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DIGEST:2005 Spanish Newspaper Gastronomic Sections

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The Week of the 3rd of January, 2005

Metrópoli, El Mundo’s leisure magazine presents their best of Madrid 2004 Awards, the winners are:

Restaurant of the Year


Finalists: Europa, Kabuki

Newcomer restaurant of the year


Finalists: Citra, La Gorda

Top traditional restaurant


Finalists: La Cocina de María Luisa, La Casa de Itziar

Foreign cuisine restaurant


Finalists: Hakkasan, La Gorda

'More than a restaurant'


Finalists: Puerta 47, Colonial Norte

Out of town restaurant

Winner: ARS VIVENDI (Majadahonda)

Finalists: Casa José (Aranjuez), Hakkasan (San Sebastián de los Reyes)

Up-and-coming chef

Winner: JOAQUÍN FELIPE (Europa)

Finalists: Alberto Chicote (No Do), Darío Barrio (Dassa Bassa)

Top maître d'

Winner: FRANCISCO PATÓN (Europa)

Finalists: Mª José Monterrubio (Chantarella), José Alves (Tras Os Montes)

Top sommelier

Winner: LUIS GARCÍA (Aldaba)

Finalists: Miguel Laredo (Laredo), Gema Vela (Castellana, 179)

Top decoration


Finalists: Hakkasan, Dassa Bassa

Wine bars and tapas bars

Winner: LAREDO

Finalists: Taberna del Sarmiento, Casa Vila

Gourmet shops

Winner: PONCELET (Cheeses)

Finalists: Giangrossi (Ice Creams), Barolo (Wines)

Fernando Point ends the year visiting La Leñera, a young restaurant belonging to the Oter group and specialized in roasted meats.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants cooking Poularde.

5 a Taula visits Casa Lázaro the place to meet all the Barcelonian cultural world and taste ytheir burgalesian specialities.

Enrique Bellver complains about the blindness of the Michelin Inspectors giving a star to the almost dissapeared El Lido and not mentioning Mesana, El Lago, Ruperto de Nola, Taberna del Alabardero, Palo Cortado, Adolfo...and proposes a Stelar New Year's Day Menu.

Caius Apicius writes about the now almost disapeared Ox.

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The Week of January the 10th, 2005

Fernando Point visits Santi Mostacilla a traditional restaurant with the best of the all times spanish cooking in Colmenar Viejo, in the outskirts of Madrid.

La Tintorería is a new wine bar and restaurant placed in the very centre of Madrid reviewed by Alvaro Lerena.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants preparing Sea Urchins.

5 a Taula visites El Retiro do Marineiro a tradicional Barcelonian seafood restaurant.

Fridays market visits this week the Lleida Butcheries specialized in Ox and Goat.

Caius Apicius teaches us this week about the best way to enjoy Cava

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The week of January the 17th, 2005

Fernando Point complains this week about the new thematical restaurants trend and visites a few of them.

Älvaro Lerena writes about La Esquina de Vinaroz 28 a tapas bar placed in one of the most difficult comercial areas of Madrid, the national theatre surroundigs.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants serving Deer.

5 a Taula visites the new Ca L'Estany in Cabrils where the chef Dani Lechuga shows his good technic and formation.

Elena Castells visites a new Stall specialized in vegetarians at La Boquería Market.

Rafael García Santos comes back this week with a visit to Andorra’s L'Excellence the exclusive wine bar and restaurant in the pirinean country runned by chef Pere Soley with the best products and wines.

On his weekly article RGS writes about Pizzas and it’s difficulties.

Enrique Bellver looks back with no anger to 2004 and points his selection of last year’s best being the winners:

Café de París and Palo Cortado in Málaga; Med, in Torremolinos; Fransana, in Mijas; and in Marbella, El Lago, Mesana, Alabardero Resort, Goizeko Dalli’s and Ruperto de Nola and Tragabuches, in Ronda.

And ends his article wondering if Dani García will reach the same level in Marbella than in Ronda or if Fernando Martín will lead a new gastronomic restaurant.

