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Pink Passion - Lavit or Leavit


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The Segura Viudas wines have always been well made and good value, and I order a case of the vintage cava every year just so that she-who-must-be-obeyed isn't tempted to head for the Champagne when she finds herself in need of a bit of fortifying bubble.

In my never-ending search to make SWMBO's life one uninterrupted pleasure, I tasted the Segura Viudas Lavit Brut Rosado - and was duly impressed.

You are probably thinking that this is some girly-man talking about pink fizzy wine, and that this sort of perversion might be contagious, but stick with me a few more sentences.

I have been known to enjoy a nice glass of rosé Champagne, but have always found that anything with this colour and bubbles from anywhere else has been suspect - often with residual sugar, unbalanced limp wines. This was a very pleasant surprise - finished dry, made from a blend of

60% Trepat (apparently a local grape), 20% Garnacha, and 20% Monastrell, it has an elegant colour, good mousse, with some red fruit in the nose (cherry? raspberry?) and a very smooth decently long finish.

I have installed a case of this in the "you-can-drink-this- without-asking" section of the cellar and it should keep SWMBO happy for some time. Recommended.

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