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Remizieres White and Red


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Did a test dinner for another event with friends last night. After a glass of Segura Lavit, we headed out to a restaurant that does French cafe style cuisine.

With terrine de campagne:

2000 Dom. Remizieres Crozes Hermitage Blanc - big buttery nose with a floral element, rich and smooth on palate and very dry, almost crisp at the end. Absolutely great food wine, but I'm not sure it will improve.

With a veritable vat of Boeuf Bourguignon:

1997 Dom. Remizieres Crozes Hermitage - the nose on this is now showing some maturity with pruny black fruit and vanilla, and in contrast to the white, it was actually quite soft and low in acidity, with a sweet smooth end. I think this is in the middle of it's best drinking stage now.

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