Edited by Rogelio (log)

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The Week of January the 24th, 2005

Fernando Point goes footballer visiting Puerta 57, the restaurant placed in the 57th door at the Real Madrid soccer stadium. The ambient is a bit old fashioned but the traditional Spanish dishes served there are worth the visit.

Point also visits a popular Chinese restaurant in the Lavapiés area. Don Lay is a very authentic Cantonese restaurant where the Chinese population of the area gets fed.

Alvaro Lerena visits Vinotinto, a wine bar and restaurant franchise coming from Valladolid with Castillian dishes.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best Madrid restaurants preparing Artichokes.

5 a Taula presents Cal Pupinet in Castellbisbal, as the success of the traditional Catalonian gastronomy.

Elena Castells writes about the now traditional Avocado, a fruit almost unknown 20 years ago.

Rafael García Santos visits Asturian’ L'Alezna near Oviedo, where Pedro Martino, formerly at El Cabroncín, is growing as a cook with an eye in the Asturian tradition and another in the modern techniques.

Martín Berasategui is being honored in San Sebastian, his hometown in the traditional Tamborrada.

At Lo mejor de la gastronomía News Section , RGS writes about the new era at Tragabuches after the departure of Dani García, being Benito Gómez a chef formed at the house, his substitute. Also cries the passing away of Rio Ason’s chef and owner Enrique Galatea.

On the same theme El Sur’s critic Enrique Bellver is very pleased to write about the new era at Tragabuches under the direction of Benito Gomez who has gone back to the Sergio López style trying to innovate from the Andalusian roots more than researching in a laboratory.

Caius Apicius claims that Sherry, our most idiosincratic wine is underrated nowadays.

Richard Lander , Nick’s brother, has spent quite a bit of time in Barcelona recently, and is every bit as greedy as every other member of his extended family, so he publishes his favorite places on Jancisrobinson.com. Featuring Cinc Sentits very highly recomended..(And this is in English).

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The Week of January the 31st, 2005

Fernando Point visits a curious U.S & Asian restaurat. Tiki Grill is the new restaurant belonging to the succesful group run by Manuel Trigeros.

Alvaro Lerena discovers for the non locals Cervecería El Cotano a nice and small tapas bar in the Chamartín area.

Top Metrópili goes for the best restaurants serving Borrajas (Borages?). The Navarran vegetable is just in season.

5 a Taula reviews Cinc Sentits, the restaurant run by eGullet member Jordi Artal and his family. They point the talent, proverbial youth and cultural fussion in this promissing restaurant.

Rafael García Santos revisits Arbelaitz confirming the growing tendecy of Zuberoa’s younger brother.

RGS also points the goodness of Vegetables giving a few easy recipes.

Enrique Bellver revisits Goizeko & Dalli's. The marbellian restaurant belonging to the group owned by Jesús Santos and run by Aitor Perurena shows the best of the Vizcaian style in Marbella.

Caius Apicius writes this week about Seasonal Products and gives a recipe for peas.

The New York Times includes an article by Peter Meehan on Basque Sidrerías (Cider Houses) and San sebastian’s Tamborrada.

Also on NYT Melissa Clark writes about Madrid Fusión. And this last two articles are available in English.

Edited by pedro (log)

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The Week of February the 7th, 2005

Fernando Point writes about Caput Mundi, a fashionable italian restaurant famous for serving pieces of gold in it’s dishes but discovers that behind the fireworks there is an authentic Italian cuisine.

Álvaro Lerena discovers El Figón de Trifón, a hidden tapas bar in the Barrio de Salamanca area of Madrid with good tapas and wines.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurant serving Goulash .

5 a Taula praise the good shape that Sant Pau, Carme Ruscalleda’s restaurant, is in.

Elena Castells writes about the catalonian traditional Egg Butifarras on the jueves lardero, ie, thursdays before carnival.

Rafael García Santos visits Don Pablo in Pamplona, a creative tapas bar turned into a restaurant

Enrique Bellver discovers El Envero, a new and promising restaurant based on very simple and tasty dishes.

