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WTN: 2003 Tikalo “Rubens” Tempranillo

Jean Brislance

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2003 Tikalo “Rubens” Tempranillo Tierra de Castilla Red Wine - Dark red color. Nose is very creamy with red fruit, black cherry, vanilla, and powdered red Kool-Aid. Almost like a New World Syrah on the palate, with some high-toned and bright red fruit, meat, vanilla, black cherry, and a slight smokiness. A lighter-bodied wine. The tannins are very, very soft, and the finish is clean and quick. Clearly this is not at all a serious wine. It is lacking in structure, and it just screams “drink me now!” However, the flavors are nice in a New World kind of way, and this would probably do well in a party situation. A wine with some flashy fruit, but not a lot else. $9.99 price tag.

All the best,


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