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Speck, mortadella and prosciutto


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So I've just recently come into some delicious speck, mortadella and prosciutto (thanks to Severino's here in Westmont, NJ). As usual, I was a little over-zealous at the counter, and I've come home with more than I know what to do with! Any suggestions on what to serve these three wonderful cured meats with? Pete at Severino's suggested some cheeses, such as Parmesan Reggiano, Pecorino Toscano and Taleggio. Any other ideas?



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I usually prefer to keep my salumi on their own and pair them with different breads. For example Prosciutto di Parma with hand-made grissini, Sudtyroler Speck with buttered kummel flavoured rye and Mortadella di Bologna with michette rolls, piled up high. The right bread is the simplest and best match if you want to highlight the flavour of great salumi.

That said, I have to admit I'm a bit rigid when it comes to salumi and cheese. SO here's a few matches that work fine:

-prosciutto with fresh, mild chesses like mozzarella, fresh robiola, squacquerone, good ewe milk ricotta. A salad made with prosciutto, mozzarella chuncks, rucola and a few walnuts or hazelnuts tossed in is a simpe and delicious classic. Parmesan is also a classic match, maybe with a few drops of real balsamico. I find it too powerfull for prosciutto, but better try it out to know if it rocks your boat.

-speck can take stronger flavoured chesses like Bergkaese, Gruyere, Taleggio.

-mortadella is IMO really hard to match with cheese beacause of it's (delicious) fattiness. I never tried to pair it with any cheese. I never had any left in my fridge long enough to try either :wink: .

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Suzanne is probably referring to mostarda.  (Could be wrong though.)

Mostarda di Cremona


You are correct. That's exactly what I meant. (I happen to love the combination of sweet/spicy with salty-ish meats; some folks hate it, though.)

In Marcella Says . . ., there's a quick version: simply mix mustard into best-quality preserves. She suggests using Colman's mustard, and quince preserves from Hero or a Dalmation fig jam from Whole Foods, among others; a version with sour cherry jam did not work, she says.

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You can make a fried dough and stuff it with stracchino( sp ) ( its a fresh soft cheese..I have got some from Bella Giosa ) and Prosciutto.

I had this cheese in Italy and wonderful.. not real easy to find this here

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Its good to have Morels

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My mortadella.


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Baron, bravo encore! What, it's not enough for you to slay us with photos of your masterful terrines?

How do you serve these beautiful examples of charcuterie?

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