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9/18 - State Line Liquors


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Me and my friend went and raided State Line Liquors in Elkton, MD this morning and made a pretty good haul. I was very impressed with the selections and the prices. I instructed my friend to keep me on a 45-minute time limit to find and choose items. In the end, these were the selections I made. I want to say thanks to LJDolan for his earlier post and recommendations. Items included were as follows:

6 pack Avery India Pale Ale

6 pack Otter Creek Octoberfest

4 pack Dogfish Head Midas Touch

4 pack Dogfish Head 90-Minute IPA

1 btl. Dogfish Head 120-Minute IPA (12 oz)

1 btl. Dogfish Head Olde School Ale (12 oz)

1 btl. Heavyweight Lunacy (12 oz)

1 btl. Heavyweight Perkuno's Hammer (12 oz)

1 btl. Weyerbacher Blithering Idiot (12 oz)

1 btl. J.W. Lees Moonraker Ale (.500 l)

1 btl. Cisco Brewers Moor Porter (.750 l)

1 btl. Cisco Brewers Bailey's Ale (.750 l)

1 btl. Stiegl Pils (.500 l)

1 btl. Ommegang Three Philosophers (12 oz)

Was hoping to nab a bottle of Dogfish Head Liqueur De Malt, but was told 5 cases had sold out in about a week. Just opened a Midas Touch. A lot of fruit and sweetness with this one, and a nice kick at 9% ABV. Here's to some good beer drinking for the next couple of weeks.

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Was hoping to nab a bottle of Dogfish Head Liqueur De Malt, but was told 5 cases had sold out in about a week.

After striking out trying to find a single of this every time I was down at the beach this summer (even at the brewpub; they couldn't keep it in stock), my girlfriend went and bought me a case in PA. It's surprisingly good for a malt liquor (talk about damning with fine praise!). Big malt nose with an atypical malt liquor hops character, but a seriously overwhelming alcohol presence in the finish that takes me back to my fortie-swilling days. The body and mouthfeel just don't match though; it's gets tiring after awhile. Craft-brewed malt liquors with body were probably just not meant to be :smile: . I finished off the first one I cracked open, but split the next two with friends knowing I'd lose interest halfway through. If anybody in the D.C. area wants a crack at one of these, I can probably be convinced to part with some of the remains of the case. Although I do get a kick out of having some bottles occupying the bottom rack of my wine fridge when friends ask what's up with the plastic red caps poking out :biggrin:

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