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pairing of meat with fruit: not in the US yet


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But I really want some foie gras without sweet glop. (Oops. I said that on another thread today. Forgive my fixation. :biggrin: )

Heard that foie w/ no sweet!!!!!

You all forget that wine is nothing more than fermented fruit juice, so it is not that uncommon to find "fruit" paired with meat afterall... wine can be found in thousands of sauces, stews, and braises. The complexities that are brought to the party when adding a wine to a sauce or a dish is similar to the complex flavor combinations that are experienced when you add fruit (usually roasted to expel water and concentrate flavor). Sweet makes savory taste more savory, and vice versa (ever eat french fries/chips with ice cream? ok, I was a fat kid, leave me alone...).


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