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Coffee + beer

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That was a good article. 50 bonus points for the Ted Leo reference. I am trying to place the continental store. Of course I mired on that street forever. Is Lucky Dog still open. They did a neat job and had good stuff in the beginning.

50 bonus points for Ted Leo + 25 bonus points for the knitting reference. Chicks With Sticks rule.

Online Coffee Co. (on Olive & Harvard) serves beer and wine as well.

"Save Donald Duck and Fuck Wolfgang Puck."

-- State Senator John Burton, joking about

how the bill to ban production of foie gras in

California was summarized for signing by

Gov. Schwarzenegger.

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Mamster, just a quick question for curiosity sake.  What's the typical lag time between finishing a piece on food/drink and getting it published?  I'm guessing that 9+ months can't be typical.  Or did you need to do several months of 'research'?  :biggrin:

Nine months is a pretty long lag, but in the magazine world, articles can kick around for a while. Restaurant reviews don't sit around, of course.

Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I noticed that Vivace Roasteria has a liquor license app up. And I like World Cup a lot -- I don't remember why it didn't make the article, probably timing.


Matthew Amster-Burton, aka "mamster"

Author, Hungry Monkey, coming in May

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Thanks for the article! Maybe you will encourage others to follow this bold path.

Several notes:

1. Brouwer's Cafe is supposed to make decent espresso, though I haven't had it, so if your article had come out later (I suspect it opened after your research was done), it might have been worth mentioning. It is definitely more bar than coffeehouse environment, though.

2. Third Place Books on 65th in the Ravenna neighborhood has a banner hanging in a window saying that Third Place Pub is coming in the summer of 2005. That summer's about expired and there's no sign of a pub, but I assume they're working on it. Maybe someday it can go on the list.

3. I was dismayed to see Big Time referred to as a frat boy bar. It's a brewpub, for one thing. It might have a bit of a frat boy atmosphere, with the dinosaur trophy head on the wall and all that, but I've always thought of it as a grad student hangout. They're very vigilant about carding at the door, and there aren't that many frat boys over 21, are there? Professors and homebrewers can also frequently be spotted there. When they have big scientific meetings at U.W. (especially yeast geneticists!), the place gets really packed. Maybe it's a scientists-who-sometimes-act-like-frat-boys bar? Just my two cents...

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Dregging this up - made it to World Cup, at 52nd and Roosevelt, for some live music - check their schedule. A grown up place in the U-district, walking distance to Seven Gables. Very impressed. Generous wine pours for $6 ($5 at happy hour), Cafe Vita, pretty desserts, soup, panini, and yes, beer (bottle only, I think.)

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