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Barcelona Good Value Eating


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Geordie, you have made me feel much better! It has not stopped raining here! We are going on 9 days now!

I just canceled my reservations with Cinc Sentits for Saturday! I feel sorry for the businesses this weather may be hurting! Strange things going on around the world, huh? Different thread or forum for that subject, I guess......

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I returned from Barcelona two or three weeks ago. Beautiful city, wonderful food! My friends and I were looking for quality, budget meals and we found them easily. Like some of you, though, I spent some time sick in Barcelona. What a drag! :sad: Who goes to Spain and LOSES weight??

Here are a few places we liked

Before I got sick, one friend and I enjoyed a visit to La Champagneria (Carrer de la Reina Cristina; Barceloneta?). Really crazy tapas experience. Wall to wall people, however it's a convivial bunch. We found the locals were very eager to help when our Spanish lapsed (I speak decent Spanish and picked up a little Catalan). They helped us get sausage on a roll (2) and a bottle of cava rosato (it was what everyone else was drinking so we figured we'd give it a try), all for about eight Euros. Very fun. No web site, so far as I can tell.

I made a note to myself to write about Café Saula. Unfortunately my memory has faded and googling the name has turned up no results. Argh. Anyone know it?

A place we liked in L'Eixample (Left?) was Raco d'en Balta Bar. Here's a link to a brief review that sums it up:

Click aqui

El Raco d'en Balta (tel 93 453 70 44; Carrer d'Aribau 125; open Monday to Saturday) spreads out over three floors and it has a cool bar next door where diners will be offered a complimentary chupito (shot) after their meal. Food offerings include hearty meat mains and dreamy desserts.

I was still a little sick and fuzzy in the head when we ate there, but I seem to recall a great appetizer of fried Camembert with a non-cloying blueberry sauce and a pork entree. Portions were reasonably sized (e.g., not Cheesecake Factory, but not meager either) and we had a bottle of rioja. Two appetizers, three entrees and wine would up costing about 85 Euros divided by three people.

The bar next door was very cool, IMO. I chose Crema Catalana for my free chupito, while my friends had something stronger.

We also loved Irati Taverna Basca (Cardenal Casanas, 17). Such a classy pintxos bar. Diners of all ages, all personable and helpful when asked "Que es eso?" (what is that?)

Another good spot: Espaseria Degustactions (Carrer de L'Espaseria; El Born). Pintxos bar. Alas, no web site.

We didn't enjoy La Pizza Nostra near the Picasso Museum. I heard you can get good pizza when you exhaust tapas in Barcelona, but this place served a pizza suspiciously similar to frozen!

On our last night in Barcelona before departing for Mallorca, we dined at Restaurant El Cafeti (c/ Hospital, 99 (passage's end) or Sant Rafael, 18; El Raval). We found the space and service warm and charming; the food, delicious and reasonably priced (similar to Raco d'en Balto). Unfortunately the neighborhood was a little scary, even to three city dwellers and on our way to the cheesy-fun Rita Blue, we saw someone get mugged. :sad: It wasn't eight feet in front of us....

Restaurant El Cafeti - web site

Rita Blue (Placa Sant Agusti, 3; El Raval)

Rita Blue - web site

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My wife and I will be in Barcelona shortly and we have to travel on a pretty tight budget. This topic has been very helpful, but I'm wondering if anyone has updates or additional information to share. Thanks.

Chris Amirault

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My wife and I will be in Barcelona shortly and we have to travel on a pretty tight budget. This topic has been very helpful, but I'm wondering if anyone has updates or additional information to share. Thanks.

Chris, we were there this time last week.

Within Boqueria- we tried Grand Central- fairly average to be honest- we tried nice sweet clams, but I thought the gambas were a tad past their best as they tasted wooly- and it was a tad over priced.

Also tried the well rated El Quim- possibly bad choices on our part ( Slacker's fault)- but we chose Croquettes which were rather sadly blasted in a microwave. :huh: We also tried some squid - I liked it at first - but then Slacker pointed out it had a rather livery after taste.

Much better was Cal Pep- Excellent Whitebait/ Calamares. Then razor clams and a wonderful tortilla, with slivers of jamon- but beware the over enthusiastic amount of aoili that sits on top. A great experience- make sure you do this and sit at the bar. Best thing to do is turn up for a late lunch.

It's late, so sorry for being so brief- if you want anymore - please feel free to PM me.



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