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The week of February the 14th, 2005

Metrópoli comes this week plenty of information:

Fernando Point visits the long time anounced Medina, an arabian restaurant runned by the same people of Café Oliver, is as good as it promises with a solid morroquian cuisinne.

Point also discovers Orixe, a new galician restaurant in the traditional Cava Baja.

Alvaro Lerena writes about a curious Taberna de la ilustración a typical tapas bar runned by romanian women that gives a eatern touch to tradicional spanish stews.

Top metrópoli goes for the best restaurants cooking Pheasant.

Metrópoli lists also the restaurants prepaing an special Saint Valentine's day Menu

5 a Taula visits Vinya Rosa, a barcelonian restaurant where Magí Huget makes the costumer feel as if he was the most important and loving guest serving his well cooked traditional dishes.

Rafael García Santos revisites Arbola Gaña, the restaurant features among the best of Bilbao with an innovative haute cuisine that is renewed every year.

On his weekly article, RGS reviews the revolution in the Italian Cuisineand it’s signature dish, Pasta.

El Tostón is a sensible wine and tapas bar in Fuengirola reviewed by Enrique Bellver.

Caius Apicius writes about his Aniversary as a food critic and why he chooses that nickname.

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The Week of February the 21st, 2004

Fernando Point reviews the reborn Yuan that is the good and promising chinese restaurant replacing the decepcionating Xian.

Alvaro Lerena discovers La Taberna de Pedro is a new tapas bar runned by the very gastronomic family García de la Navarra.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants serving roasted pork Ribs.

5 a Taula revisits the classic Boccatti wich has been serving for 26 years the best seafood and vegetables in Vic.

Fridays market is dedicated to possibly the best bean in Spain, the Ganxet Beans.

Rafael García Santos Agorregui, the best budget settled menu in san Sebastián.

And writes about Berza, the local cabagge on his weekly article.

Caius Apicius writes in his ironic style about Food Traceability and it’s incongruencies.

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The Week of February the 28th, 2005

Fellow eGulleter Jesus Barquín along with Alvaro Girón have been writing about sherry for a while but now they have listed their favourite bars and restaurants in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz).

Fernando Point pays a visit to the new Olsen, the spanish branch of this succesfull argentinian restaurant.

Álvaro Lerena visits La Taberna Fantástica, a very literarial tapas bar in the popular area of la Concepción.

Top Metrópoli goes this week for the best restaurants using Honey in their desserts

5 a Taula visits El Buffi in Solsona, a restaurant runned by four cooks very academicists.

Rafael García Santos travels to North Barcelona to eat at El Casals a family runned restaurant and hotel where the Rovira family cook the products that they grow.

Enrique Bellver praises the growing Alabardero Resort in Benahavís.

Caius Apicius writes this week about Chicken.

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The week of March the 7th, 2005

Fernando Point visits the modern Citra, a new restaurant where Elías Murciano shows mediterranean flavours with a few oriental touches.

Álvaro Lerena discovers El Figón de Ribera, a tapas bar in the new and olimpic Madrid.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants cooking Leche Frita(Literally Fried Milk)

5 a Taula visits Hostal Verdolet, to discover familiar traditions transformed in wonderful local dishes.

Elena Castell complains about the High Prices reached by the vegetables due to this year’s cold weather.

Rafael García Santos revisits Alameda, the wonderful restaurant in Fuenmayor (La Rioja) thet keeps all the regional traditions.

García Santos also praises Sole as a delicious fish.

Enrique Bellver writes about the new Timpanali a new tapas restaurant in downtownMalaga.

Nick Lander writes on the Financial Times and on his wife's website about eating out in Bilbao (And this is in english)

Caius Apicius writes about the little pleasures of Tartufo.

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The Week of March the 14th, 2004

Fernando Point goes argentinian visiting Two restaurants: Palermo Viejo and Trenque-Lauquen keeps the essence of the Old Buenos Aires in Madrid.

