on a warm afternoon with lunch (especially with a nap to follow). A Bonny Doon spin-off. About $8.

1999 Moccagatta, Freisa:

My first thought is, Lambrusco gone awry. This smells of black raspberries, is bone dry (assertively so) and is fizzy. Diane says leave it out and hope it goes flat but I am thinking it’s the perfect base for sangria. In any event, not a table wine by any stretch and a most unusual beverage; thankfully, it’s only $6.

2003 Castaño, Monastrell:

14% alcohol is easily carried by this Yecla red that smells of earth and dusty black plums; tastes dense, clean and fresh with flavors that follow the nose, evident tannins and a medium length finish. A little rustic but an interesting food wine for only $7.

2000 Dom. de la Janasse, Vin de Pays de la Principauté D’Orange:

14% alcohol, a blend of syrah and merlot that smells like Châteauneuf du pape and has a rich, almost salty palate with black fruit and spice flavors, round in the mouth with medium length. Rather more pleasant than I expected for the blend, good accompaniment to a cheese plate and only $8.

Best, Jim


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Thanks again for your enlightening notes. I agree on the Gilles Robin, Ca'del Solo and Castano. I think that the Castano benefits from decanting and a litttle time before drinking. Another "cheap stuff" that I have enjoyed is from the guys at Carolina Wine Co., the "Vin" Marsanne that they had for $4.99 a btl. They had a couple of Givry whites from Jean Marc Joblot (a great guy and a fine winemaker) for under $15 a bottle. Good Juice & great price. Thanks again for the notes.

BTW: I had a bottle of the Droin Chablis (you posted about 2 or 3 months ago) last nite and it is coming along nicely

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