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Really Nice!

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A trivial question...  When Miles ripped open the bottle of wine with his mouth to go running through the vineyard with it, do you suppose that was a screw top or were the film makers trying to make the viewers think he pulled the cork out with his teeth?  :laugh:

Melkor and I though about this too after we saw the movie - he said he thought they had previously opened the bottle and just recorked it. That would make it easy to grab the top of the cork with your teeth so you can run amok through the vineyard!


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Finally in the holly-land

The movie reminded me of the T.V. shows where they try to convert a beer drinker into a sommelier only this time the converter is a potential alcoholic.

Some amusing scenes but very few coherent and seem misplaced for those not familiar with the locations.

It seems the director was filming through a narrow opening not allowing us to fully enjoy the whole scenario.

Andre Suidan

I was taught to finish what I order.

Life taught me to order what I enjoy.

The art of living taught me to take my time and enjoy.

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I finally broke down and read this book by Rex Pickett. During the first few chapters my reaction was 'ho-hum, it's just like the movie." But after a few chapters, as relationships deepened, I really began to get into it.

Miles and Jack seem to be about as different as they can be, but like a lot of friendships, they need each other . . . they complement each other. Throughout their trials on the road trip they begin to open up to each other more and more, and they learn to smooth over the rough spots with humor and faith in each other.

Jack is as randy as his movie character, but his fiance is no blushing rose either, and there's a generous, faithful side to Jack in the book that is not portrayed in the movie. That being said, they screw up alot, and Jack's accumulation of hilarious injuries were abbreviated in the movie plot. He's not looking too good going into his wedding . . . and then there's the psychotic boar-hunting chauffeur, who's not even featured in the movie. There is a lot of 'road trip' language--which at first I found annoying (being a lady and all :rolleyes: ), but after a while it became part of the natural rhythm between Jack and Miles.

I particularly liked the ending, where Miles finally agrees to attend Jack's wedding reception in Paso Robles, and Maya shows up in all her radiance. They decide to blow off the reception, and Maya says, "I know a few places in Paso Robles . . . "


Mary Baker

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