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All I want for Christmas is? wish lists to die for


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Ah, the joy of Google!!  Here's your Olive of the Month Club, with many thanks for a GREAT gift idea for one of my friends!

I would also like a Kitchen Aid mixer, just because I don't have one.  I don't need one, but for some reason, I feel the need to have one!!


OOOHHHH! This is the PERFECT gift for my brother. Thank you thank you thank you.

Danielle Altshuler Wiley

a.k.a. Foodmomiac

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So, even though it is still only mid-October, it seems that it is never too early to create a wish list in one's mind of some things which would make your life even more enjoyable. The only caveat here would be that it should be food-related!

If I might be so bold, I would wish for a set of Wusthof knives for my kitchen, a lifetime subscription to Gastronomica, a "coupon book" for repeated visits to The French Laundry, and a Caviar of the Month Club (see the thread on _____of the Month Clubs).

What are your food holiday wishes and dreams?

Are any of the actually achievable? :biggrin: When does reality replace fantasy?? :rolleyes:

Are wish lists only for dreamers? :laugh:

Can they be mailed anonymously/surreptitiously to spouses/family/business associates? :hmmm:

caviar of the month club...i am sooo excited i have to excuse myself

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a 100 square foot pantry

You could fit my entire kitchen into that 100 square foot pantry. :blink:

Can I amend my list, Santa? A Le Creuset dutch oven because mom is NEVER going to give me hers, even though she complains that it's too heavy.

All-Clad pans to replace my serviceable, but not the greatest, Revereware.

I'll make you extra cookies, Santa! :rolleyes:

"I just hate health food"--Julia Child

Jennifer Garner

buttercream pastries

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A Wusthof santoku knife - 7" IIRC.

All-Clad stockpots and braiser.

Cooking lessons, especially Chinese.

A new kitchen - I have less cabinet and counter space than I did in my old (small) apartment. I'd like a gas stove in that new kitchen, too.

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Santa, I want a pair of ridiculously expensive pair of shoes to wear while I make dinner with my new set of Le Creuset cookware. Though I am not sure about moving about the kitchen in high heels with such heavy cookware in my hands? How about someone to help chop things and move all those heavy things!

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let's see, a job would be nice :biggrin:

otherwise i'll settle for a grinder to sharpen knives, the knowledge of how to peel and dice an onion in one move, the landlord to fix the gaps in the apartment that blows the gas burner, a cold smoker (is pan smoking then putting in the fridge the same thing?), a cellar, and above all else, a cure for salmonella (there was a cafe in london off oxford street call sam'n'ella's, needless to say was closed on my last visit home!! :raz:

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Santa, I want a pair of ridiculously expensive pair of shoes to wear while I make dinner with my new set of Le Creuset cookware.  Though I am not sure about moving about the kitchen in high heels with such heavy cookware in my hands?  How about someone to help chop things and move all those heavy things!

I found some potential kitchen elves...


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buttercup Posted Today, 11:18 AM

I found some potential kitchen elves...


:laugh::laugh::laugh: buttercup, my roommate and I cut these EXACT pix out of Cosmo when this issue came out - and hung them in our kitchen! We were living in a really ugly apartment at the time, and figured that since we didn't have a kitchen window, we could at least use these fellas to improve the view...

Haven't tried any of the recipes they provided yet! :laugh::raz:

Nikki Hershberger

An oyster met an oyster

And they were oysters two.

Two oysters met two oysters

And they were oysters too.

Four oysters met a pint of milk

And they were oyster stew.

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  • 2 years later...

So there has been extensive discussion about what to get for other people, but I have yet to see a thread about what the eGulleteers are asking for over the holidays. Anyone?

I'll start; I know I'm getting a new Shun Classic 8" Chef's Knife and a 3.5" Paring Knife ( :wub: ) from my parents.

I'm also getting Culinary Artistry and Working the Plate, two food-related books (sort of cookbooks, but more reference).

Plus, not exactly holidays, but I'm expecting a little money in mid-January and plan on buying The Professional Chef, 8th Edition, about which I am so excited.

So... any food-related pressies heading your way?

I think fish is nice, but then I think that rain is wet, so who am I to judge?

The Guide is definitive. Reality is often inaccurate.

Government Created Killer Nano Robot Infection Epidemic 06.

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A custom made damascus chef's knife


Hobart N5

Cooktek induction hobs

All-Clad cookware

One of those giant industrial immersion blenders (I think it just looks cool whipping one out and plunging it into a pot)

A benchtop freeze-dryer

Now lets see if any of this could happen on a student's budget...if only I could swipe a freeze dryer from one of the labs.

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Santa, I'd like to have that giant hole in my kitchen ceiling repaired. If that's not possible, just send money.

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Karen C.

"Oh, suddenly life’s fun, suddenly there’s a reason to get up in the morning – it’s called bacon!" - Sookie St. James

Travelogue: Ten days in Tuscany

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I asked Santa for an immersion blender, a Microplane zester (can't believe I still don't have one) and any of Bourdain's books. Lightly hinted that I would enjoy Folse's Encyclopedia of Cajun/Creole cooking. It's not cheap though, so I would be happy with any of the other things.

Preach not to others what they should eat, but eat as becomes you and be silent. Epicetus

Amanda Newton

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I don't mean to be a killjoy but I've stopped "wishing" for things as it eventually leads to dissapointment. There's nobody in my life that's in a position to make any dream come true. If anything is going to happen it will be from my own hard work and saving. These are called plans, not wishes. But if per chance something extraordinary were to happen, I could easily start coming up with ideas like these....

