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Le Comptoir du Relais-9, carrefour de l’Odéon


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Just a quick note that I had a couple of memorable lunches at Le Comptoir du Relais in June and last week.

In June we had a coques (clam) consommé (a special of the day); escargots; penne with veal, morels, & foie gras sauce; rack of lamb with red bell peppers; and an incredibly delicious beef cheek daube. I still think about this daube and would love to be able to replicate it at home. The sauce was very concentrated and rich.

Here is a picture of the daube (in the foreground) and penne dishes, taken after we had already started devouring our plates. (I apologize for the poor quality of the picture. If you click on it you will be able to see it a little bigger)


Last week we started with some terrines. The foie gras terrine was very good but the lamb and eggplant terrine had the most interesting flavor for me. I could not stop eating it. Then, for the mains, we sampled from the specials of the day. The scallops in the shell were braised with endives and lemon zest which enhanced their delicate taste. The wild duck was very tender and flavorful, and cooked rare which I love. It was served with a celery root puree on the side.


Dessert was a classic baba au rhum.

I have to say, I love this place. Lunch for two (including wine and coffee) was about $160 and I feel that's a great value for Paris. Yes, there are plenty of tourists in the restaurant, but the quality and the talent are definitely there.

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I dined there a few weeks ago. Dinner was wonderful. Friends were staying at the Relais

and booked at the time of their reservation.

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I had lunch and dinner there a few days ago. I can say with certainty, the lunch is a considerably more enjoyable. Prior to the huge cheese platter that they served for dessert, our dinner was a disappointment. They then served us 12 different kinds of cheese and all was forgiven.

If you arrive after 4 for lunch or call the hotel the day of between 1-2 for dinner, you will have a good chance.

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