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Seagrams sale completed--Not yet.

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The sale is not complete as yet.  As "The Canadian Competition Bureau clears Pernod Ricard's acquisition of Seagram". 23 October 2001 ---"After the FTC decision, Pernod Ricard still confident in the completion of the Seagram deal".

Two other Press releases--- London/Paris.Reuters- "Diageo would offer Malibu to save deal"---Washington.AP-" FTC to block Seagram deal".

I am just using the titles, as each one is a page long. but the meaning is relevent. The FTC voted 5-0 to ask a federal judge to grant a preliminary injunction that would prevent the sale going through.  The concern, creating "a dangerous likelihood of reducing competition and higher prices".

They all hope to wrap things up by the new year, at which time we will find out what they intend to sell off and what brands will fall.

I am interested to find out what Distilleries/brands Seagrams had under its wing,(12-15 WI distilleries) some were by ownership and others were as brand distribution agents.



www.news.excite.com           /business-food-seagram-diageo

www.news.excite.com           /seagrans-liquors-sale

see also:

www.vivendiuniversal.com      (Seagrams)

www.diadeo.com                  (Pernod Ricard's joint partner)  

John Reekie     jr_rumsearching@hotmail.com

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