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Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)


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Nothing as artistic as all of yours, but yummy anyway...! A favorite in my house- no bake, fridge biscuit cake


and a slice :


Looks good. Can you give us details?

Sure. It is made of broken up petit beurre biscuits - do you get them? You wet them with wine,cognac and turkish coffe and then add a chocolate cream and all gets covered in the same choc cream.

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:biggrin: Thanks, Lior. Much appreciated.

It's not so much "delicous" as it is "cleansing".

Recipe is on my Blog

I'll have to give it a try, I love ginger. I simmer it in water, add a little honey and drink it as a tea pretty often so this should be really good.

It's kinda like wrestling a gorilla... you don't stop when you're tired, you stop when the gorilla is tired.

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I've been a busy little pastry beaver...and none of these have anything to do with Thanksgiving.

First is Amernick's Chocolate Viennese Cake (Sacher Torte):


This one was fun! I wanted to get rid of my pastry leftovers in the fridge and freezer. It is a walnut pecan genoise (brushed with cream sherry) filled with pureed spirited peaches, covered in some recent chocolate cream frosting. It was very good.


And a Hungarian Chestnut Cake that I took to my Hungarian friend's house for dessert. He said it was the best dessert he's ever had. I'll take that compliment although it was after 4 martinis...


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Gorgeous! What sprinkles did you you on the snow flake one? And where can I get the Hungarian recipe? My father in law is originally from Hungary (holocaust survivor) and lately is doing a lot of talk about the foods he remembers. I thought perhaps I could surprise him and make this-which I assume he would be familiar with. Perhaps if I google it I could probably find a recipe also. I always love looking at your desserts- they are so perfect! Your friends are so lucky-why don't I have a friend like you here?!!

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Two recent pies taken on the terrible phone camera:




Sour Cherry

The sour cherry is my favorite. This year I made two of each, but next time it's three cherry and and only one pumpkin.

Eating pizza with a fork and knife is like making love through an interpreter.
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Is that gold luster on top?

Yes! I got it at Chef Rubber down in Vegas!

prasantrin: Yes, it is a savarin mold. I am kind of a heathen in the way that I don't always bake the traditional cake in the appropriate mold. I kind of followed a brownie recipe for these cakes, but I used a lot more chocolate than the recipe called for.

brownie recipe

I used fewer eggs, some cocoa (err...maybe I dumped in 1/4 cup?), and more bittersweet chocolate (didn't measure). Also left out the white chocolate. These were baked at 300 degrees for 14 minutes.

I halved the recipe. Most of it went into the Pyrex. These 8 minis were made from the leftover batter. Well, the leftover batter I didn't eat.

Edited by Ling (log)
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I made the gingerbead town-square cake as pictured on the cover of MArtha Stewart Living (December issue) today, or I should say constructed it over the past week :biggrin:

I don't know how to post a picture, but it's in my blog at www.cookiejourney.blogspot.com

THE cake was well received, I personally thought it was *very* rich, and a tad on the sweet side. VEry impressive and festive looking cake though!

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This morning I tried a recipe entitled Jam Crumb Cake, Gourmet December 2007


Good eating.



The Philip Mahl Community teaching kitchen is now open. Check it out. "Philip Mahl Memorial Kitchen" on Facebook. Website coming soon.

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Hmmmm!! Gimme some!!!! I want to bite the computer screen!!

Thank you, my grandmother Minnie would be proud.

And its kosher.


The Philip Mahl Community teaching kitchen is now open. Check it out. "Philip Mahl Memorial Kitchen" on Facebook. Website coming soon.

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I made this almond cake and instead of the sour cherry sauce, I make a cranberry and orange sauce. Since it was for a buffet-style potluck, just before serving, I slathered the top of it with the sauce and sprinkled sliced almonds on top. Oh, and I added a bit of almond extract. It was really good, if not the prettiest cake ever. I would definitely make the same cake again. Except with layers. And possibly the addition of chocolate instead of fruit :wub:

Just a question--is there a general name for cakes with whipped egg whites in them? I have a sense that there is, but I don't know what it is.


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gini - Nice pies!

Ling - Those are really nice, I could think of all kinds of things to put in the wells (a layer of caramel, a layer of pastry cream and brulee the top... raspberry mousse and fresh rasps... a soak of cointreau and some orange curd... )

Jmahl - That and a cup of coffee or tea for breakfast would be great. I like bready and cakey things or cereals for breakfast, I'm not too big on the meat and egg breakfasts.

I'm buried in recipe tests for some catering jobs I have coming up and don't have much time to play so I'm baking vicariously through everybody's pics. Awesome stuff.

It's kinda like wrestling a gorilla... you don't stop when you're tired, you stop when the gorilla is tired.

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      I posted this on YouTube the other day and thought I'd post it here. Personally, when I make them for me I only use Erythritol (a sugar substitute) but depending on the friend sugar or a blend of the two. Unlike other zucchini brownies, these don't use egg white, so they're not cake-y, but dense and fudgy. 
      Oh, and because I use whey protein, they're higher in protein and good for post-workout bite. 
      300 -400 grams zucchini 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 cup sugar or sugar substitute 1/2 cup cocoa 1-2 tablespoons flavoring (brandy, rum, vanilla, etc) 2 shots of espresso (or instant, 60ml/2oz) 2 egg yolks 1/2 cup flour 1/2 cup oatmeal 1 cup whey protein (or milk powder) 1 teaspoon cinnamon (optional, but adds nice flavor)   1. Mince the zucchini in the food processor with the salt.
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      In hopes of sleeping better, etc, etc, I have currently given up gluten, dairy and now sugar.  The gluten and dairy pose no problems...the sugar does.  I am not happy using mannitol or erythritol or any of those artificial sweeteners...they give me severe digestive problems.   But I can tolerate stevia very nicely.  The only problem is that there doesn't seem to be much sweetened with this ingredient.
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      I don't make these often because I wouldn't be able to get through the front door if I did.
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