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Thai Restaurants in New Jersey


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Nittaya is a very humble Thai restaurant in a location that's a lonely island. It's right near the entrance to Lincoln Tunnel on Willow Ave in Weehawken. I've been there once, and everything we ordered was good. I'd rank them with the best of the Thai I've had in Greenpoint (Brooklyn). Sorry I'm not familiar enough with the other NJ Thai restaurants, except for Hoboken, to compare. They will make it spicy, and not just use a heavier hand on the chili flakes. An added bonus was the eccentric clientele, and a cd of Thai music our server gave us when we left.

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Tried Brookside Thai tonight for the first time. Overall, I was very pleased. The dining room is a bit on the smallish side and we had to wait about 15 minutes, but when we were seated, our servers were friendly and courteous. Our waitress helped us to pick out a few dishes, and overall we were pleased.


Curry Puff- This was the only dish I was not pleased with. I found it to be far too doughy. I found that the substance was overwhelmed by the dough. I did enjoy the taste of the cucumber sauce though...

Spring Rolls- Pretty staright up dish. A little oily from the frying, but overall tasty. Exactly what I expected, and pretty good.

Dumplings (I forget exactly which)--Not too doughy. and the meat filling had a delicious flavor. Very large and a little tough to handle... Definitely more than a mouthful which made them a llittle tough to eat without them falling apart a little bit.

Yum Ped--Very delicious flavor with a spicy kick. Not overly spicy, but a fantastic blend of spices, sweetness and salad with that bite onion for contrast. Not quite like the Wondees version in terms of the duck itself. At Wondees they use only the crisp skin of the duck. Here they use strips of duck meat. Not quite so crispy. I think I prefer Wondees version, but only for that crisp duck skin... I think Brookside Thai makes a more flavorful version.


A forgettable seafood dish--a combination of shrimp, scallops and calamari with brocolli in an oyster sauce. Not a bad dish but nothing special...

Pad Cee-Ew- Perfectly done. I enjoyed the flavor, the texture, everything. It was very delicate with a hint of sweetness. The crispness of the broccoli contrasting with the softness of the noodles. We had ours with pork which soaked up the flavor, and in my opinion worked well with the sweetness of the dish. Also a good chewing conistancy to bridge the gap b/w the broccoli and the noodle.

The highlight dish--Gang Keaw Wan with chicken--Served Thai spicy. Too spicy for one member of our party, and almost too spicy for me, but despite that heat, the dish really worked for me. The flavor of the curry hit you in the back of the tongue, only to be replaced by the heat of the spice which hit against the same spot on the tongue. Very interesting sensation. I enjoyed the textures of the vegetables, and the red pepper added a refreshing sweetness.

In all, I was quite pleased, and am looking foward to trying it out again.

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THis thread hasn't been active in a while and I am looking for a good THai restaurant in the Ridgewood/Wyckoff area.  Is RIdge THai still there and is it good?

still there. Taste of Thai, also in Ridgewood, excels at salads, but I've had some horrible entrees there (beef with basil comes to mind). Ridge Thai is a decent enough option. I like Malee as well. None come close to Wondee's, unfortunately. there are probably individual threads on all of those places.

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Siam in Lambertville used to be my favorite, but I recently discovered an astonishingly good Thai restaurant:  Thai Kitchen, 1351 Prince Rodgers Ave., Bridgewater  908-231-8822...

Dug up these old threads in an attempt to have a decent lunch today in Bridgewater; went to Thai Kitchen II, just off 202/206 circle...

Very good - delicately spiced noodle dishes that were right on mark (pad thai, another one with basil, chicken, shrimp - excellent).


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I don't think it was around in 2002, but Thai Tida is in Lambertville now and is far better than Siam. Order the Crispy Duck. It's my favorite local take-out.

And the owners are great and know their stuff.


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recently i've been stopping by Pearl of Siam in Randolph and really enjoy the food there. i've found that if i talk to the hostess/owner and her husband and express my interest in real thai food they will make some items off the menu that gives me a better insight into the food they eat at home.

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Pad Thai in Highland Park is just okay... standard stuff, but the fact that they cook so much without pork (it's a very observant orthodox Jewish neighborhood) means that if you like it, it's added just at the end, not cooked as part of the dish like it should be. D:

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