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Arugula, I Love You.


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I make a salad with arugula, pears. toasted walnuts, and a creamy gorganzola with a light dressing like you already use. Absolutely the bomb.

Edited my silly comment that didn't realize that arugula and rocket were one & the same... (sheepish grin)

Suffice it to say, the above suggestion IS wonderful, I can say from experience.

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My current junk food craving is a "'staven" from Pete's Apizza topped (at home) with fresh arugula that's been doused with blue cheese dressing and piled on. Somehow even more decadent and more healthy at the same time, and the green's spiciness sets off the richness of the cheese and pepperoni.

In fact, picked up two organic bunches this weekend for my one-man debate-watching party Wednesday night. reminded me how much more flavor the mature plants have than the "baby" stuff I usually buy.

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I have some Baby Arugula to use-- I want to make a Salsa Verde, and freeze it ? Cuz i'm leaving town for a week.

Ideas? Leave out the cheese probably and freeze.

2C Chopped Plum Tomato ( Optional )

Zest of Lemon

1 Garlic Clove

3C Arugula

1/2 C Coarse Bread crumbs

1T Capers 1T Red Wine Vinegar

3/4 cup Evoo

1/4 C of Parm Cheese

Caio Paul

Its good to have Morels

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