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on a trip about 2 years ago, Equus, the castle's restaurant and Xaviar's in Piermont were good although failry formal and pricey. Liked the casual Freelance Cafe next door to Xaviar's too, both owned by the same people



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Robert Buxbaum


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I certainly enjoyed my one meal at Blue Hill/SB. Chiboust on Main Street was also good on one visit.

I've actually had some good food at Lago di Como on Main, but it's been a while (and interior is so dreary it's hard to recommend). Caravela has decent Portugese/Brazilian.

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I second Blue Hill and Chiboust in Tarrytown, and Freelance and Xaviars in Piermont — only a 10 minute drive. I haven't been to Equus at the Castle in a while but the setting is stunning, especially the view from the terrace. There are also a couple of good places in Hastings, also about 10 minutes away, including Harvest on Hudson and Buffet de la Gare.

Liz Johnson


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We recently went to dinner at Caravela in Tarrytown with another family. Food was mixed- my chicken macau was very good, my wife's zarzeula not very good. Most seemed satisfied. As we split check (a diner-style slip with prices for 7 appetizers, 7 main courses, 7 coffees, and 2 desserts), it seemed high to me, but I didn't want to seem cheap by adding up 23 items(ego mistake). It nagged at me that bill seemed so high. When I went to Zagat for restaurant website info next AM, I saw the following review:

"Reviewed by sylviap469112 on 05/21/2007.

Member since March 2003, Total Reviews: 15 (Bound Brook, NJ) Watch

your check! We had a party of 13. When the check arrived, it had 4

lines - each with an amount - one for appetizers, one for entrees, one

for desserts and one for the bar that totalled $1002.00. Feeling that

the bill was "fixed" we asked for an itemized bill as one would

receive in all other restaurants. The manager refused sating it would

be too much work. After requesting a third time and standing over him,

the bill was $220 less! No apoligies! Nothing! I wonder how many

people have been ripped off without catching the dollars padded into

the check! "

Uh oh. So I researched prices online. I knew exactly what everyone had, but didn't know prices on the 2 desserts (fruit tart and chocolate cake). But unless they were $46 each, we were ripped off. I wrote a polite letter to the restaurant; faxed and mailed it. I asked for a chargeback (based on $10 desserts, and changing tip to 15% from 20+%, as mistake made me less happy with service). No response (I provided phne, fax, and email contacts). No chargeback, so I have initiated a dispute through American Express.

I want to be generous of spirit, but have to believe management/owners are part of this. This is a restaurant that has been around at least 15 years, hard to believe that ownership would use the scribbled handwritten bill method rather than a modern POS system unless they want to take advantage. Even an adding machine tape would lessen the chance of mischief. Just a word of warning (my guess is they are more likely to do this with large groups, harder to cheat on couples,etc.).

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