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Truth be told: Where've you eaten lately? (Part 1)


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Today lunch time to break my Kolachy fast with the feature roast pork and a cup of the beef soup. Mmmm, I feel better now!

Last night: Parents in town, ergo, dinner at Parkside...(Caught a glimpse of Marc-David, as well, but didn't manage to say hi, sorry, Marc-David!) We started with two Blood Orange Negronis and a Dark and Stormy, yum. Chef walked by and chatted for a moment, and then sent us out a little amuse: salmon tartare with crème fraîche and a little bit of this and a little bit of that (lightly smoked salmon roe!), and a pickled ramp (yum!). Delicious.

For apps, my mother and I split the Dungeness crab ravioli in a corn broth with tarragon (? I think that's what it was) and the scallops with crispy pork belly and fresh green pea ...velouté? I'm sorry, my mind has completely lost the descriptions. Neither of us actually wanted to switch plates halfway through :raz: My dad started with the beet salad and enjoyed it heartily.

For mains, My mother had the stuffed lamb (stuffed with lamb shoulder and prosciutto, I got her leftovers for my dinner tonight, yay), my dad had the pork prime rib, poached apricots and pistachios, he nearly picked up the bone to chew, he ate every scrap. I had the duck breast with rhubarb (oh my word it was good).

We somehow managed to fit dessert: my mum had the little brandy snap cannoli filled with lemon and a cherry sauce, and my dad had the sorbets (he always has the sorbets), and I had the rhubarb and vanilla trifle.

We tried the Masi Grandarella ('01 I think?) and enjoyed it very much.

I have told them already I am dragging them to West (maybe kicking and screaming) next time they're here, as they really need to try it there, but we're all such creatures of habit, and we just love it at Parkside. :smile:

Wednesday night, I finally tried Lucy Mae Brown. I've only lived a block away for four years :rolleyes:

My mother started with the caramelized onion and Oka pastry thing...what's it called? she really liked it, it's like that Provençal pizza-type thing. I had the Québec foie gras to start, and...while it did melt on my tongue, I found it a bit overcooked for my taste. (GOD I'm such a carnivore.) My duck breast was nicely seared and red on the inside though (duck two nights in a row, I shall quack soon), served with shallot mashed potatoes and a sour cherry sauce. My mother had linguine with fresh clams, and she was very happy with hers, as well. We both finished up with the sticky toffee pudding, which was nice, but the ice cream served with it was banana, not cinnamon, I do believe...it was good nonetheless.

We had a new to us and quite enjoyable wine: Pirramimma Petit Verdot, we liked it.


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Wanted to test the waters at some places that I have been dismissing out of hand - so was my inner food snob correct?

Hon's for lunch today - it was worse than bad, it was dull. Just big mouthfuls of overcooked noodles in not enough soup. Potstickers were bland and understuffed and came with a dipping sauce that was too sweet (where's the vinegar?). I had wonton noodles that I could not finish - not because it was too much - but it was so dry it was like trying to choke back cotton batting.

Stepho's for dinner on Tues. Okay - this place really baffles me. It is food value run amok. Got there about 5:30 and there was line up already. WTF!? Big platefuls of rice and lamb etc... Again - that feeling of trying choke back mouthfuls of tasteless cotton. I don't mean to sound cruel - but why put food like that in your body? It just seems so unthinking - like cows at the trough.

So - to save the week

Had lunch at Kirin with Mooshmouse. Fresh hot morsels of dim sum in civilized suroundings. This is why we have jobs (or for some of you trust funds) - so that we can be grown ups.

Dinner last night at Budepest Cafe. Great homestyle food, generous portions, and friendly service. Again, had one of their huge Transylvanian Platters - very very good schnitzel - thin and crispy.

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Last weekend, late lunch / early dinner at East is East. I love the big lassies and shakes they serve, they make you feel nice and healthy :smile:

A big platter full of curries, rotis and condiments was eagerly consumed, assisted by Chocoholic Jr. who truly loves their lentil soup. We brought a batch home for him, perfect lunch food.

