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Jean Philippe Maury Patisserie

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They are really good.

I DID get a chance to visit the new shop at Aria last summer. I can't recall what I had there, but one that I liked from a previous visit to the Bellagio shop was "the intense" if you really like chocolate, you will like that one.

I just took a trip to Vegas and saw both. They have some minor differences

- the one in Aria is right inside the casino so potentially more cigarette smoke.

Though, the aria is the least smokey casino in Vegas IMO.

- the one in aria sells standalone chocolates. I didn't see this in the Bellagio location

- the one in Bellagio has the chocolate fountain

- I did not see the aria location after 11a so didn't see the pastries at aria

- I felt the aria location was a little morecramped in the line. Aria has seating

As part of the shop Bellagio you eat in the lobby of hotel

- both locations don't bring out the pastries until later around 11 or so.

Before this its croissants danishes fried donuts and so on . I can't remember if it was always like this or not.

The pastries are a little different now compared to 3 years ago and will try to post pics later

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We're back in Vegas for a few days, so naturally I'm making some stops at JPM's. I had the Imperial tonight, and of course it was delicious. I had the Intense yesterday. I went in the evening the past two days, so maybe they were just sold out by the time I arrived, but I was sad to find none of the Exotic, the one in the glass, which I loved so much on previous visits. Does anyone know if they still produce this item? I'll visit once more, earlier in the day, tomorrow. Visited Le Macaron at Venetian, and found their product underwhelming.


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