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Your Daily Sweets (2005-2012)


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The Best Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies

The rug rat has an appointment at Sick Kids tomorrow and her neurologist is a classmate of mine. Since I baked my way through medical school all my classmates associate visits from me with food. I make a double batch, put then in 3 or 4 bags and pass them out to the clinic staff - if we showed up without them we would never hear the end of it. Invariably they turn out to be lunch for her neurologist.

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I baked poundcake Sunday night for one of the office staff who is leaving on Wednesday. Western recipes are generally too large for most Japanese people, so I cut it into slices, and wrapped about 10 of them (half the cake) in little gift bags. That meant I got to keep the other half!

Sour Cream and Lemon Pound Cake, my all-time favourite recipe.

The crust is the best part!


But the rest of the cake is pretty good, too.


It's very moist and buttery. It reminds me a lot of Sara Lee Pound Cake, but it's better!

I couldn't use sour cream because mine had frozen in the fridge, so I used yoghurt. It's still very rich. I love it. :wub:

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sorry my camera sucks so bad, or pictures would be comming...

today it's homemade ciabatta bread....

yesterday it was devils food cake.....yum....

"I eat fat back, because bacon is too lean"

-overheard from a 105 year old man

"The only time to eat diet food is while waiting for the steak to cook" - Julia Child

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Kerry, I made the apple cake saturday night after work. It's been my breakfast for the past two mornings as well as an after work snack. It's really good and it's also easy to grab a piece with cup of tea while I'm stumbling around at 5:30 am trying to get out the door. I haven't tried it with jam and cream yet, it's so good on it's own that I haven't thought of it. Only a fairly small chunk left tonight... probably won't survive to be breakfast tomorrow. Thanks again for the recipe.

Edit: fixed the "I'm tired" spelling errors.

Edited by Tri2Cook (log)

It's kinda like wrestling a gorilla... you don't stop when you're tired, you stop when the gorilla is tired.

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I made cupcakes, but packed them away before I remembered to take a picture, so just pretend this is a full dozen :raz: I made the lemon macadamia nut cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, except they're not vegan, since I used cow's milk (just lactose free). Darn tasty though. I need to get me some pastry tips, enough of this spreading with a knife nonsense.


Now I have leftover lemon icing. Suggestions? Otherwise I may just start eating it with a spoon :wink:


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Now I have leftover lemon icing.  Suggestions?  Otherwise I may just start eating it with a spoon  :wink:

I'd vote for the spoon method. ;) Although I've used lemon cream cheese icing to make sandwich cookies (using thin shortbread rounds.)

Hoping to post something fun I'm cooking up for our Halloween festival dinner-dance tomorrow (yes, I know it's after Halloween, but it's always over too darn fast!)

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I actually baked this yesterday (not today) for a Mexican "Day of the Dead" party: Pan de Muertos, "Bread of the Dead," a rich sweetbread flavored with anise seeds, orange peel, and cinnamon. The shapes on the top are meant to represent bones.



"She sells shiso by the seashore."

My eGullet Foodblog: A Tropical Christmas in the Suburbs

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That is absolutely beautiful, John!

It is a fabulous apple cake (I loved it even more with pears) improved only with a drizzle of heavy cream and a bit of raspberry preserves.

I find that everything is more delicious with a drizzle of heavy cream!


Eileen Talanian

HowThe Cookie Crumbles.com


As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than chemists. ~Joan Gussow

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One of my favorite fall apple desserts-Apple Charlotte. I use a classic French recipe from Julia Child. Instead of regular creme anglaise, I added some pumpkin puree-voila-Pumpkin Creme Anglaise.



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Pille- Great texture on your Sorbets.

Thank you, GTO! :rolleyes:

I made some Espresso Caramels today - they were soft and chewy, yet held their shape pretty well.


Joe - those caramels look soooo gorgeous - lovely shape & shine! I'm off to your non-eG foodblog to look for the recipe!

Two recent desserts - a prune & curd cheese dessert yesterday and today (recipe here):


And last weekend we made an Estonian honey cake (recipe here):


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Quince paste sweets from the recipe in Claudia Roden's New Book of Mediterranean Food, with toasted (er, burnt) almonds.


