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Eating in Perth

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Hi Lisa

Welcome to our Australia board. Thanks for posting.

One of my favourite Perth restaurants is an unassuming little Japanese place - Shige of South Perth. Skip the sushi. It's nice enough, but teriyaki seafood is what they do best. Fifteen dollars buys a hearty portion of teriyaki salmon, or mackerel, or dhufish, with rice, veggies and a side salad drenched with tasty house dressing (which Shige now bottles to go, as per his famous teriyaki sauce).

Shige of South Perth isn't fancy, but it's fantastic. Other top choices include sauted scallops, grilled squid tentacles and salmon-bone soup. The small restaurant has a warm, friendly atmosphere and lots of regulars, who seem as comfortable here as in their lounge rooms.

I've enjoyed some very good vegetarian options and local seafood at Frasers (expensive, by Perth standards), in Kings Park. Brilliant location and view; variable service, but the good more than makes up for the bad. A fresh, zesty gazpacho and flat bread with smoky eggplant dip were both memorable, as was a fillet of ocean trout, served on stir-fried exotic veggies, with a mandarin-soy sauce. It's simple food, well done, using top-quality produce.

Frasers also serves breakfast (cheaper option than lunch or dinner). A la carte menu on weekdays is preferable to weekend buffet. Open throughout the day for coffee and cake. Cake is very good idea. Especially the chocolate number, served with chocolate sauce and chocolate ice-cream.

Maya Indian Restaurant in Fremantle makes a delicious vegetarian dhal from their "Legume of the Week". (They're very proud of their legume-rotation program.) The best Indian restaurant in Western Australia, Maya also does a very good pea and potato curry. Eat in, or order to go.

Shige, Frasers and Maya Indian are all reviewed in the Western Australia section of our website.

For a weekend yum cha spread with bountiful seafood and vegetarian options, head to Genting Palace, at Burswood Casino. Highly recommended. Conceived for the pleasure of Asian high-rollers, Genting is ornately fitted out. Somewhat imperial atmosphere, attentive service, very moreish fried squid.

Lamonts food store cum deli cum take-away, in Perth's CBD, is a choice option for a casual meal, or picnic supplies, or a reheatable dinner. Salad bar might include spiced fish with couscous, or Italian pasta wheels with roasted tomatoes and goats cheese. Take-homes might include eggplant parmigiana, Thai curry, pumpkin soup. Chocolate brownies are amazing (recipe in Kate Lamont's book "Food and Friends").

Kaiten sushi chain Jaws is the go for sushi. Turnover is high, so fish is super fresh, and choice belly parts are sold at the same price as regular cuts. Now that Kirin beer company has closed its casino sushi bar Edo Kirin, Jaws offers Perth's most satisfying sushi experience.

For Perth's best fish and chips: Groper and His Wife, at City Beach. Choose your fish, choose your cooking method (deep-fried, pan-fried, grilled, whatever), choose from an expansive salad smorgasbord. You can have traditional fish and chips, or a lighter option with lots of veggies. Wide range, reasonable prices, friendly service. Eat in or order to go.

We've heard from reliable sources that both Altos, in Subiaco, and Jacksons, in Highgate, serve superb food. Have not personally visited either.

A couple of produce sources for DIY seafood and veggie meals:

Innaloo Seafresh. Purveyor of Perth's finest seafood. Shop here once and you won't want to buy your seafood anywhere else. Huge range, helpful staff. They offer sashimi-grade fish and salmon roe, too.

Mr Organic, at Fremantle Market. Perth's freshest and cheapest organic veggies. He takes his delivery each Friday. If you can't get there first thing Friday, you can phone Mr Organic and he'll pack you a box to collect on Saturday or Sunday. Other local organic produce suppliers: Earth Market, at Subiaco (which has a great healthy cafe attached, tofu cream pie highly recommended); and Manna Wholefoods, at Fremantle.

While you're in Fremantle, check out the local Coles, which has a massive health food store-within-a-store; and, also, grocer Kakulas Sister, which stocks a huge range of legumes and dried fruit. The Asian grocer across the road from Coles is a real find, too.

New Norcia Bakery. Outstanding woodfired breads. At weekends, calzone and pizza bianca (flat bread, basted with olive oil and scattered with sea salt and rosemary). Phone ahead and ask the bakery when their next batch of pizza bianca will be ready - it is never so good as when eaten fresh out of the oven.

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I had a pretty good meal at the boatshed about four years ago. I didn't spend that much time in Perth when I was there.. I would also recommend heading for the Margaret river..there are some good restaurants (and lots of good wineries) there; I'll look up the names of some when I go home tonight.

Perth Citysearch has a good list of perth restaurants, with reviews and sample menus for some of them.

WesternAustralia.net can also be useful if planning a Western Australian holiday.