Álvaro Lerena discovers the new Marisquería la Toledana a seafood tapas bar with few but good dishes.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants serving Oriental Ribs.

5 a Taula discover the very sensible Uri, runned by tje young but experienced Oriol Calm at the Maresme.

Antonia de la Fuente is annoyed by the high price of Peas, on the Friday’s Market Section.

Rafael García Santos revisits El Portal de EchaurrenProving that Francis Paniego is on the right way.

RGS also praises the role of the Gastronomic Guides probably because he writes one of them.

Enrique Bellver presents the very suggesting Bistro Félix in Estepona where higly experienced chef Eric Guilbert coks two different menus, french and oriental.

Caius Apicius is worried about the loss of a very simple luxury French Fries.

New York Times included an article by Eric Asimov about Priorat Wines

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The week of March the 21st, 2004

Hiden in El Mundo’s travel magazine., near the bottom of the article you will find very interesting tips on Santander.

Lúa is a new and interesting restaurant with a daily changing menu as the only choice, in the same line as Casa Marcelo or Clarke’s reviewed by Fernando Point.

Álvaro Lerena discovers Cherry, a mand stylish tapas bar in Salamanca area.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants serving Seafood with vegetables.

5 a Taula discovers in L'Estanyol much more than a golf club restaurant.

Esteve Giralt writes about the cheaper Oysters from the river Ebro’s delta, finding them with more meat and with a stronger flavour.

Rafael García Santos writes about Roxario, in Astigarraga to find the best cod omelette.

RGS also complains about the old mistakes that the restaurants keep doing.

And on his website discovers the new Tragabuches.

Enrique Bellver finds dissapointment at the well located La Restinga.

Caius apicius writes about the war of Albarinho. And the differences between two galician D.O’s Rias Baixas and Ribeiro.

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The Week of March the 28th, 2005

Fernando Point finds El Patio de Leo , a promising restaurant in the competitive Madrileñian scene.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants serving the sweet Pestiños.

5 a Taula recomends I Buoni Amici, an interesting Frulian restaurant in Barcelona.

Elena Castells writes about the Catalonian Take Away

Rafael García Santos visites Zaldiaran, and tastes it’s delicious truffle dishes.

RGS Wonders about the Identity of the gastronomy and where is it going.

Enrique Bellver discovers Antoxo a galician restaurant with pristine products placed in Torremolinos.

Caius Apicius writes about the recent visit of the spanish chefs to Japan

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The week of April the 4th, 2005

Fernando Point vists the long time expected Europa Decó the new destination of Chef Joaquín Felipe does not dissapoint.

Álvaro Lerena travels to northern Madrid to Cervecería Barrilón, a traditional tapas bar in a not that new area.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants serving Pineaple.

5 a taula revisits Pekin, this classic barcelonian chinese restaurant is still doing good.

Elena castells writes about Horse Meat showing that it can be both, healthy and tasty.

Caius Apicius writes about an spanish whim Hake.

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The week of April the 11th, 2005

Fernando Point writes about the new Per Bacco! a panitalian restaurant with quality ingredients opened by well known Boccondivino’s Ignazio Deias.

Álvaro Lerena discovers the new Tasaca La Churra devoted to the roasted churra lamb and other castillian recipes.

Joan Merlot writes about the Gastronomic Cervantesand the food references in his masterpiece Don Quijote. The actualization of old recipes by new chefs and where to sample this old dishes.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants serving Mackerel.

5 a Taula discovers El Racó de la Cinconya a new restaurant in the Penedés wine area that combine old

traditions with moden touches.

Ramón Francàs writes about the comming of the Red Gold when talking about the Vilanova Red Prawns .

Rafael García Santos visits the renewed Tahití in Logroño, the old bar has changed into a restaurant serving confort food as it’s best being the highlight their Tortilla and has moved to the popular Laurel street.

RGS has been visiting Paris and recomends three growing stars.

Airén is the new restaurant just oponed i Benalmádena by El Café de Paris’ Jose Carlos García and Roger Sánchez and praised by Enrique Bellver.

