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Fried Foods...


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I also don't fry much at home because of the mess. However, I do a really mean pan fried chicken. I am looking forward to installing a big outdoor burner in the new house to facilitate shrimp boils, fish fries, chicken fries and the like. My nephew and I fry turkeys around Thanksgiving sometimes.

Back in the 70s, tempura parties were all the rage. We dipped and fried all sorts of improbable things, hung around the stove dipping and munching while sipping some sort of cheap white wine. My favorite was the mini daylily flowers.

I do, however, order fried food frequently at my favorite restaurants. Being on the Gulf Coast, shrimp figures prominently. One of my favorite places is here. And my current obsession is coconut shrimp.

I love fried food. Done properly, I can't see that it has any detrimental effect on weight or health. :biggrin: If there are any downsides, they are canceled out by the endorphin rush that you get with that first toothsome crunch into that perfectly fried shrimp.

Linda LaRose aka "fifi"

"Having spent most of my life searching for truth in the excitement of science, I am now in search of the perfectly seared foie gras without any sweet glop." Linda LaRose

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