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eG Foodblog: FL Heat - It's the humidity. . .

FL Heat

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A quick note on the herb garden. . .be sure one end is just a bit higher (we went an inch) than the other, and drill drainage holes in the bottom. We lined the whole thing with black plastic (to prevent any accidental leakage onto the house) on the inside, and he built it out of pressure-treated lumber so that it'd last a long time.

Lining the bottom with styrofoam peanuts (for more drainage), then filling with the dirt stuff was the route we took. Looking back, I probably should have planted the dill in the middle, but I really had no idea it'd grow as fast as it has. The original plan was to have that fragrant rosemary bush underneath the window. . .the best laid plans. . .

I did my weekly grocery shopping today, and I hope to grab a picture of the neighbor's tangerine trees and a tangerine or two a little later today. I'm waiting for it to be a little sunnier, since those tangerines are heavenly when the sun's been warming them. I'm drooling just thinking about it.


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First off, thank you all so much for visiting with us. It's been a pleasure and an honor to show y'all our food. :wub:

TJ worked the grill tonight and I made mac n cheese (whole wheat). Mia played outside while he grilled, and she let us know when she was ready for her pig ear. I taught her "Show me", which means go to the cabinet the treats are in. . .


(Yes, TJ did in fact grill in shorts, a t-shirt, and houseshoes.)

I realized too late that there were no breadcrumbs in the house, so. . .I just browned the cheese on top a little more.


And the joy of TJ's life, finely grilled steaks. That's a black angus sirloin & two filet mignons. I had part of a filet, he had a large portion of the sirloin. Don't worry, the leftovers will probably be gnawed upon by the manly man for breakfast.


And as promised, tangerines from the neighbor's tree. I'm holding them so you can get perspective on how tiny they are. But packed FULL of flavor. Just SO tart and juicy and sweet and. . .mmmm.


And the tree. Sorry about the finger in the upper corner, don't know whose that could be. . . :unsure:


Thank you all again! I hope weather clears up soon where it's crummy, and that it stays beautiful where it's already paradise.

Here's a parting shot of us, taken a few months ago, but it's food-related! We were on our way to eat in Las Vegas!


Diana (and TJ and Mia and the elusive & camera-shy kitty, too)

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