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Jason Perlow

"The Rum Experience" by Luis Ayala

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I ordered a copy of Luis Ayala's "The Rum Experience" from his great website http://www.rumshop.net, got in in this week.

at แ.95 this is an expensive book for a 225 page hardcover volume, but its understandable because Luis does his own production and printing in house using hi-quality commercial color inkjets as opposed to industrial printing equipment, and binds it to a high-quality hardcover (like you would find on an old style highschool yearbook). The photos are great, the listings and tasting notes on all the rums are very comprehensive, and its got a lot of great mixer recipes in it. If you're a rum freak like me definitely get a copy of this.

He also has a less expensive black and white softcover version, but spring for the color, its worth it.

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