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Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)

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Kim, your cake looks delicious.

No photos but I've made Morning Glory Muffins and Orange Muffins (my very favorite). And I've made Chocolate Salami, and also Enstrom Copy-cat toffee and chocolate dipped-glace ginger for giveaways to folks who have helped us get settled in our rented condo away from home. Still have to make more toffee. It is such a hit with everyone. Oh right, and a Capirotada. Nothing special but I have been busy.


learn, learn, learn...

Cheers & Chocolates

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Egg Nog Ice Cream!I've been experimenting with anticrystallization additives in ice cream custards, and $1.50/quart holiday sale egg nog allows me to vary the recipe easily. I've also found flaming 1/3 cup of rum with 1T of corn syrup results in a classic holiday nog flavor, though it doesn't affect freezing much.I'm currently using 0.5g of guar gum per quart of liquid. In addition to reducing ice crystals, it also results in incorporating more air; as a result, failure to reduce the speed after it begins freezing will result in the stuff rising out the top of the ice cream machine.


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In a wierd way, this is using up Thanksgiving leftovers...

I had a lot of sour cream and whipped cream leftover, as well as some lovely canned organic apricots, so I made a Blancmage of sorts, using both cherry and strawberry Jell-0.

It had a lovely taste, very smooth and both tart and sweet..



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Just finished one of the plated desserts out of Eleven Madison Park: Roasted Banana Sorbet, Chocolate Custard, Sesame-aerated chocolate, black sesame paste, yuzu pate de fruit, yuzu-caramel fluid gel, chocolate tahini feuillutine, carmelized bananas, fried banana-tapioca tuile. Great, unique flavor combinations. As usual, my (lack of) quenelling skills is fairly evident.


Oh my, I'd love a plate!

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