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Eating in Kansai

Mr Vigs

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Mr Vigs:

Welcome to Japan!

About okonomiyaki, yakiniku, and unagi, I do not have specific info at my hanc, but will post here when finding an appropriate one!

As for Ramen which is my major,  I would recommend you Yonakiya.

(Data of Yonakiya)

Address: 36 Ootsukaminami Miozomachi, Yamashiro-ku, Kyoto

Tel: 075-581-7083

Bus. Hours: 11:00-18:00

Closed: Mon., 1st&3rd Sun.

If you need entertainment, visit Menbaka Ichidai where you can enjoy fire show in fron of you.


Do you need shop data?

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Thanks for the Ramen suggestion!  I'll be sure and check it out.

What time of year is the Menbaka Ichidai?  Is it right in the city, or outside like the Himatsuri?

Any other interesting spots or shops in Kyoto would be welcome!

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What time of year is the Menbaka Ichidai?  Is it right in the city, or outside like the Himatsuri?

Sorry for the lack of infomation.

Menbaka Ichidai is not festival. It is a ramen shop.

They serve a special menu callde Negi ramen (ramen with a lot of chopped scallion.) The heated oil that a shop cleark pour over the bowl gets fire as shown in the photo in front of customers sitting on the couter stalls. So it is not an actual show, but is looks so. In fact, this ramen shop is quite famous for this unusual service. Whenever you visit, you can enjoy this show(?).

[Data of Menbaka Ichidai]


Marutamachi Chiemitsuin Higashi iru Minamigawa

Kamigyou-ku, Kyoto


Bus Hour:12:00-14:00A18:00-3:00 @

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Which neighborhood are you staying in? Umeda? Namba/Shinsaibashi? What are you interested in seeing? I lived in Osaka for 3.5 years a while back -- my restaurant info probably isn't the most recent, but I can tell you general Osaka stuff. I LOVE Osaka; it's got a great energy and the people there are quite friendly, funny and outgoing (uh, in relation to other Japanese). It's also the area in Japan famous for its comedians and delicious, reasonable food.

Couple food things to experience: okonomiyaki (& modan-yaki, takoyaki, plus Akashi-yaki towards Kobe), fugu (very reasonable in Osaka)

Neighborhoods to check out:

* Umeda (business district with much high-end dining)

* Namba/Shinsaibashi (the party district with good dive bars & street food)

* Denden Town (like Akihabara in Osaka -- the electronics district where you can aggressively bargain prices down on *all* electronics -- never pay list price!)

* Between Namba & Denden Town is the kitchen district -- visit it for excellent restaurant supply items, great knives & plastic food models.

* Just south of Denden Town by Ebisucho Stn. is the Tsutenkaku (big tower, look up) -- total dive area that's *great* to walk around in during the afternoon. Lots of homeless & yakuzu types, though, so you might want to avoid it at night unless you're with someone. Great people-watching, plus great deals on fugu.

It's a nice walk from south Namba through the kitchen district, into Denden Town, then around the Tsutenkaku.

Lemme know what else you're interested in and I'll tailor it some more.

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Sorry, I am a Tokyo gal!

Ihave only been to Osaka once and that was in 1990.

If you have any general question about Japan or Japanese food......................

Kristin Wagner, aka "torakris"


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Have you been to Japan before?  Is this just a new city for you, or a whole new country?  Will you have the evenings only (ie. after work & meetings) or will you have full days as well?

Yes; Just a new city - after workshops only.

Edited by anil (log)


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Here is a nice website on "Osakan epicurism."

Kuidaore, literally meaning "to eat oneself bankrupt", is an expression used to describe Osaka people's obsession with food. According to a popular Japanese saying, Tokyo people ruin themselves by overspending on fine footwear, Kyoto people on fine clothing, and Osaka people on fine food.

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Hi all,

Will be going to Kanazawa, Osaka, Nagoya end of August to early September. I've been to Kansai twice already, but have never been to Kanazawa. Any recommendations on where (or what?) to eat, must-sees (must-eats)?

appreciate any help you can give... :biggrin:

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It's been a long time since we visited Kanazawa. We stayed with an American friend who was teaching there. What I remember most was the market and some wonderful fresh seafood. There was a sushi bar/restaurant just on the edge of the market. There was a line to get in and I remember looking at the plastic displays outside while on line. As we got inside, I saw a waitress carry a bowl of sushi rich covered with uni. I nudged my wife and said "uni chirashi sushi," which got some smiles and giggles in the room. I suppose it also brought a sigh of relief to the waitresses that we weren't some totally clueless westerners expecting cooked fish. I wish I could tell you more. I wish I could go back soon.

Robert Buxbaum


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I just learned that I will be moving back to Japan in the spring. This time I'll be in the Kobe area, Nishinomiya to be specific. Any e-Gulleters out there who can help with good eats of all kinds? I'm hoping my favourite Akashiyaki shop is still where I remember it being, and according to the Mariage Freres website, their tea shop is still in the Bal building. Aside from those two places, my "where to eat" list is bare! I have 6 months to plan, but I'll be there for a couple of years, so I figure the more suggestions the better!

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Wish I knew more about Kobe............. :sad:

Have never been, I am sure there is a Gykaku there though! :biggrin:

It's very sad that the Kansai region is better represented out in there in foodie land! I found very little with a Google search (at least in English). Tokyo has a lot of great food, but Kobe and Osaka food is, in my opinion, equally good in quality. Unfortunately, as far as I know the best hamburger joint in Japan is only in Tokyo! When I lived in Tochigi, I would travel to Tokyo once a month for root beer, decent cheese, and a hamburger from a place near Kinokuniya. It was an American burger place--I think from Hawaii. Man those were good burgers!

Oh well, I'll just have to do my own research :biggrin: !

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Ask the local Cop's...

What's a Cop? Is that something like ex-pats? I need to know so I can ask them when I get there :biggrin:

So far the only resource I can remember is Kansai Time Out, if it's still around, but IIRC, anything food related is usually an ad. They do have restaurant reviews, but since they cover the entire Kansai area, Kobe doesn't get as much coverage as Osaka. Darn!

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