Caius Apicius is very found of being in April and taste all the goods that the spring serves.

Nick Lander was visiting Bilbao (See previous digests) and San Sebastián and was stuuning about the high concentration of top notch restaurants in the area like Martín Berasateguiand Arzak. (And this two reviews are in english!)

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The week of April the 18th, 2004

Pedro Espinosa, our Forum Host, was in Granada eating and drinking in a conference called Jerez/ Alta Cocina/ Sherry and writes about the food and wine pairings and everything that happened those days.

Fernando Point visits the new Hiden Japanese restaurants in Madrid, sushi bars like Nagoya or Sushi Olé.

Álvaro Lerena discovers Taberna el Sitio, a tapas bar with a flamenco inspiration.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants serving Feijoada, the typical brasileñian dish.

5 a taula discovers Can Xapes a select restaurant in Cornellà de Terri.

Elena castells writes about Tripe.

Rafael García Santos visitsEls Tinars in Llagostera (Gerona) where Eduard and Maribel keep the catalonian traditionas and Marc, their son, is in the new and modern direction in the same way that Echaurren.

RGS also gives a quick view to the Madrileñian culinary scene, and in his opinion there are no big raising stars on the Spanish capital.

Sadly la Seu de Miquel in Denia has closed, as it’s said in RGS's site

Enrique Bellver writes about Garum, an eclectic restaurant in Marbella.

Caius Apicius visits Martín Berasategui and is fascinated with the chef.

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The week of April the 25th, 2005

Fenando Point writes about Antojo, a promising restaurant ran by Cesar Rodriguez (formerly in Viridiana) and his wife.

Álvaro Lerena discovers La taberna de Juán a familiar tapas bar founded by young and experienced people.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants serving Parmesanian Style Aubergines.

Masso is the sincere and talented restaurant placed at Puigcerda reviewed this week by 5 a Taula.

Rafael García Santos comes back to Asturias to revisit Casa Gerardo and see that they are innovating more than ever but the traditional fabada is still there.

RGS also writes about the Italian culinary stars that are surprising the world.

Enrique Bellver discovers the new Tragamar in Malaga where Dani Carnero comes back to the stoves with a very enjoyable food.

Caius Apicius is very fond of his Anchovies.

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The Week of March the 2nd, 2005

Fernando Point is glad to see that Miguel Ansorena is back in Madrid opening the Asador Imanol with all the classical asador dishes, ie, rumpsteak, red snapper...

Álvaro Lerena discovers a quijotesque tavern Venta La Hidalguía has just oponed bringing the delicatessen from La Mancha.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants serving Tigres , the classical deep fried mussels with bechamel.

5 a taula discovers L'Auro, the transformation of an old masía into a restaurant located in Vic.

5 a Taula also writes an interesting article about Morels .

Rafael García Santos is back to Rodero, to prove that their originality is bigger than ever.

RGS also writes about Navarrian Pinchos , the local and original tapas.

Enrique Bellver visits Victor , a classic and serious basque restaurant in San Pedro de Alcántara.

Caius Apicius is glad to see the organization and level at the Canarian Cooking Championship.

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The Week of May the 9th, 2005

Fernando Point writes about the new Vietnam, a vietnamite restaurtant runned by the same people of the luxury chinese Yuan.

Álvaro Lerena discovers Darbar, a new indian tapas bar in the hip Chueca area.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants serving Monkfish.

Casanovas is the new restaurant discovered by 5 a Taula in Barcelona, the place was formerly a chacine shop and is devoted to this products.

L. Benvenuty writes about the first Nísperos AKA Mikakos.

Rafael García Santos revisites Las Duelas in Haro, La Rioja. The restaurant is in the right track acording to this critic.

RGS also writes about the Spring and the vegetables and possibilities that this season brings.

Enrique Bellver writes about La Perla a resturant placed in Benalmádena with an accent on the souces.

Caius Apicius writes about the Meat Eaters.

