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best cheap knife set?


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Mundial makes decent, inexpensive knives. If you hunt around, you could easily get a set for around $80 but without steak knives.

I would then go to Ross or Marshalls and pick up a set of steak knives for 10 bucks (you can actually find whole sets of decent cutlery at these places for a really good price, I also saw a 6qt Le Creuset Dutch oven for $125!!)

The knives may not hold an edge really well, but for someone who doesn't have a knife fetish they will do just fine.

Now sharpening is another thing, if the person you're buying for doesn't like to sharpen knives or doesn't take good care of them, then I would consider just going out and getting the miracle blade or some other really inexpensive serrated knife set then buy replacements for her every couple of years.

BTW, are you making fun of the almighty spork? Heck, if it's good enough for KFC it's good enough for me! :laugh:

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BTW, are you making fun of the almighty spork?  Heck, if it's good enough for KFC it's good enough for me!  :laugh:

actually I have a very soft spot in me heart for sporks.

I am waiting until I have some extra cash and pick up the titanium camping spork.

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I would hit up some flea markets and yard sales. The sets may need some sharpening, but you can get some killer deals.

My father is a flea market junky, and has multiple full sets of knives he has picked up on impulse. Many are non-branded, but they all work dandy-well given a good sharpening.

I don't know if I am alone here, but I tend to dislike the steak knives that come in knife sets. Most I have seen are non-serrated, and I just prefer a good serrated knife for cutting up food on my plate. I am partial to the cheapy ones that one can find in a restaurant supply store similar to those they use at place settings in chain restaurants, but then again, that is just me...

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