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New "Southern Food Culture" Forum


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We are happy to announce the creation of a new forum co-presented by the eGullet Society and the Southern Foodways Alliance, the offshoot of the University of Mississipi’s Center for the Study of Southern Culture that is dedicated to the foodways of the American South. This new forum, known as Southern Food Culture, will focus on the historical, sociological, economic, political, cultural, and metaphysical aspects of Southern food. It will not, however, be the place to discuss the best meat 'n' three joint in northern Alabama, the best barbecue in Memphis, or who's got the best price on Gulf shrimp in Greenville. The existing regional boards will continue to be the place for that type of discussion. You’ll notice that we’ve moved some existing eGullet threads over to this new forum, and they include such topics as “Barbecue and Politics”, “Grits, Grits, Grits”, “Kentucky vs. Virginia: The Ham Wars”, and “The Glory of the Southern Breakfast.”

Part of the excitement of the new Southern Food Culture forum will be the addition of over 400 SFA members to eGullet. Please welcome them as they familiarize themselves with eGullet, and show them the grace and gentility that every Southerner would expect!

The Southern Food Culture forum will be moderated by two of our existing forum hosts, Brooks Hamaker (“Mayhaw Man”) and Dean McCord (“Varmint”) as well as a new host, William McKinney (“wcmckinney”). Each of these hosts is a member of both eGullet and the SFA.

We hope you’ll enjoy the Southern Food Culture forum and participate in it frequently. We also encourage you to check out all the great things the Southern Foodways Alliance does at their website, www.southernfoodways.com.

Dean McCord


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