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The Week of May the 16th, 2005

Fernando Point goes french visiting two new French Restaurants in Madrid, the not very authentic Stendahl and the beter Le Petit Bistrot

Álvaro Lerena discovers La Peonza a new tapas bar at the Cava Baja.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants serving Cheese Flan

FP, Joan Merlot and the rest of critics at Metrópoli makes a selection of the best Foreign Cuisinne Restaurants in Spain, being the winners:

South America: Maskana Barcelona Finalists: La Gorda and De María (Madrid).

CARIBEAN:Zara (Madrid) Finalists: Hacienda (Madrid) and Habana Vieja (Barcelona).

CHINESE: Asia Gallery (Madrid). Finalists: Tsé Yang and Yuan (Madrid) .

ESCANDINAVIAN: Olsen (Madrid). Finalists: El gusto (Marbella) and Café Stockolm (Barcelona).

UNITED STATES: Gumbo(Madrid). Finalists: Cornucopia (Madrid) and Alfredo's Barbacoa (Madrid).

FRANCE: Jean-Luc Figueras. (Barcelona). Finalists: Caleis (Barcelona) and La maison du Languedoc (Barcelona).

GREEK: Helas. (Sevilla). Finalists: Milos (Madrid) and El Greco (Alicante).

INDIAN: Mumbai Massala. (Madrid). Finalists: Govinda (Barcelona) and Annapurna (Madrid).

ITALIAN: Ars Vivendi. (Majadahonda; Madrid) Finalists: Tramonti 1980 (Barcelona).

JAPANESE:Kabuki. (Madrid). Finalists: Shunka (Barcelona) and Taro Guadalpín (Marbella).

MOROQUIAN: Medina (Madrid). Finalists: Al Mounia (Madrid) and La rosa del desierto (Barcelona).

MEXICAN: La Taquería del Alamillo. (Madrid). Finalists: Entre suspiro y suspiro y María Bonita (Barcelona)

PORTUGUESE: Tras Os Montes (Madrid). Finalists: Lisboa antigua (Madrid) and Senhor Bacalhau (Mairena de Aljarafe, Sevilla).

THAI: Thäi Gardens. (Madrid). Finalists: Buda del Mar (Sevilla) and Thäi Lounge (Barcelona).

5 a Taula revisits the classic Neichel to prove that the chef is the history and tradition of the Haute Cuisinne.

Pau Echauz writes about Coca de recapte on the fridays market section.

Rafael García santos goes for tapas in Seville at Casablanca.

And RGS writes also about the foreign chefs cooking at the Portuguese Algarve

Enrique Bellver visits the renewed La Rebaná

Caius Apicius writes about Angel Muro's Pill-pill

Edited by Rogelio (log)

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The Week of May the 23rd, 2005

Ferando Point goes indian visiting the New Indian restaurants in Madrid , praising Nawaab and Bombay Place and the not so good Gurú.

Álvaro Lerena discovers La Turuleta , a tapas bar in the old Madrid for the hungry night owls.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants serving Hot Dogs.

5 a Taula make honor to Chez Jacques the idiosincratic andorrian restaurant where Jacques Quillacq revisits the concept of market cuisinne.

Elena Castells writes about the new Design salads on her friday’s market section.

Rafael García Santos visits La Huertona in Rivadesella, Asturias where Jose Manuel Viejo cooks attending to the public tastes with elegance and design.

Enrique Bellver writes about La Rebaná in Málaga where Carlos Caballero is growing as chef.

Caius Apicius writes about the excess ofGarlic in the spanish cooking.

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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Fernando Point keeps going french in Toulouse-Lautrec a madrileñian tavern with a french heart.

Planeta Birra is a beer focused tapas bar reviewed by Alvaro Lerena.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants serving Tuna Tartare

5 a Taula goes fast food at Oli en un Llum where they prepare the best sandwiches (bocadillos) in Barcelona.

Esteve Giralt writes about the great Rice Diversity in the catalonian markets.

Rafael García Santos revisits Sagartoki in Vitoria, a tapas (pintxos) bar with excellent roasted meats and fishes.

