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Truth be told: Where've you eaten lately? (Part 1)


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It's time to 'fess up. Name the last 3 restaurants that you've dined at and tell us about the standout dish(es) of that meal. Yes, that includes fast food and quick work lunches. And no padding your answers!

Let's see. In reverse order:

  • Hamilton Street Grill just last night, where we enjoyed the fine hospitality of the illustrious Neil Wyles and reveled in the decadence of Warm Gingerbread Pudding. Needless to say, we'll be regulars just for that dessert. I'm jonesing for another helping already.
  • Dim sum at Shanghai Chinese Bistro, upstairs on Alberni just off of Thurlow. Spicy Wontons. Need I say more. And the best mango pudding in the city.
  • Guu with Garlic. Cozy goodness on the night of a torrential downpour. Never having tried raw scallops, we were pleasantly surprised at the sweet, tender taste of their Scallop Carpaccio.

Next in line?

Joie Alvaro Kent

"I like rice. Rice is great if you're hungry and want 2,000 of something." ~ Mitch Hedberg

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Lunch today - a new sushi place in White Rock (can't remember the name, doesn't matter 'cause I won't go back). Food was mediocre; table next to us had annoying, demanding couple with crying baby.

Lunch yesterday - Saigon Viet Star in Richmond for Vietnamese sub. Awesome! See my delerious raving here.

Dinner last Sunday at Trishna Tandoori Tempatations on 120th St in Surrey. "Funky" place upstairs in a strip mall. Food was pretty good, but there are better spots. We ended up there after trying to go to Mahek (also on 120th) but it's gone! (Anyone know what happened to it?)

I know a man who gave up smoking, drinking, sex, and rich food. He was healthy right up to the day he killed himself. - Johnny Carson
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Yuji's Japanese Tapas last night. The wait at Vij's was 2 hours at 8:30 so we phoned around ahd luckily Yuji had a table for us. Grilled Sayori with smoked sea salt was the perfect match to the much needed pint of draught. They had sold out of mirugai (geoduck) so we had to settle for some top notch honmaguro flown in from Japan. The oily texture of the fish was a perfect match to the chilled sake.

Wednesday evening was Connie's Cookhouse on West 4th. Needed a quick Chinese fix after a day of meetings meetings and more meetings. No hunger pangs an hour later as I was fast asleep in front of the TV. I don't know whether I prefer the Chinese Dry Ribs at Connie's or the Leroy's Ribs at Earl's.

Hamilton Street Grill at the end of last week. Unfortunately, no sign of Chef Wyles but not to worry, the New York steak was top notch even in the owner's absence. I've had my share of top quality USDA Choice grade beef but CAB is right up there with the best offerings south of the border. What a match to the J. Lohr. When I need a protein hit, I'm there. Oh and great service staff too. -m

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1. Koutouki Ouzeria

Taverna style lamb. Slow roasted typical "melt in ones mouth"lamb served with lemon potatoes. Greek salad.

Great Greek red wine and a side order for me of their grilled octopus.

2. Four Rooms

Bulgogi with good rice and a liberal serving of kim chee. More fusion than typically Korean in style but very good. Tender beef, good rice, excellent kim chee.

3. Wild Tangerine

Started with their "killer" popsicle shrimps with wasabi mayonaise and then the grilled octopus salad....outstanding!

Edmonton not Van

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1. Earl's late last night after my evening kitchen shift. Not too much is open late in the White Rock/South Surrey area. It did the trick.

2. Dinner last Sunday at Trishna Tandoori Temptations (see Jeffy Boy post).

3. Dinner two Saturdays ago at Cru. Had an awesome meal - it was my first time there. I really (really!) enjoyed the Duck Confit. I had eaten at the Cellar Door Bistro in the OK when Chef Dana Reinhardt worked there and also had an amazing meal. The Cellar Door Bistro isn't quite the same since she left.

Support your local farmer

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Yesterday, drove down to the wharf to check out Go Fish. It was pouring rain and it didn't look open. Is it? (Too lazy to get out of the car to ask.) Went to Vera's Burgers on Davie St. Initially went to the one on Cornwall, but they claimed their washroom was out of order (it's somewhere in the kitchen, I think) and my husband desperately needed one so we left. It really doesn't look like they have a washroom for their customers there. Don't all food places need to have a washroom? Anyway, the one on Davie is much bigger and cleaner which makes the burgers taste better, IMO.