Cutting the lemon/the knife/leaves a little cathedral:/alcoves unguessed by the eye/that open acidulous glass/to the light; topazes/riding the droplets,/altars,/aromatic facades. - Ode to a Lemon, Pablo Neruda

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I've been making fruitcakes for the past couple of days. These ones are without raisins, a yearly request from a friend. He took the last one left over from last year out of his freezer the other day and sent it to his sister in Newfoundland - but only after I assured him he was getting 3 new ones this year.

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I had a last-minute birthday dinner party last night, and while looking for a secondary sweet to go along with birthday cake, I started throwing things into a bowl, and turned out a suprisingly fantastic Apple-Carrot Strudel, spiced with cardamom:

I grated four apples and three carrots on a microplane, and stirred in a heaped tablespoon of cornstarch, a quarter tsp of freshly ground cardamom, a half tsp. of cinnamon, a pinch of salt, an egg yolk, and a half cup of currant jelly (this keeps it from becoming too cloyingly sweet; apple jelly would probably work too, but i liked the acid contrast and mild flavor of the currant.)

I layered about fifteen sheets of filo with melted butter, rolled up the filling inside, buttered the surface of the roll, and sugared the heck out of it. in the oven at 350 for about 20-25- - -it started to darken a little early, so i removed it, re-buttered the surface, and lowered the oven to 300 for the last 5-10.

It was great for dessert with a drizzle of honey and a spoonful of pouring custard, but the apples, carrots, and warm cardamom made me think it would be a great freezer-to-oven breakfast treat....that's my next project- - -stocking up on frozen strudeln!

Torren O'Haire - Private Chef, FMSC Tablemaster, Culinary Scholar

"life is a combination of magic and pasta"

-F. Fellini

"We should never lose sight of a beautifully conceived meal."

-J. Child

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lexy - Looks great. Like a cross between Membrillo and fudge?

mmm, not really - it's essentially membrillo with almonds I suppose. You cook down quince pulp with sugar, water, and a splash of lemon.

Cutting the lemon/the knife/leaves a little cathedral:/alcoves unguessed by the eye/that open acidulous glass/to the light; topazes/riding the droplets,/altars,/aromatic facades. - Ode to a Lemon, Pablo Neruda

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Baked a couple of small 8x8 cakeish things today to restock my freezer with baked goods :raz: I made hummingbirdkiss' gingery gingerbread cake (here) and an applesauce cake that I'm especially proud of, since I didn't work from a recipe, just winged it :laugh: No pictures because they're just brown squares.

Edited by eskay (log)


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I was originally planning to make some leek filled savory turnovers but ended up doing something else with the leeks, so I had to do something with the thawed puff pastry. So I did apple turnovers, but instead of the normal filling, I used something a bit similar to Ling's Caramel Apple Pie, only I chopped the apples fine and in addition to lots of cinnamon, also added a bit of hot red pepper. Not enough to make it firey, just to add a bit of a kick. It was fun to watch the initial "oh no" look on my friends' faces, followed by a look of relief that they weren't going to be fatally burned, and then "heyy...good!" (Hot pepper in desserts is not a concept here...)

"Los Angeles is the only city in the world where there are two separate lines at holy communion. One line is for the regular body of Christ. One line is for the fat-free body of Christ. Our Lady of Malibu Beach serves a great free-range body of Christ over angel-hair pasta."

-Lea de Laria

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I wasn't very happy with the way this turned out, because my original plan was to cover the sides with chocolate panels to make it look like a box of figs.  I ran out of time and so just jammed the leaves in instead.  It was well received though, and I know it tasted good, as I devoured the scraps.  (The layers are Alice Medrich's walnut squares from Cocolat)


chocolate walnut torte brushed with nocino

filled with fig preserves and nocino ganache

surrounded with belgian chocolate leaves

crowned with figs drenched in nocino, stuffed with ganache, & dipped in chocolate

nestled in chocolate cups

You know that head-exploding feeling you get when you're tasting something intensely wonderful? I'm getting that just from reading about this.

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