RGS also complains about the lack of quality that is suffering the Caviar

Enrique Bellver writes about the good moment that El Café de Paris is suffering.

Caius Apicius writes about Mackerel

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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Fernando Point tries to find the restaurant's future at La Referencia where they serve food cooked at different madrileñian caterings.

Álvaro Lerena discoveres El Naranjo de Bulnes an asturian tavern.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants serving Vietnamese Rolls

5 a Taula finds an oasis in the middle of Barcelona at La Terraza del Claris where they serve summer dishes in a nice terrace.

Elena Castells writes about the different types of Onions served at the catalonian markets.

Rafael García Santos crosse the border and discovers in Biarritz La Villa Eugénie where Jean-Marie Gautier cooks a very elegamt cooking.

RGS also complains about the numbe of Empty Tables seen in many top notch restaurants.

Limonar 40 is the long time waited restaurant at Malaga acording to Enrique Bellver.

Jonathan Reynolds writes about the top Madrid chefs at the New York Times. (Hey, this is in english)

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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The Week of May the 13th, 2005

Fernando Point visits Furama, a promising asiatic restaurant located in an old station shopping mall.

Vall D'arán Tapas is a tapas bar with pirenaic speciallities from the Valle de Arán reviewed by Álvaro Lerena.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants serving Cuajada (Cloted cream)

Also Metrópoli presents the listing of restaurants with terrace for this Summer of 2005

El Pais seems to have opened their site to the public so now we can read Jose Carlos capel´s critics. This week discovers Rat Pack a vegas oriented restaurant in Torrelodones, the north sierra of Madrid.

5 a Taula discovers Coloma a cozy mariners bistro with typical mariners dishes in the Masnou.

And write a delicous article praising the Apricots

Caius Apicius complains about the Tematic Tastings and says that the taste is in the diversity.

Edited by Rogelio (log)

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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Fernando Point discovers La Restinga a promising restaurant located in a hotel in the madrileñian Gran Via.

Alvaro Lerena discovers San Francisco Street a new tapas bar with a nice terrace for the hot madrileñian summer.

Top Metrópoli goes for the best restaurants serving Red Mullets.

Jose Carlos Capel revisits Can Fabes to prove that Santi Santamaría is passing an excellent moment.

5 a Taula takes a look at Visual a promissing restaurant with nice views over Barcelona.

Elena Castells praises the summer season of Blue fish.

Rafael García Santos visits Goizeko Wellington to see that the madrileñian bussinesmen eat properly at this basque restaurant.

RGS also writes about the new asturian culinary scene that is now better than ever.

Venta Casares is a renewed traditional restaurant in the outskirts of malaga reviewed by Enrique Bellver.

Rogelio Enríquez aka "Rogelio"

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    • By thecuriousone
      Hi All-
      I tried a recipe out of The good cook, James and Jellies over the weekend. It is a bitter orange, lemon and watermelon Jam. Actually its more like a marmalade. The recipe went together easily, but a curious thing happened while I was cooking it. The recipe said to add 3 cups of sugar for each 4 cups of fruit and simmer slowly for 1 hour. I did that but at the end of the hour, the consistency still seemed thin. My first though was to reduce it further. I pulled some out of the pot to taste and continued to reduce. I never did get to a really jelled consistency, however the taste started to change, it lost the fresh watermelon flavor and took on almost a "tea taste" like the sugars in the watermelon had carmelized. It doesnt taste bad but should I have taken another approach? I'm not familiar enough with sure gel to use it if its not called for in a recipe.
      Any help would be appreciated. Its a beautiful jam, I would just like to maintain the fresh watermelon taste and have it thicker.
    • By Prawncrackers
      Hola egulleters! Those of you who know me know that I like to turn my hand at Charcuterie now and then. Nothing is more satisfying than breaking down a whole pig and turning it into delicious cured meats and sausages. I'm quite happy making a wide range of products but there's one thing that I just can't get right. Fresh Spanish cooking chorizo, in particular I want to try and recreate this wonderful stuff from Brindisa http://www.brindisa.com/store/fresh-chorizo-and-morcilla/all-fresh-chorizo-and-morcilla/brindisa-chorizo-picante/
      They're wonderfully red, juicy and packed with deep pimenton flavour. Now when I make them I can get the flavour right but the texture is all wrong, very mealy, not at all juicy and the colour loses it's vibrancy too easily. What's the secret to them I wonder? Some kind of additive and/or food colouring?
      My recipe sees me mincing 2.3 kg fatty pork shoulder through a fine die, mixing with 80g pimenton, 50g salt, 30g sugar, 35g fresh garlic and stuffing into sheep casings. Here's a photo of them:

