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Vios: Great Greek!

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I'd like to add that I found jbonne's information extremely helpful. I'd been thinking about Vios, but it sounds as if this is not the right restaurant for me. I will however recommend it to my friends who like good food, and want to take the kids with them.

(richards1052 @ Jun 18 2005, 06:32 PM)

And I also bristle at the implication in jbonne's post that children should have to satisfy some standard of behavior in order for [him] to be able to co-exist with them.

it doesn't seem a huge stretch to expect children to be no more intrusive to my dining experience than any other customer at a restaurant. a restaurant is shared space, and part of what i'm paying for while there is the temporary lease of the table space so i can sit there and be served.

Actually people DO have to satisfy certain standards of behavior in order to co-exist with one another. That's pretty much the definition of civilization.

I make a reasonable effort not to impinge on other people's dining experiences, and I expect the same in return from every other person in the restaurant regardless of age. If a person isn't able to handle that concept, that person shouldn't be in a restaurant, period. [i'm not talking about for "kid oriented" places like mcdonalds, or "the old spaghetti factory" etc, I'm talking about normal restaurants where you have reason to expect a quiet meal.]

I was raised that if I went to a restaurant I was to sit quietly at the table like all the other people in the room. I could read, or draw, or yammer my mom's ear off, or whatever as long as I kept my voice level & didn't bother people at other tables. If I couldn't handle that & needed to burn off energy I went (or was taken) outside to run off some steam, and then come back & sit at the table like a civilized human being. All this while being raised by my nice little 60's "I don't want to repress my child" mother :wink:

I applaud the people who take the effort to do this, it can't be fun to go out to dinner in the early phases of raising a kid, knowing that you'll probably have to walk out half-way through the one meal that week you didn't have to cook yourself. But in the long run you're teaching them not just that "appropriate behavior" changes for different environments, but also self-control, which is one of the more useful skills you can have in this crazy world. (oh and that "when mom says something in THAT tone she means it, so you'd better shape up!" :laugh: )

Do you suffer from Acute Culinary Syndrome? Maybe it's time to get help...

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Ate at Vios for the first time last night, and it was really nice. We had the hummus, lamb chops with braised greens, and the chicken souvlaki, with a couple of Lake Champlain Honey Caramels for dessert. I really like the open feel of the room, and the coolers with different food selections. The servers were very nice, I was impressed with their selection of Bottega Italiana gelato, and the bread they featured with the meal was from Columbia City Bakery (so good!). What a wonderful neighborhood place - thank you all for the recommendations!

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I heard there's a bit of a change in the kitchen staff... last night's cod special (wrapped in a grape leaf and grilled) was delicious w/the grapes and risotto-like rice. The room is a little weird, I think, but I can't wait to go back w/my young daughter. The kid-friendly nature is really cool.

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