1. Custom Damascus Chef knife from Murray Carter (you know it Savilla) but it's really not needed as I have a Hattori KD in my block. That's a hard act to follow.

2. Bigger kitchen

3. Top-of-the-line stove with built-in wok station

4. A month long food tour of New Orleans complete wth cooking instruction.

5. A month long food tour of Italy and France complete with cooking instruction.

6. A month long food tour of Japan complete with sushi and cooking instruction.


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Dear Santa,

vertical storage for the platters and baking sheets.

Shuffle the entire kitchen, starting at the fridge, 8" west to make space for the above. Expand that little counter bit 8" while you are at it.

Move the counter/bar out 18" (and make all appropriate adjustments to the rest of the house to accommodate this).

Replace micro-hood with a real hood. Insert counter-top nukular oven on the expanded counter-fragment.

Replace light-rings with royal or cobalt blue glass version (see Varmint's kitchen remodel for reference)

Replace pendant lights with candy apple red, marigold or other color shades, consistent with decoratingscheme "baby toy primary".

Replace hard-to-clean stove with almost any stove. Gas would be nice for the Tenor's sake, but I'm not picky.

Magically create space for a second oven, just for grins.

Find me a babysitter for every single night of Restaurant Week. Ones that will come to the house, and can get themselves safely home after.

Evaporate the mixed collection of 'extra' glasses collected by the Tenor.

Elegant extendable dining table in 'espresso'.

Hay for the reindeer is on the back lawn, along with water and oats. Freshly baked cookies are on the hearth, with extras packed up for nibbles along the way, and enough to share with Mrs Claus and the elves if you care to.

Thanks, Santa!

Oh yeah, one more thing... can you do all this without waking the munchkin, please? Ta everso!

"You dont know everything in the world! You just know how to read!" -an ah-hah! moment for 6-yr old Miss O.

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If wishes were fishes, I'd have 100 kg. each of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Sangiovese grapes, crushed and packed into plastic barrels, delivered to my door come Fall. Plastic, folks - I live in an apartment and wouldn't have room to lay wooden barrels on their sides around here. Into glass carboys goes the wine after pressing. Another fish would be to have a willing volunteer to press the grapes when the time came; that's a back-breaker for me. Lastly, yeasts, pectic enzyme, new racking canes, sanitizing powder, medium-toast American and Hungarian oak chips, and malolactic bacteria, sufficient to the cause. The winemaking wish list could get more elaborate, but I know how to put limits to my fantasies. :hmmm:

A kitchen ample enough for my needs, with an old-fashioned still room next to it where I could hang my ropes of garlic and strings of wild herbs, that would be nice. But the grapes could become reality, while the ideal kitchen, which would necessarily be attached to the ideal sprawling house and vegetable/herb garden, greenhouse, gorgeous flower garden (with a pleached alley), fruit and nut orchards, bee hives, outdoor brick oven and out-sheds - well, that kitchen is a somewhat bigger proposition.

Miriam :rolleyes:

Miriam Kresh


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I've gotten some great cooking related gifts for christmas over the last few years - the cobalt blue KitchenAid standmixer, the matching food processer, my beloved Presto pressure cooker, a wonderful Zyliss v-slicer, a pizza stone, silicone tools, my canning kettle, and cookbooks with themed accessories (like Peter Reinhart's American Pie and a pizza stone kit). Plus I splurged last year on my All Clad set and Le Creuset dutch oven. This was the first year that I've felt like I don't need/want anything to improve my kitchen.

So only a few food related items made it onto my practical wishlist this year. A nice zester, a whisk (since I never think to buy one for myself), a ladle to replace my broken one, and Mes Confitures.

As for a fantasy wishlist - a little house that's 3/4 half kitchen, with space in the yard for a berry patch and vegetable/herb garden, and a freestanding woodburning brick oven, like the one Jackal10 uses in this, my favorite eGullet thread and the one that convinced me to join.

"Nothing you could cook will ever be as good as the $2.99 all-you-can-eat pizza buffet." - my EX (wonder why he's an ex?)

My eGfoodblog: My corner of the Midwest

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I also want a stand mixer - just don't like the idea of having it on the counter in my small kitchen.

I'm interested in a pasta roller - same issue with space

Le creuset dutch oven

Tartlet tins

What I know I'm getting this year...

The Thomas Keller cookbook set, a bunch of vanilla beans, subscriptions to a couple of food magazines.

So that's pretty good!

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thomas keller french laundry cook book. I have wanted that for a few years now...too expensive

le creuset dutch oven in that beautiful green color.

some more victorinox knives

cusinart stainless steel skillets and frying pans

vitamix blender

green cuisinart stand mixer (the one I have is SOOOOOOOOOOOO old and an ugly off white color)

a fan or air conditioner for the kitchen. Nothing is better then standing over a stove, stirring chili, while it's 95 degrees outside.

hot pair of jimmy choo's or manolo's to wear while cooking.

a new rice cooker that speaks to me in korean when it is finished cooking rice (just like my mother has). The one I have now is green though and extremely cute

a kimchi refridgerator stocked up with my mom's baechu kimchi and chonggak kimchi. On the other side of the kimchi fridge would be stocked up with korean pears, apples, and those delicious white peaches...straight from korea.

An avocado tree in the backyard

eta: a 3 month trip to Seoul, Korea in the winter w/my mom and my sister. I haven't seen my grandparents and other relatives in 3 years :sad:

I really miss all those delicious food stalls. There is nothing like sitting outside and eating fish cake on a stick with that delicious broth in the cup on a really cold evening.

Maybe I would visit domestic goddess and zenkimchi while I'm there :wub:

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