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WTN:Cambon Beaujolias Nouveau 2004


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I usually approach the release of the Nouveau with skepticism and a hint of sour; God bless the French but what is this crap they fob off on us every year.

...I digress before the tasting note. Edward Behr wrote a terrific article about the state of Beaujolais in his latest edition link to magazine here. Get it and read it- fantastic...

Back to the Cambon. Made from organic fruit by esteemed winemaker Marcel Lapierre, this year's offering from him lacked some of the more offensive banana and bubblegum usually omnipresent in these wines. It took me immediately back to Holland MI circa 1978. I was 10 and probably still wearing bikinis. The wine had an earthy, sandy smell reminding me of the hottest Aug afternoon and how the black ore in the sand baked on those summer days. My father, back in the cottage house and its cool, humid, cementy smell, gave up plates of overipe raspberries and melted whipped cream (or perhaps they had underwhipped it but my mom added a lot of sugar so bascially it was liquidy fat and sweet). For some reason this particular Nouveau reminded me of that. I think it was good. Like really light framboise. Almost lovely and likable.

over it

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Hi Carema,

Glad to see you back with no less talent than before.

I tried to find a bottle of the Beaujolais mentioned but without success, Celebrated with Drouhin [village ], Debeouf and Bichot. Some local Israeli delluted versions [imagine that!], namely the Gamay Nouveau joined in as well.

Two more events and we are back to the real thing.

Andre Suidan

I was taught to finish what I order.

Life taught me to order what I enjoy.

The art of living taught me to take my time and enjoy.

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