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Alice Waters Venture - Merged topics

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I have not read anything on Alice herself opening a place, but I did read that a sous chef of hers lives here 6 months out of the year and runs an underground restaurant in an apartment that used to be occupied by David Sedaris. No idea where in Paris the apartment is, but I hear they serve serve big pots of communal food at a reasonable price of 35€ a person.

The chef is named David Panis. Here's the website: http://monsite.wanadoo.fr/chienlunatique/

Apparently he's cooking at Chez Panisse for the summer.

I wrote to them a vey long time ago and never heard back. I thought they were closed, however the menu they have posted now is much simpler, so it looks like they are still around.

There was also a squat in the 20th which served dinner on Friday nights and was getting some press a while back.


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