Sunday brunch at the Granville Island Hotel, met a friend who has a little one the same age as mine. The wife was working that day so I was glad to get some child distraction. Standard brunch fare, executed well in a nice setting. Big outdoor patio for kids to run around after the obligatory piece of toast with peanut butter.

Monday evening, change of scenery. My turn to go out with friends, all male and hungry so we decided to pay Morton's a visit. I have to say after semi-recent visits to Hy's and Gotham that I think Morton's takes the crown as far as meat quality is concerned. The 14 ounce filet mignon was to die for and their sauces, especially the mushroom reduction and the peppercorn sauce are great. The setting is a bit stuffy, especially with the dungeon feel after going through the heavy dark doors and entryway. The whole song and dance routine where the server shows you the platter of meat and live lobster is a bit hokey. But the meat was great, and meat is what we were after that night.

Stefan Posthuma

Beer - Chocolate - Cheese

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. The whole song and dance routine where the server shows you the platter of meat and live lobster is a bit hokey.

A bit? I feel bad for the poor servers, having to explain to the flat footed nylon windbreaker sporting octegenarian cruise ship passangers from Ohio the always exotic tomato, and it's equally foreign friend, iceberg lettuce. The routine is so dated I'm suprised they don't refer to the tomato as a "love apple" and try to dissuade the clientelle from the popular belief that thier red colour does not in fact make them poisonous contarary to the coventional Elizibeathean wisdom of the day.

A bit. Best understatement of the week.

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Stepho's for dinner on Tues.  Okay - this place really baffles me.  It is food value run amok.  Got there about 5:30 and there was line up already.  WTF!?  Big platefuls of rice and lamb etc...  Again - that feeling of trying choke back mouthfuls of tasteless cotton. I don't mean to sound cruel - but why put food like that in your body?  It just seems so unthinking - like cows at the trough.

Oh, don't get me started on the mindless herds of Stepho-bots that line up there all the time (is there some sort of wormhole linking Anton's and Stepho's across time and space? Is Anton Stepho's Italian cousin? Inquiring minds want to know!)

Taki's Taverna, mere steps to the east, is basically as cheap, and is WAY tastier. They have some of the only hummous in town that I'll actually eat - the stuff is usually way too heavy on the boring old chick peas for my taste. We end up there every couple of months and always wonder why the sheeple over at Stepho's don't just go 5 metres down the block for better food at comparable prices with no wait. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


"She's not that kind of a girl, Booger!"

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And just to show what a man of the people I am, I'm not going to save up until I hit The French Laundry, The Fat Duck and some Mongolian goat herders yurt for an amazing yak milk lassi, no my travels are considerably more pedestrian. (Those of you padding your dining resumes are being duly noted. We know who you are.)

Wednesday night, coming home from Seattle after going to the Mariners game (NINE FREAKING DOLLARS FOR A REDHOOK ESB! I am pleased to subsidize the multimillion dollar contracts do nothing athletes get in my own small way.) We stopped at the Milestones in White Rock. Why? My friend that drove informed me his eyes had deteriorated to the point where he didn't like driving on the freeway at night. Uhhh, you could have told me that 300 miles ago and I would hacve driven. Anyway, we had to rush back to the north side of the 49th, before stopping for dinner as he felt far more comfortable driving on familiar freeways. I left that concept unexamined. I had the tuna in shitake lime broth with couscous. Some promo with Fetzer that saw John Ash of Santa Rosa develop menu items. Okay. For sport I was going to get the server to explain to me what the endame floating in the broth were. Too tired, maybe next time.

Yesterday for lunch, the most asian spot in the universe. Parker Place Mall food court. Parker Place makes Hong Kong look like Tswassen. Weirdest food court in the city. Nothing makes sense. Everything is similar. Had curry shrimp on rice. ordered a side of deep fried tofu, got a bowl of snow white cream of corn soup. Huge bowl of free soup. Three kernals in the whole thing, tasty super corny. Had so much cornstarch that a skin coagulated on the top that would have supported at least one of my children. Plus it was enough food for a family of four. Families of Chinese looked at me with leering disgust reserved for gluttons.

