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Tell me where to go...


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I've been spending an increasing amount of time in Denton County for work. Other than bbq at Rudy's and sweets at Ravelin, where should one eat? I've heard tell of a UNT hang out called Tomato, but haven't hunted that down yet. Any other suggestions?

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dude have i got a restaurant for you to try...i live in denton and my fiance and i recently tried a new italian place in town over on mckinney right across the street f rom golden chicken..its called joey's a taste of italy...we are both very picky about our italian food and this place exceeded our expectations.. .

Joeys actually has two different types of restaurants within the same building...on one side they have a self serve pizzaria which has much more than pizza...and while we did not try it when we went..we are planning on trying the pizzaria ...the other side of the restaurant is full service...prices are not real high..they start at 12.95 and the highest priced entreee i saw on the dinner menu was slightly more than 22...with the entree you also get a salad which is wonderful as well as a side dish of spaghetti with maranara sauce..you can aslo get as much bread as you could want..dinner rolls and fricocha bread (probably not spelled right but you might get the idea)....fresh butter on a plate.....and the desert menu is great...though we are both diabetic and usually pass on dessert...we were tempted by the cannoli and it was the best ive ever had...the manager there is named isaac and the place is very nice...with an upscale feel to it without the upscale pricing

all the food is home made...no prefab anything.....while i wish i could remember the entrees we actually ate..sad to say i dont remember the name of what he had and the closest i can come to what i had in englsih was chicken fortuna...suffice it to say we both did have chicken dishes..but they also have beef and pork and seafood dishes on the menu...so many things to tempt your tastebuds...

as for the tomato...it is a pizza place where mainly college kids hang out...ive been there a couple of times and i cant say i was very impressed by it at all...

we have been to rudys and we both love it..if u want to try some other bbq places in town ..i would also suggest a little place on fort worth drive called the smokehouse...if you want greek food i susggest a place over on university drive over by blockbuster called yummys...orietnal food...try a place on university and malone called Royal asian east...they have a mixture of chinese , korean and japanese and they also have a sushi bar if that is your thing too..they do a good sushi...if you are wanting a decent burger..there are actually three places here in town two of which ive been to the third..just a legend ive heard about but to date have not tried....first place with two locations that im aware of...Denton county independant hamburger company..you cant miss it...downtown on hickory street on the square...also try the loophole which is nearby as well...good food....denton independents other location is over on sunset just off alice...cant miss it...sort of behind afford it furniture...

the other hamburger place ive been to....bobs big time burger..its in the albertsons shopping center over off loop 288 back behind black eyed pea...the other place that is legend in town that ive never been to is called burger barn..while not sure of the exact location ..i think that too is on mckinney... i am told they too have great burgers

mexican food...ok im very picky about my mexican food so i never go to what i refer to as taco hell...cant stand their food

over on east university where it turns into 380 there is a place called mazatlan.....i could also reccomend taco cabana if you like your mexican food to be fast...but for sit down...try the other place

any thing else you can think of for your taste buds to enjoy?

just remembered another good place for sushi is fujiyamas in carrolton...but als thats nto denton county..but still good sushi and really just down the road

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I dearly want to hear what you thought of Ravelin. Eric Helland was a teacher of mine, and last time I was there - right after opening - it was very good.


Sharon Peters aka "theabroma"

The lunatics have overtaken the asylum

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I'd avoid the Tomato--very saucy style pizza.

In Lewisville, try Jinbeh (in the shopping center with Toys R Us and Best Buy facing 35N) for sushi. There's a fairly decent Indian place in the shopping plaza with Einstein's at I think 3040 and MacArthur. A Vietnamese place opened in Lewisville about a year ago but I could never track it down. Further down 3040, after the 121 crossover, is a Thai Place that's also pretty good.

Sorry about the shoddy vague directions and place names.

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Many thanks for all of the suggestions. I will be back in the area this Tuesday and will commence gastromic exploration. :raz:

Theobroma - haven't gotten to Ravelin yet, but I will do my best to get there this week. I'll let you know!

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Had some free time today after my morning meeting in Denton. First stop was Ravelin. I found it pretty easily. Functional unassuming building on North Locust in Denton. The counter person was helping another customer, so I perused the cases. I wanted one of everything! It all looked so good. This is the kind of bakery I wish I could find in Houston.

My turn with the counter person - I explained my tasting mission and that I would be making return trips in the near future. She made some helpful suggestions on popular items and also said when I come back to come earlier in the day (I got there around 11:30 am) as they had sold out of several items. For this trip, I settled on (1 of each):

-Dark Chocolate Caramel Truffle

-Chocolate Mousse Dome



-Chocolate Macarroon

-Chocolate dipped Meringue

-Almond cookie thingie (I don't recall the name)

Mind you, I hadn't had breakfast or lunch yet and my eyes were WAY bigger than my stomach. :wacko: Alas, no camera with me on this trip either. :sad: Oh, and everything there was so reasonably priced. All my items came to a mere $12!

I thought I ought to stop for some "real food" before diving into the sweets, so I headed for Rudy's. On the way there, I spyed "Candy Haven," a local chocolate and candy shop. I bought a 1 lb. assortment (will take that to my mother when I head up to NE Ohio tomorrow AM). Then on to Rudy's.

There was a good lunch crowd (interesting mix of folks, too). I just loved the fact that this place is also a gas station! :laugh: I ordered a brisket sandwich, some Rudy's beans and a soda. I'm generally not a huge bbq fan. The food was good though (and VERY filling).

After Rudy's, headed back to my hotel room where I've just finished devouring the Mousse Dome :wub: It's an item that should be refrigerated, so I had to eat it first. I am stuffed, but I can't wait to try the other items.

As I was driving around downtown Denton I made mental notes of where Joey's and some of the burger places are. I'm coming back here Sunday night and am staying through next Wed, so lots more opportunities to eat coming my way. :smile:

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