      I rest them overnight in the fridge before cooking with them. Maybe I should be putting some curing salt in there and hanging them for a couple of days? Does anyone have any experience making this kind of juicy fresh Spanish chorizo or even chistorra?
    • By milla
      For mid-May in all categories.
    • By riceman
      Dear friends,
      I would like to list here clever gastronomic proposals out of the ordinary to innovate in the kitchen. As an initial example propose our own proposal of cooking our homegrown rice to make our paellas in "El Sequer de Tonica", Spain.

      Who said that everything is invented in the field of gastronomy. I wait for your suggestions!!

    • By Virbonus
      We've just come from 4 days in Madrid and an evening in Toledo. In Madrid we ate at Casa Salvador where my wife's oxtails were superb but I can only rate the flavor of my tripe as good, though it was cooked perfectly. I thought Barbara was going to swoon over the roasted marrow bone and beef at Sacha. She started with a fresh tomato salad in a very light balsamic vinaigrette that was perfection. I had the fried artichokes - paper thin slices of baby artichokes fried in olive oil that had the texture of potato chips but were pure artichoke flavor. I followed that with brains that were superb - lightly battered and fried, slightly crunchy on the outside, milky soft inside. Barbara had a chocolate thing for desert and she flipped. I had something akin to creme caramel, but I have no idea what it was, other than outrageously good. I think it had cielo in the name, but since I asked the maitre d' to just pick out deserts for us I'm not sure what we had.
      Then on Tuesday we went to David Muñoz's Diverxo. Extraordinary. And that's saying something because we got off to a really bad start. Twenty minutes to get a glass of wine ordered from the time we were seated. Then, when asked if I'd like chopsticks to which I replied in the affirmative, none ever arrived, but the food transcended all. An amuse bouche of edamame seasoned, perhaps with sumac and something else with a buttermilk-like garlic dipping sauce. Then we both had the seven course tasting menu (the other choice being the thirteen course menu). The seven courses were actually around eleven since a course would often be divided into two halves served sequentially, like the poached prawn (it was called something else) that arrived followed by the grilled, seasoned, head and body with the juices from the body drizzled over the poached tail. Somewhere in the middle were white asparagus wrapped in the skin of red mullet - actually the meal involved parts of red mullet in several of the dishes, such as a pate of red mullet liver on a thin crisp. The courses that I sort of remember include the soup served in a young coconut shell where eating the coconut meat was a desired part of the experience, a steamed roll with a quail's egg yolk barely poached on top, an extraordinary piece of tuna cheek that tasted like a sous-vide cooked short rib, and a piece of ox cheek that had been slow roasted for 112 hours, a small piece of hake served sauced accompanied by a horseradish cream and spherified lime, and a desert which I no longer remember. Very, very highly recommended.
      Yesterday, we made our way to Toledo, where completely by chance we went for lunch to Adolfo. It turns out that the chef, Adolfo Muñoz, is David Muñoz's uncle. And he cooks like it. Not modernist, but brilliantly. Barbara had a simple "small" salad ordered off the menu which was beautiful and then a scallops and artichokes starter with fresh baby artichokes and incredibly dense scallops barely accented with maldon salt flakes that were perfect. I had a risotto of black rice cooked with squid ink and baby calamari and manchego cheese that was off the charts followed by red partridge that was excellent, but paled in comparison to the risotto. Excellent.
      Now we're off to Lisbon.
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