'You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline - it helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer.'

- Frank Zappa

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Hi folks

I am off to visit Perth in October, from London and haven't been there now for a few years

Can anyone recommend good eating places in the city

I will be there for a couple weeks so cheap lunchtime places to dearer evening restaurants would be much appreciated

Also I am off to Brisbane for a couple of days in the middle of my visit so any ideas there would be handy aswell

Thanks in advance for your excellent suggestions!!!

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Was last in Peth in November 2002 for a cousin's wedding and sort of family reunion. The places we ate at and liked were:

Viet Hoa at 349 Williams Road, Northbridge - cheap and good Vietnamese - liked their beef pho, braised duck noodles and stuffed chicken wings.

Vinh Tranh - it's on the same row as Viet Hoa - my uncle who lives in Perth prefers this place to Viet Hoa as he thinks it's more authentic as it mainly the Vietnamese community who frequent the place. The soup for the beef pho here is more intense than the one at Viet Hoa.

Grand Palace at the Esplanade for Chinese - really pretty views of the Swan River. Cousin's wedding banquet was held here and the food was still pretty good though it was packed to the brim.

Riverside Chinese on Franklin Street - loved the food here - the kind of place where Chinese families congregate for dinner.

Fraser's at King's Park - excellent views of the city and the river.

44 King Street - good bistro type food - yummy fruit breads and rhubarb tart.

CBD at Rydges Hotel on Hay Street

Lamonts in the Swan Valley - wonderful Swan Valley marron - sort of a freshwater crayfish.

I was last in Brisbane as a poor student many years ago so will be no help there.

An Aussie food review site that I find pretty reliable is Mietta's. Mietta's is quite comprehensive as it covers all the state capital's in Australia plus some major country towns as well. Another reliable guide is the Australian Gourmet Traveller best restaurant list - unfortunately this isn't online - it usually comes out each November. Some other Aussie restaruant review sites are deGroots Best Restaurants and Citysearch.com.au (good for Sydney and Melbourne as the reviews in Sydney Morning Herald and The Age are there - looks the same for Brisbane too but not good for Perth as there are no reviews, only listings).

There are also some dining review sites that are specific to WA, namely westaussie.com and eatinperth.com.

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Am off to Perth in two weeks so am resurrecting this thread.

I will be staying in the Innaloo/Karrinyup area with my grandmother and I will be cooking a dinner for the whole family (say 8 to 10 people) on one of the nights.

I am after suggestions for seafood suppliers and fresh vegetables. Also a really good butcher. I haven't decided on the menu yet but need to know where I can get top ingredients. I don't mind driving but obviously if it's on the same side of the city then great.

Thanks in advance

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Thanks misgabi I have heard the loose box is very good.

I have restaurants sorted but still need to know where I can get ingredients. so come on Perth guys help me out. To be a bit specific I am not so much interested in importers of european ingredients but more what's good locally/close to Aust. So can anyone tell me where I can get:

- good fresh seafood (live lobsters etc)

- top quality vegetables and herbs

- quality beef - preferably well hung

Still have a week to plan

Thanks in advance :biggrin:

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Given that we moved from Perth nearly three years ago (gasp, has it been that long?), here's my tips:

I believe Innaloo seafood would be the go for the seafood, and try Herdsman Fresh for the rest. We still miss Herdsman Fresh's butcher, even three years later.



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Hey there Romany O'Malley and welcome to Perth for your trip!

I would recommend going to Kailis Bro.s in Leederville for your fish. They are one of the state's biggest seafood purveyors and importers, and the shop is not only at one end of the shopping strip, it's open 7 days a week.

I would also recommend Mondo di Carne in Inglewood (corner of Beaufort and 6th streets) for meat. They carry a wide range of meats including organic pork and lamb, and White Rocks veal.

And just down the road at 965a Beaufort st is my all time favourite italian restaurant, Da Bruno's. They don't have a printed menu. The day's selections are all up on a series of chalk boards, and the antipasti is all freshly made in the kitchen - nothing greasily out of jars and bottles. (08 9272 3755)

Anyhow, enjoy Perth - I love the place, that's why I live here! :biggrin:

" ..Is simplicity the best

Or simply the easiest

The narrowest path

Is always the holiest.. "

--Depeche Mode - Judas

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Calling Perth-ians...

Heading over this afternoon, arriving at 5pm... looking for great seafood restaurants... staying in CBD but transport is not a problem...

This is an urgent CALL FOR HELP!!!

"Coffee and cigarettes... the breakfast of champions!"

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My American brother and his wife are moving to Perth in a few weeks. I was musing this morning about what we could possibly send them for Christmas and had a brainstorm: I want to give them a Discovery Day in their new city. My idea is to gather the information for one or two activities/places to visit/experiences in the city and for a place for lunch or dinner. I will mail them the addresses, directions, and plans for their Discovery Day, along with money to cover the meal and/or admissions.

