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The science of cocktails

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I am trying to do some research into the science of mixing cocktails and have a few questions that cross over into food science.

Any light you could shed on these ponts would be gratefully received

Are there any substances that have a natural affinity with alcohol and when mixed produce more flavour than others?

Are there any techniques or production methods that are used in the kitchen that you think could make the transition onto the bar?


Ian McLaren

Vist Barbore to see the Scottish scene.

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Because the alcohol molecule has a portion that resembles a fat chain, and aroma molecules generally have the same, alcohol is especially good at extracting and holding aromatics from herbs, spices, fruit peels, etc. That’s no news to mixologists, of course! They have also long used steeping, pureeing, foaming, gelling, and similar kitchen methods for working with liquids. I don’t have any bright ideas at the moment. Anyone else?

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