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Chef/Restaurant websites (merged topic)


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Very good point Tana. The hotmail address should be very temporary. My immediate goal was to get the site up and running before I figure out my hosting company's interface for administrating the site (like email addresses, database hookups: I hope to have my recipe, photo, and ingredient database that I am building hooked up to the website for all to see in the near future).

Thanks for your generous comments.

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I was considering dinner at Frisson last weekend. My husband didn't want to eat there, alas, but I thought they had a very artistic website. Yes, they have music, which normally annoys me, but I thought it went well with their "theme" and there's a player to select tracks and volume, so it's controllable.

Despite the artistic touch, all the info was easy to find- hours, sample menu, etc. I can't tell you how often it's hard to find basic things like if a place is open Sundays.

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I see that this topic needs some intervention - what is new and:

1. horrible

2. gorgeous

3. inefficient

4. useful

...in restaurant websites?

What DO restaurant owners want in a website - do they truly care that the user experience is practical and drives more sales, or is it more to showcase the brand regardless the effect on bandwidth/useability?

I kind of get the sense that most sites go one way or the other, but can't help but wonder if there are sites that can bridge the gap between artistry and function. Nobu is not bad in this regard, especially since they include a section for selling their merchandise.

Andrea, in ABQ

(but soon to visit NY and finally set foot in lots of the heavy-hitters!)

"You can't taste the beauty and energy of the Earth in a Twinkie." - Astrid Alauda


Food Lovers' Guide to Santa Fe, Albuquerque & Taos: OMG I wrote a book. Woo!

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I think the website should suit reflect the style of restaurant.We are a backstreet bistro, very personally run, so a blog suits our needs.Since switching to a blog format, i have several complimentary comments from guests.It's easy to keep current, which i think it probably the most important aspect of Restaurant Websites.

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