I think this will be a brilliant gift -- if some of my generous eGulleteers will help me plan the itinerary. Here are the things you need to know:

--Bro and sil are in their thirties, energetic, athletic, and boundlessly curious.

--My budget is about 30 US dollars.

--They don't drink alcohol, so that isn't a consideration.

--They love nature, history, and more.

--I think they will have a car.

So, please describe for me a perfect day for two people who are pretty new to the city. Where would you go? What would you eat (and where)? If you can provide addresses, web sites, approximate costs, and whatever, bless you.

~ Lori in PA

My blog: http://inmykitcheninmylife.blogspot.com/

My egullet blog: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=89647&hl=

"Cooking is not a chore, it is a joy."

- Julia Child

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Hi Lori,

The metropolitan area of Perth is charming and filled with plenty of things to do and see but the real appeal of Perth lies in the fact that its surrounding countryside is idyllic and remarkably accessible. Perth has some perfect vineyards/rivers/idyllic spots which are a day-trip out of Perth..... such as Margaret River.

I think the ideal thing would be:


9am: Go on a drive (~2.5 hours) out of Perth

11am: Spend some time visiting the wineries (they are very scenic and close to each other, and even for non-drinkers, there are cottage industries producing things such as fudge, fresh cheeses, olive oils, etc).

12.30pm: Have lunch at one of the vineyards or a picnic beside the River

2pm: Get lost in the limestone caves

4pm: Dune buggying

6pm: Check into a bed and breakfast and let their hosts entertain them for the evening


9am: Lazy breakfast and check out of the B&B

12pm: Drive pack to Perth.

If you wanted to fit in budget, you'd probably need to scrap the night in the B&B (it's ~$40 US just for the accommodation) and have them drive back to Perth on Saturday night. This would be okay too, as it doesn't get dark in December/January until about 8pm at night.

However, if looking for things to do actually in Perth, this isn't a good option.

A summary of my top restaurant recommendations in Perth would be:


For great food:

- Would highly recommend Duende in Leederville (great Spanish Tapas), Da Brunos in Inglewood (Italian slow / comfort food), Eminem in Nedlands (Turkish) or Cream in East Perth (modern Australian with a touch of the east)

For great views:

- Red Herring in Subiaco (seafood), Restaurant C in Perth CBD (Fusion food) , Frasers in West Perth (Modern Australian)

For "Australian" food:

- The Coolgardie Safe in East Perth

Each of these places should have menus on their websites, so you could check out prices, etc.


- bike ride around King's Park (400 hectares of virgin bush land plus beautifully manicured gardens, with >13,000 native species).... spectacular view of Perth skyline, especially at sunset with reflections off the glass skyscrapers.

- Visit Perth Zoo - see some Aussie animals

- Visit Perth Mint – Australia's precious metals mint is the world's oldest mint still operating from its original premises

- Visit AQWA - walk through aquarium with a seal exhibit

- Visit Cottesloe beach for fish and chips

After typing up all this stuff, I stumbled upon a website, which lists its "Top Ten Things" to do in Perth. It's fairly similar to my recommendations, but has a bit more information: http://www.cbs.curtin.edu.au/index.cfm?obj...38D0A6BB7CB97B6

Let me know if anything takes your fancy and I'll try to provide some more details.

Julian's Eating - Tales of Food and Drink
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Hello, you've got some great suggestions already...I have some ideas for things that are a little bit different - maybe only I'd like them, but they are suggestions nonetheless :raz:

1. Get them a Princess Cake from Miss Maud's. It's not exactly lunch or dinner, but it would leave you some more money for other options. Miss Maud is a Perth institution. Here is an online shopping link to Miss Maud cake selection

2. Depending on where in Perth they are staying, go for a walk in Star Swamp. It sounds muddy, but in summer it won't be! Its like a mini Kings Park in the northern suburbs of Perth, near one of the places where I grew up. There's grassy bits for a picnic but I suppose the reason I mention it is that they might not come across it otherwise, and it's a very nice piece of urban bushland. There's a whole list of other heritage trails at this webiste, but I suggest Star Swamp as its right near some other suggestions coming up below Heritage trails in Western Australia

3. Head to Laurie Strutt reserve, in Elvire St Watermans Bay, just up the road from Star Swamp, to get a lovely view of the northern part of the coast. You can probably see Rottnest if its a nice day (about as close as you might ever want to get to Rottnest).

4. If you wanted to send them for lunch or dinner near to these locations, my parents and brother indicated that Clarkes of North Beachis very nice. You need to make a booking, Mum said they were busy even on weeknights.

