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The Bulgogi & Kalbi Topic

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Just made a big kalbi ssam meal last night and this ssamjang recipe from Saveur was really good.

That recipe calls for firm tofu, which surprises me. I usually make mine by adding doenjang to gochujang, then thinning it with sesame oil and adding a touch of sugar. What's the point of the tofu? Does it add body?

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Daughter is out on Spring Break and is coming over tomorrow for a huge dim sum feast and larder stocking.

I have bulgogi and pork/scallion pancakes on my plate to do. I got bbq pork for the pancakes and for twice cooked pork main course. Ma Po Tofu as a "soup" course.

We are also doing three kinds of dumplings: Tibetan Beef, Pork and Shrimp and soup dumplings.

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The set-up: red leaf lettuce, rice, the sauce referenced in the Saveur article above, daikon, carrot, and cucumber pickles, bean sprout namul, store-bought kimchi, and grilled scallions, mushrooms, and green chile peppers (cheonggochu, I believe). With lots of beer.

So the main innovation this time around involved using boneless beef short ribs (on sale at Whole Foods) that I scored in a checkerboard pattern on one side of the meat, cutting through about 2/3s of the way. That allowed the marinade to penetrate more and created more surface area for crispy grilled bits. I also vacuum sealed the meat to promote the marinade.

They turned out absolutely fantastic.

Chris Amirault

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