Lunch today was at the food court of the Richmond Market. Totally superb bowl of Laksa. Roti prata on the side. Waaay more food than I need, but I'm in a bad mood. Quit smoking three months ago, I'd literally kill for a cigarette, plus got called into the principals office at pre-school. Seems the Talent children are acting up. How old do you have to be before being accepted to a boarding school?

Feenies tonight.

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Continuing "better" greek place other than Stepho:

1. Mediterranean Grill on Denman St (our favorite) 604.689.1112 --- we usually share a plate of Roast Lamb or lamb shank, comes with greek salad (cucumber, cheese, olive oil) and rice. Set us back for around CAD$7.99 without tips. It's located on Denman, right by the English Bay hotel if memory serves me correctly (and just imagine the "chairman" taking a bite out of the crispy pepper with his puckish glance)

2. White Tower on Robson St --- located next to Hon's. Similar deal with number 1.

3. Kalypso on Robson St --- on the second floor across from Tsunami sushi, which is above Rocky mountain chocolate.

oh no... the chocolate thought casually flirt back into my head... waffle cone chocolate caramel... have anyone ever bought their dog biscuit covered with white chocolate? my hubby said the white chocolate tastes like people's food. tee..hee.. :raz:

Chemically speaking, chocolate really is the world's perfect food. --Michael Levine, nutrition researcher

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Wow, I have not eaten out much lately. Aside from the Chambar night, some take home Thai Away Home (gawd what such a creature of habit), and several "coffee and a ____"s at Artigiano, SBC and X (yes that would be Starbucks!), I've been dry until...

Lunch today at HSG

First off, I absolutely did not mean to ditch out on Moosh and the crew, but the timing didn't quite work for me (dang work thing). But I was in Yaletown so I managed to console myself instead by quickly swinging by Barbara Joe's to pick up an EAT, then on to try the infamous lamb & yam. The distinct smell really hit me when the plate was set down (very good thing); juicy, lamby, and I would have sworn there was mint in there, but Neil said no. Maybe oregano? Anyway it was seasoned nicely. Thank God I pulled in before the tour bus, thus making for a relatively quick meal.

The chef tried to sell me a gingerbread pudding too, but sadly I had to decline with thanks. Again time was of the essence, plus napping at work is frowned upon :sad: . Next time.

Edited to add: aioli was great too! :smile:

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Even though I haven't accumulated three more restaurants in the roughly 24 hours since I last posted, I just HAD to post where I ate lunch today.

Lunch today was courtesy of the Air Canada Flight Kitchen at the airport. I was attending an event that Air Canada put on for it's most frequent flyers (of which, sadly, I am one of), and lunch was catered by the same people who make the in-flight meals.

Everyone got a selection of roast beef, chicken or salmon, served by one of the Flight Attendant instructors in full Air Canada uniform (at least he didn't pull the trays out of a rolling metal cart). I had the overcooked and tough roast beef, and had a bite of my neighbour's overcooked and tough salmon. Rice noodles, a side salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing and one slice of roasted zucchini filled out the plate. It was even served on a little plastic tray, but at least we got a real knife.

It just wasn't the same without having my knees crushed up against the seat in front of me and watching a movie on a screen the size of a paperback.

Fortunately, dinner saved the day. I took the group of frequent flyers to the HSG for dinner and to enjoy Neil's hospitality. The HSG never disappoints - top notch food with no pretension.

I snuck in early for an appetizer (as for some reason I wasn't very full after my lunch :rolleyes: ). The Black and Blue Ahi Tuna was great - who knew I liked cajun spices? My official appetizer was Oven roasted tomato soup that was rich and flavourful. My main was a Grilled Wild salmon filet with a red pepper and shrimp risotto. There was a brochette of garlic prawns alongside, as well. Dessert was a tasting plate with biscotti, creme brule, a star anise fruit and a chocolate-covered strawberry. Terrific meal, and even better given that Neil's kitchen was feeding a room of 25 people plus a Friday night rush out front. Two thumbs up.