5. Further south is Raebold Hill (in Bold Park), the highest point in Perth. Also near the beach and covered in reasonably natural landscape, its a good place to see native birds, and there is the quarry amphitheatre, not sure if they'll have anything on.

6. This website agrees with me about some things, and apparently has things that only locals know about - I tend to agree, but would still insist that Miss Maud is just as important. Plenty of additional meal suggestions here though.

7. In case they need it, a good food shop to know about is the Re Store in Northbridge.

I could go for hours with obscure suggestions, as well as the more common ones like the Pinnacles, Yanchep National Park, John Forrest National Park, Lesmurdie Falls, Moore River....!!!

From all of this, to answer your actual question my perfect day would be -

-start with a morning swim at City Beach (morning is much the best time for the beach in Perth).

-drive up to Raebold Hill and admire the view

-head down to Perry Lakes and check out the birds (hopefully see some swans etc)

-drive up West Coast Drive / Highway / whatever its called to Watermans Bay

-go into Star Swamp and wander around

-head to this Clarke's restaurant for dinner

-if its early enough, go back down to the beach at Mettams Pool and watch the sunset

-avoid Cottesloe and Fremantle like the plague - way too many people, and Fremantle is Fremantly and I don't like it!

-try not to do this at the weekend or if its going to be over 35C. If that's the case, just have the morning swim at City Beach and then go and hang out at the WA Museum.

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For great food:

- Would highly recommend Duende in Leederville (great Spanish Tapas), Da Brunos in Inglewood (Italian slow / comfort food), Eminem in Nedlands (Turkish) or Cream in East Perth (modern Australian with a touch of the east)

I should probably add right now that, sadely, Eminem has closed its doors. The chef has cited "unforeseen circumstances" and hinted at family and exhaustion issues.

Which I am definitely sad about. :sad:

" ..Is simplicity the best

Or simply the easiest

The narrowest path

Is always the holiest.. "

--Depeche Mode - Judas

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I'm going to start by suggesting a tour of Fremantle Prison clickety. We have done tours inside the prison, and last month did the tunnel tour (this last is over budget but they may want to come back to do it). There is heaps of Perth and Fremantle history involved in the prison, and it has great views. It's within walking distance of many Fremantle attractions and not that far from the train station either. Weekends are not the best time to visit Fremantle, it gets pretty busy.

Also interesting is the "Zig Zag Scenic Drive" through Gooseberry Hill National Park. This is a one-way road that zigzags its way down the side of the hill. It's probably better in late Winter, early Spring (August/September/early October) when the wild flowers are at their best.

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I can just see it -- we'll send them a big homemade card reading, "For your Christmas gift, we're sending you to prison!" What a hoot! I am so appreciating all these ideas -- now I've got to get researching and choose, though I can easily imagine using this idea again and again for them -- they love "experience" gifts over "stuff."

~ Lori in PA

My blog: http://inmykitcheninmylife.blogspot.com/

My egullet blog: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=89647&hl=

"Cooking is not a chore, it is a joy."

- Julia Child

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Hi Foodies. I will be in Perth next month, and am looking for some good eats. I have not been in over 2 years, and the people who usually take us out, do not have an idea of any good restaurants. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Luham :)

The Perth food scene is greeeeeeeeeeeeat! It's a little light on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, but the rest of the week if superb. Not sure what you're into, but here is a download of places that I'm currently loving in Perth:

1. Jacksons, Highate: Their degustration meny is AMAZING! Best I've had in Australia, in fact. It is a bit $$ though.

2. Duende, Leederville: Spanish tapas, funky setting, wonderous windlist. Almost as good as Movida in Melbourne.

3. Cream, East Perth: Warm relaxed atmosphere, almost a romantic setting, very dark and mood. Tasty superb food with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences.

4. Eminen, Nedlands: Turkish mezes, has won a lot of prizes recently, including Gourmet Traveller. Suggest it's best with a group, so you can try more things

5. Da Brunos, Inglewood: Wonderful slow cooked Italian food

6. Star Anise, Shenton Park: Exceptional!

7. Ria, Leederville: Malaysian, cheap & cheerful.

8. Tiger Lils, CBD: Morphing Asian fare with a casual pub culture. Good for the wallet too.

9. Villa D'Este, West Perth: Exudes a European ambience

10. Bouchon Bistro, Webley: Cuisine is exquisite and the style is true to the Parisian Bistro culture

11. Chapter One, Subiace: Unique charm, Euro chic café culture

If there'a specific cuisine you're after, or locality, or price range, let me know and I'll try to be more specific....

Oh - I just noticed your post in another thread.... you're from overseas?..... if you're after a special native Australian dining experience in Perth, I suggest The Coolgardie Safe (http://www.accoladewa.com.au/9.html)

Enjoy your time in WA!

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