Tropika takeout...Mee Goreng and Terung Udang Kering (eggplant dish). Always very satisfied with the food. (Cambie and 14th)

Secret Garden Teahouse in Kerrisdale for lunch. Nice fresh soups and sandwiches. Had their tomato soup and a roasted turkey sandwich on multigrain with cranberry relish.

"One chocolate truffle is more satisfying than a dozen artificially flavored dessert cakes." Darra Goldstein, Gastronomica Journal, Spring 2005 Edition

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Unfortunately, no sign of Chef Wyles but not to worry, the New York steak was top notch even in the owner's absence.

I can't imagine a time when I am not there ! It feels like I am there all the time...days blend into the next........glad to know things were fine when I was out of the building.

Ok , to the meat of the matter - the last three restaurants I was at.

Joan and I went to Seattle for a quick overnight without the kids.

P.F. Changs China bistro for a beer and a quick bite while shopping. Lettuce wrap - always good and fresh , mini ribs , tasty and some shrimp dumplings .

Then back on the shopping trail.

Dinner at Oceanaire that night. Nice. but in hindsight I would have preferred to go something a little different like Restaurant Zoe or Flying Fish but we go there whenever we go to Seattle and wanted to try something different. Always go with the first instinct. Next time

And prior to that , Chambar, which has been discussed at length on this board.

Can't wait to go for dinner. Are they open on Sundays ?

We are doing a thing at the Dr. Peter Center tonight and want to have dinner afterwards as we have the babysitter until 11:00

Edited by nwyles (log)

Neil Wyles

Hamilton Street Grill


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Mrs Coop is working in PA. this month so no where exciting:

Red Onion for burgers on way to airport to pick up Mrs Coop, who is home to do laundry. It was pretty good.

Osteria Napoli for pasta one night during week. Pretty awful really.

Kim Phung for Pho one day during the week.

Chef next time you are in Seattle you should try Union.

Edited by Coop (log)

David Cooper

"I'm no friggin genius". Rob Dibble


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I think that Chambar is open Sunday night--give them a call.

My last three meals out:

Coincidentally, Chambar Friday night, where we had a platter of moules, a delicious composed salad, steak frites and aioli and several Belgian beers. We arrived early and watched the restaurant and bar fill quickly--they're doing well.

Saturday morning, 10am, Jericho Tennis Club for a double crab omelette and to chat with a local chef in front of the dramatic view. Too early to take advantage of the exceptional, subsidized wine list, where no bottle (and there are many interesting ones) is marked up more than $7, which I gauge to be exceptionally humane.

Saturday afternoon, 4pm and 5:15pm, two hot dogs at Fall Into Art (a benefit for the Vancouver Police Department) at the Belkin's residence in Southlands, purveyed by Hot Dawgs, the people who have that quality stand outside The Future Shop. Their Vermont Castings BBQ (I have total respect for a man who has a trailer hitch and tail-lights on his BBQ) lit up a jumbo--so good I returned for another an hour later. Delicious, and I had to ponder that age-old question: Do hot dogs qualify as ethnic food?

Great topic, Mooshmouse.


from the thinly veneered desk of:

Jamie Maw

Food Editor

Vancouver magazine


Foodblog: In the Belly of the Feast - Eating BC

"Profumo profondo della mia carne"

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Just got back from breakfast/lunch at the Slocan, (Hastings and Slocan). This great diner is everything a good restaurant should be (at any level): clean, cheerful, efficient, good quality ingredients, good value. You can always tell a good diner by the quality of it's bacon, and the turkey in the clubhouse is real and fresh.

Last Tuesday after a Fringe show, visited Vij's. I really like the place and Vikram is an incredible host, but I'm never "wow'd" by the food. It's very good, but I guess with all the constant hype, Van Mag awards, and buzz here on egullet I expect more excitement on the plate. Service was indifferent. Plus, all the meats were drastically overcooked. A bit pricey too considering the small plates mostly consisting of vegetables and rice.

A couple of evenings earlier, we ate at Typhoon (Not Monsoon!) on Main and 10th -ish. and the food was fabulous! The server was experienced, knowledgable and warm, pretty much running the room by herself. The wine selection was limited but interesting and appropriate to the menu. Food was vibrant with flavour and the bill came to $73.00 with two glasses plus a half litre of Riesling, and five dishes, which provided leftovers for lunch the following day. I've been spreading the word ever since.

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The last three places I ate out at.... hmmm...