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.


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You guys reccomend kim phung a lot for pho. Now unless I was there on a very off day, I'd have to disagree. This is not good pho. First, the color of the broth should be clear or close to clear, not brown. Further, the flavor of the broth should be meaty first and spicy second. I'm not using spicy here to connote heat, but the presence of a lot of spices.

The best pho I have had in Vancouver so far has been Pho Van at fraser and 18th.

I wanna say something. I'm gonna put it out there; if you like it, you can take it, if you don't, send it right back. I want to be on you.

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Air Canada frequent diners club? I'm suitably wowed... :shock:

wonder if Cara foods serves up meals for the board meetings like the Spam company is reputed to do?

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Stepho's for dinner on Tues.  Okay - this place really baffles me.  It is food value run amok.  Got there about 5:30 and there was line up already.  WTF!?  Big platefuls of rice and lamb etc...  Again - that feeling of trying choke back mouthfuls of tasteless cotton. I don't mean to sound cruel - but why put food like that in your body?  It just seems so unthinking - like cows at the trough.

It is the same phenomenon which created line ups at Chianti for a couple of years while across the street Portobello served real Italian food, with a real winelist, good service a wood burning oven and tablecloths for roughly $5 a head more.

"some of the people all of the time."

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''Wine is a beverage to enjoy with your meal, with good conversation, if it's too expensive all you talk about is the wine.'' Bill Bowers - The Captain's Tavern, Miami

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I've eaten out way too much in the past week...

I had a burger and fries at Brown's with Burger Club. I've had the hainan chicken and beef brisket with curry at Mui Garden (delicious as always, but I wish the curry was heated up longer), the juicy pork dumplings, fried radish cake, pan-fried dumplings, and hot and sour soup at Shanghai Wind (probably my best lunch this week--I think the juicy pork dumplings are better than the ones at Bao Guo Bu Yi, and I could easily have made a meal of a few of those crispy radish (Daikon) cakes! The pan-fried dumplings were just OK, but the hot and sour soup was also very tasty--good balance of heat/sourness, and very hearty with all the tofu and wood ear mushrooms. I had a rather unfortunate dinner at Moxie's...I ordered a steak "as rare as possible, please!" and it came medium... I went to Hapa Izakaya and had way too many drinks. My favourite dishes were the Kobe beef, the fried chicken wings, and the beef tongue (then again, who doesn't like tongue? :raz: ). I went to Earl's for wine and dessert--I had the chocolate sticky toffee pudding because I made a sticky toffee pudding this week and I wanted to try a chocolate version (IMO, not as good, because the dates in the cake muddle the chocolate flavour). Yesterday afternoon I dropped by for lunch at Ocean 6 Seventeen and thought the fries I pilfered from Mr. Moosh's plate were particularly good--quite brown, just the way I like them. Also, the steak with chimichurri sauce tasted every bit as delicious as it looks in the pictures Joie posted last week. Last night, I was at the BMW dealership for their open bar and food. It was catered by Glowbal, and my favourites were the dessert trays, particularly the chocolate gingerbread cookies (so moist!) and the risotto (they had a chef preparing risotto constantly, so it always hot and fresh...and the chef recognized me because I had like 5 plates of it! :shock::laugh: ) It was a mushroom risotto, heavy on the butter and parm, and topped with shaved black truffles. Other highlights were the mushroom strudel and the crab cakes. They also had a raw oyster bar, courtesy of Joe Fortes. I also got incredibly drunk...I think I was pretty much constantly drunk this whole week! :laugh:

Oops, almost forgot....I also had an awesome dinner at Yuji's. My favourite was the grilled beef tongue and the otoro, flounder fin (endgawa?), and the sashimi platter. And let's not forget fried, jumbo prawn heads with a squirt of lemon. :wub:

I should mention that I ate at Moxie's because a friend wanted to...please don't kick me off Egullet. The food was punishment enough.

