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Callwood not Calwell  of Cane Garden Bay

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Yes there was a few mistakes in my reply to "Rum tasting in Toronto"- But I was so excited to find Edd Hamilton's site.

Yes Bolands information in E.H.s book was totaly correct, I took a group for a walk from Jolly Harbour with the promise that this was going to be a rum experience. What I had not mentioned to my Post Office management friends was that we were going to the Post Office for Rum!. what a suprise, the photographs show some prize purchases with the Bolands Post Office sign behind them.

Callwood of Cane Garden Bay, Tortola -I had to look at the bottle! To check the spelling, then I found a fantastic article  by the BVI Tourist Board in a back copy of "BVI Welcome", their magazine. The web site is- www.bviwelcome.com   search- articles/rum  for a four page artical about the Callwood family history and distillery myths etc. The photo of the Still, was prior to hurricanes Luis and Maralyn going through the islands. So when I was there a year later the Still was down and the area totaly over grown. But typical of caribbean the undergrouth could be quickly cleared and the Still could be patched with clay. What I would like to find out has anybody been there recently and is the Still back in use, or are they  buying run offshore and aging and blending only.

John Reekie  always rum searching.

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