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Goya Food Products

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I think that the canned beans are better than your average canned beans, and use them whenever I really want nachos or burritos immediately.  Their "black bean soup" is even better as a nicely flavored black bean topping for the quick nacho fix.

I completely agree with you. I've had nothing with success with the Goya canned beans, and have never found a stone or dirt clod in thir dried beans, either.

Their "black bean soup" is really good for a quick beans and rice or adding onto a taco. I've yet to try it as "soup"!

Fred Jauss

Rockville, MD

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Goya products are fantastico! I like the canned beans, sofrito, recaito, olive oil, Sazon, Adobo, mojo criollo.

I like to marinate pork and beef in olive oil, adobo seasoning, and cracked clack pepper.

MMM... Sabroso


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Saute some garlic in Goya Olive oil, add a can of cannellini beans, a bay leaf or 2, some cumin, s&p, let simmer for a tad. Serve like this or....., remove bay leaf, puree the beans, top with a touch of olive oil (and roasted garlic if you feel like making it), serve with toasted pita points....a great quick app. that can be served warm or room temp.

The black beans are the best...ahhhh, for the cold of winter and eating the heartier style bean dishes.

Also, mix a whole bunch of the exotic fruit juices, add some orange juice and rum.....yum :)


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Bitter orange juice. Great stuff for a pork marinade. When the pork is cooked, diced onions and fresh coriander set just afloat in more bitter orange juice is an excellent salsa for tacos.

Guava paste and cream cheese.

Sorry, I find the Sazon packets to be more or less taste-free, but I buy them anyway and they do turn rice the color of Cheez-Wiz, which is pretty amusing.

I think Bush's, a local New England brand (?), makes better beans all around and Progresso makes better chickpeas. But I do buy a lot of Goya products; they're more romantic.

--L. Rap

Blog and recipes at: Eating Away

Let the lamp affix its beam.

The only emperor is the emperor of ice-cream.

--Wallace Stevens

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I have a grocery store nearby with a huge Goya section, so I've tried and generally liked most of the things on this list. A couple of other favorites: lady fingers, Jalapeno jelly, Thai jasmine rice which is as good as brands twice as expensive. From the freezer: yucca, banana leaves and fried plaintain "cups".

"Tis no man. Tis a remorseless eating machine."

-Captain McAllister of The Frying Dutchmen, on Homer Simpson

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