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Last one was Tojo's, a memorable experience. I had a five pm reservation last thursday. I got there at 4:45 and was greeted at the door by a lovely kimono clad woman who seated me at the sushi bar and I began my omakase experience. First course was albacore sashimi in a soy/sesame/wasabi marinade served very cold, very refreshing. Next dish was a deep fried, breaded shitake mushroom served in a dashi (not sure of this) with a fake bread crumb stem, best shitake I have ever had. Then there were a number of sushi's, the fames california roll topped with a slice of raw scallop and herring roe, sushi wrapped in crepe, cones filled with asparagus, shrimp, rice and what tasted like homade thousand island dressing. Then came the black cod, (sable fish) mango, and mushrooms wrapped in cedar and baked in a paper envelope. It was served with a slice of lime and I was told to open the envelope, squeeze the lime in and enjoy the aroma. The black cod was perfectly cooked and blended well with the mango and mushroom. After that I tried a few more sushi's, smoked salmon and bluefin. My final main dish was big eye tuna flash fried in a light batter with seaweed shavings, very meaty and filling it also came with some veggies, I was getting full at this point so I decided to have one piece of uni and call it a day. I also had the complimentary dessert of green tea ice cream and fruit. Tax and one beer included was $116.00 cdn.

Second last was Hamilton Street Grill for a glass of shiraz and a calabrese sandwich. The sandwich was made from garlic toast layered with sliced bocancinni, salad greens and dressed with reduced balsamic vinagarette and served with more greens on the side, light and refreshing. $8.00 for the sandwich.

One before that was oysters and Guiness at Joe Fortes. I chose Kurimoto oysters and they were great, less minerally than eastern oysters but still with that great ocean taste, nice texture too ($17.95 cdn for the oysters + beer)

Now that I am back in the creek I can only look forward to my next trip down to lotus land. :biggrin:

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Umami - the ahi tuna spring rolls have now become a craving.

The Reef - pork tenderloin (marinated in jerk sauce) with rice and slaw; it hit the spot, but I was soooooo thirsty later (quite salty sauce); place was really busy for a Monday night.

Banano's - beef enchilidas; not really familiar with Mexican/Venezuelan food so can't rate this other than saying I really liked it. Way better than Topanga Cafe and closer to home.

"One chocolate truffle is more satisfying than a dozen artificially flavored dessert cakes." Darra Goldstein, Gastronomica Journal, Spring 2005 Edition

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Dario's--we shared a prosciutto appetizer, and a platter filled with various Italian meats, fish, and grilled vegetables. The pickled white beet was my favourite. For our mains, lunch mafia shared the veal canneloni (my favourite--shredded pieces of veal encased in a tender pasta, and smothered in a creamy, cheesy tomato sauce), veal topped with capers, anchovies, and tomato, chicken breast with mushrooms, and prawns with a white wine sauce.

Urban Bites for a quick dinner. This was my first time here, and I thought the food was great and reasonably priced. I had the poached salmon (moist), with came with a grated daikon and fennel salad (yes, I ate vegetables and I enjoyed them :huh: ). The salad was dressed with grapefruit vinagrette. I also had their blueberry cheesecake--kind of in-between a dense NY style and the fluffy stuff they have at Cheesecake Etc.


The Winjjammer Inn for a grease-fest. I had the halibut and onion rings, and 2 of my friend's fried oysters. And then we had the deep-fried Mars bar.

Relish: we needed some alcohol after all that grease, so we went drinking...originally, I had wanted to go Ginger 62, but the line-up was :wacko: I drank a few glasses of the Oysterbay Sauv. Blanc. Friends drank cocktails and beer.

Cactus Club take-out. My sister's bf works here and he bought over a huge (maybe 11"?) pecan tart that he bought for only $6. He said that they were getting rid of the tarts b/c they weren't going to be on the dessert menu anymore. So here I was, drunk, faced with the biggest pecan tart I'd ever seen. I grabbed a fork and ate almost half of it. :shock: And this is after the fish and chips! I rarely disgust myself with my eating habits, but last night.... :raz: (I had 2 more slices of that tart for lunch today, in case anyone's interested. :wink: )

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Working backwards...