I've been eating in a lot lately so this is going to test what memory I have left...

starting with the most recent:

Rays Boat House: Black cod Sake Kasu w/edamame, shiitakes, radish sprouts, citrus sauce and shiso oil and a side of white rice.

Bizzarro's in Wallingford: Gnocchi w/gorgonzola cream sauce and chopped walnuts. Gornut salad. (I was smelling pretty ripe at the end of this meal)

Denny's: Country fried steak w/scrambled eggs, hash brown potatoes, exra side of hash browns and biscuit.

I'm sure there is something in between Bizzarro's and Denny's but I can't remember.

"Live every moment as if your hair were on fire" Zen Proverb

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Does eating at Taste of the City count as eating out? And if so, so I count it as one experience or several? I'll let my feelings on the event be known in the appropriate thread, but to quote Mooshmouse - "meh".

(1) Pho Thy for bahn mi

(2) Tropika for Curry Laksa (a regular lunch haunt for me ... right acroos the street from the office!)

(3) Subway with my kids after swimming. I particularly enjoyed the Sweet Onion sauce, and those cookies! MMMMMM ... full of wholesome cookie goodness.

I agree ... great thread Moosh!


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I so miss the food in Vancouver. Living in the North just isn't the same. However - the three places I last ate (other than home - and we've been eating in a lot too):

Alpenhorn Bistro (Smithers): Dinner - Goat cheese parcels with portabello mushrooms & apricot (I think) sauce; turkey club with cranberry & garlic mayo (you said no padding, and they don't call it aioli on the menu). Good, as usual.

Sun Sui Wah on Main - we were in Vancouver to deal with the dog :wacko: - dim sum, what else - excellent pork belly - man, I miss dim sum;

Alpenhorn Bistro (again) - Dinner - Smoked Salmon & Spinach aglolotti in a lemon-mustard cream sauce, baked smoked salmon dip to start.

Can't wait to try Chambar next time we're in town ...

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fun topic :biggrin:

1. Thursday night: Liu's (Taiwanese restaurant next to Richmond Sushi) for their super crispy fried chicken legs. Also had green onion pancakes with beef inside.

2. Thursday lunch: $3.40 (tax included) got me a chicken samosa and a huge date bar from The Deli at UBC. (I love their date bars! They have a ton of struesel topping and an extra thick cookie base.)

3. last Sunday night: Bean Bros. in Kerrisdale. I had the chicken waldorf salad and an Americano. Nothing special.

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It's great to see everyone having so much fun with this topic! Best part is that you can re-post a reply as soon as you hit your next 3 restaurant quota. Having exchanged my overwrought working life in the business world for 24-hour-a-day working life with my son here at home, we don't dine out nearly as often as we used to. This is my way of vicariously enjoying the local dining scene and a means of reminding me which restaurants I either need to schedule a return visit to or try next. Clearly, Chambar is on many of our "to eat" lists.

Red Onbion for burgers on way to airport to pick up Mrs Coop, who is home to do laundry. I t was pretty good.

2. Thursday lunch: $3.40 (tax included) got me a chicken samosa and a huge date bar from The Deli at UBC. (I love their date bars! They have a ton of struesel topping and an extra thick cookie base.)

Reminds me of my university days. Red Onion for burgers or hot dogs after a night studying (well, sleeping) in the Main Stacks. Yes, Jamie, hot dogs certainly qualify as ethnic food -- at least they do in my small universe. And Ling, I also lived at The Deli. Best cheap made-to-order sandwiches and samosas on campus.

Last Tuesday after a Fringe show, visited Vij's.  I really like the place and Vikram is an incredible host, but I'm never "wow'd" by the food.  It's very good, but I guess with all the constant hype, Van Mag awards, and buzz here on egullet I expect more excitement on the plate.  Service was indifferent. Plus, all the meats were drastically overcooked.  A bit pricey too considering the small plates mostly consisting of vegetables and rice.

Eatbc, next time try Rangoli which is directly adjacent to Vij's? Great food at a fraction of Vij's prices; hence, much easier to justify. Their Lamb in Saag platter is great, as are their Eggplant and Cauliflower Fritters (read pakoras) and their Mango Lassis.

Does eating at Taste of the City count as eating out?  And if so, so I count it as one experience or several?  I'll let my feelings on the event be known in the appropriate thread, but to quote Mooshmouse - "meh".

And, finally, "meh". In my books, the perfect onomatopoeiac description of mediocrity... you don't need to waste any more syllables than is merited. Forgot about our planned visit to Taste on Saturday, but am glad that we didn't miss much.