Dinner with Ian and Noah this evening at Pondok Indonesia on Commercial Drive. As with Chinese food, I always prefer dining at Pondok with a larger group of people so that we can sample a greater variety of dishes; however, the rijsttafel is always a good way to go when we're smaller in numbers.


Ricetable #1

Starting at the top, there's Pangsit Goreng (crispy wonton stuffed with minced chicken & shrimp served with sweet and sour sauce), Rendang Sapi (spicy beef prepared with Indonesian herbs and coconut milk), Orak Arik (stirfried cabbage, carrots and either tofu or egg with garlic and herbs) and Ayam Panggang (barbecued chicken marinated with Indonesian style sauce). All menu descriptions are quoted from Pondok's website. Tiger beer for Ian, mango cider for me and mango juice for Noah.

Saturday Afternoon Tea at The Fish House in Stanley Park. I'll post my photos and comments in the next day or two on the "Sweets And The City" thread.

An impromptu dinner with Ian on Friday night at the Living Room Bistro on West 4th Avenue, where we were warmly greeted by fellow eGulleter easy (Erik Mathany). Why do people insist on lining up for a seat at Milestone's rather than choosing to dine at a neighbourhood restaurant just two doors away? It never ceases to amaze me. I ordered the prosciutto and sorrel wrapped Halibut with truffled mushroom risotto and olive oil poached tomatoes; Ian had the rosemary-dijon crusted Rack of Lamb with Provencal ratatouille, sweet potato-potato pave and mint herb jus. Admittedly, our minds were more focused on our "date night" conversation rather than the food. :rolleyes: Nice flavours in both our dishes... I did find my halibut a shade oversalted, but perhaps my palate was off that evening.

Friday lunch with Vancouver Lee, canucklehead and Ling at Dario's La Piazza Ristorante in the Italian Cultural Centre on West 12th Avenue. Talk about a little slice of Northern Italy. In the spirit of democratic eating, we ordered family style. Lee-Squared ordered a bowl of the daily soup special each: loaded with swiss chard and kale in a wonderfully flavoured clear broth... to me, highly reminiscent of soups that came out of my Mom's kitchen. Appetizers were prosciutto and a plate of the house antipasti which included kalamari, assorted olives, white beet pickles (no one could figure out what these wonderfully tasty things were), grilled zucchini and red bell peppers, salami and various types of pickled fish. Ling's taken care of the main course descriptions. Suffice it to say, copious quantities of delicious, wholly authentic Italian food.

My very first visit to Kintaro for Wednesday lunch with Daddy-A, Yummy and canucklehead. We arrived 15 minutes early; five minutes after the doors opened at noon, the place was slammed with a lineup out the door and people doing the face-squish peering into the window. Sorry, no gratuitous crotch shot of Lee's spilled water; in its place, I offer up a photo of some very tasty gyoza and my bowl of ramen.


Miso Ramen with an extra boiled egg

Lovely broth, not too salty, but the noodles are the definite star of the show. Perfectly cooked with just the right amount of 'bite'. I like the fact that you can choose the level of fattiness for both the broth and the pork; mine was medium broth, light pork. As Lee said, a great lunch on a cool, cloudy afternoon.

Joie Alvaro Kent

"I like rice. Rice is great if you're hungry and want 2,000 of something." ~ Mitch Hedberg

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Friday afternoon lunch with the Mafia at Dario's, already well documented above.

Saturday night dinner at Incendio West, in an attempt to quell the sudden huge pizza craving I developed immediately upon seeing the CLOSED sign in the window at Da Francesco's. My Montreal pizza (salami, green peppers and mushrooms) with extra cheese was good, but unfortunately didn't quite do it. The room was very very noisy and hot, too, which didn't help the experience. The quest for great pizza continues....

Sunday lunch with the family was at our local White Spot at the request of the six-year old in our household. Inexplicably, the siren song of the Pirate Pack is a big draw for the primary school set. :biggrin: Having been raised in Toronto, I hold no childhood sentimentality for White Spot, a fact I suspect I will regret more and more as my son develops a taste for eating away from home...

Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else.


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