Joie Alvaro Kent

"I like rice. Rice is great if you're hungry and want 2,000 of something." ~ Mitch Hedberg

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Whole Foods :biggrin: (new high-end super market opened at Park Royal in West Van)

Stencilled Chocolates...made by...they didn't know. Names of the chocolates...one was Lemon Thyme, the other had gold leaf but they didn't know what it was called...tasty though, chocolate ganache with gold leaf?. Only open since Tuesday, so I'm sure product knowledge with increase as they get used to their new jobs and surroundings. Incredible store...along the same lines as Urban Fare in Yaletown...but more impressive. There is a wood fired pizzeria, high end bakery, gourmet take out counter, stunning vegetable displays (about 95% organic), seafood department with just about any type of seafood you can imagine (for a price of course), organic meat department (mostly from Australian I think, but don't quote me on that). They will be ordering in more and more BC products once they get a bit more organized.

Down side, the place has been a zoo ever since it opened. I popped in to get pastries today and after seeing the 8 deep line ups at the check-outs, changed my mind. Should calm down in a week or so once their grand opening is over.

Grouse Mountain Observatory Restaurant :sad:

We had company from Europe and it was a sunny day. Had heard that the menu had been brought up to pare with the view so we made reservations for dinner.

The ink squid risotto quenelles resembled something quite unappetizing and tasted about the same. The scallops were delicious, but the sauce killed it, tasted like it had vinegar in it....and I don't mean balsamic. Rack of lamb came with the inch high fat cap still in place. I had a bite of my son-in-laws pheasant and that was the best of the bunch. Never going back.

Tojo's :biggrin:

Had the $75.00 tasting menu, excellent as always. Fresh Toro was astounding, albeit a little pricey at $79.00 for eight buttery slices. Ouch!

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This is so absolutely frusterating.......it is 1:30 pm and behind me I have fridges full of chantrelle mushrooms, beef tenderloin, venison, oestra caviar, oysters, cowichan valley duck breast that has been smoked, calabrese salami, rabbit as well as ling cod, sablefish, salmon, halibut which are all in rigamortus stage of fresheness - but I want to go out where someone can cook me something different - I'd even go for wing night - so if I could, this is where I would go:

1) My kitchen / front end staff is in the process of figuring out how many courses we can do at West on October 29th - after reading their menu on-line tonight I want to go asap - it will be a hell of a dinner.

2) I grew up working in a Japanese owned restaurant in Nanaimo, The Grotto - the owner was a friend of Tojo and I heard so much of this man during my youth - I worked at the Grotto for 6 years - I am embarassed that I haven't been to Tojo's to do do the Omakse (sp?).

Edited by paul mitchell (log)
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In the last week :

Dinner at Montri's where we had the spicy beef salad and the Montri's house special curry (requested with chicken) served over a big bed of wilted spinach. Both of these dishes never fail to hit the spot after a long day.

Lunch at Cassis on Pender where I had the Ceasar salad and Coq au Vin both of which were ok but nothing to make me go running back. I should have tried one of the pizzas instead. My first choice was Chambar but alas they don't open for lunch until Sept 27. Cassis is a nice little spot though and a nice addition to the area.

Dinner at Pair Bistro on W. 10th. App. was Lamb Chorizo on sauteed mixed mushrooms and for my main the Brown Pear, Pecan and Cambazola Risotto which was a tad small but tasty. All that with a nice glass of Tinhorn Cab Franc.

My only complaint was the lack of bread which they don't offer. I held off on dessert as they are outsourcing until a new pastry chef comes on board.

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Don't eat ot much, but:

Friday, Lunch at Hon's

Wonton, BBQ pork, noodle soup

Two weeks ago, the roast lamb dinner takeout from Appolonia,

Lamb, salad, pita, tzaziki, rice, potatoes-perfect dinner for two.

Two months ago some place at Port Sidney, can't remember the name. Grilled chicken breast with sundried tomatoes, on a whole wheat roll. Couple of Margaritas.

< Linda >

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Great topic idea.

Saturday - restaurant at the Poet's Cove Resort on Pender Island - can't remember the name, maybe Aurora. Mediocre would be generous - bouillabaise with overcooked and skimpy seafood.

Friday morning - oatmeal and tea at the Coast Inn of the North in Prince George - Quaker Quick oats.

Wednesday night - take out from Kam's on Davie. I can't remember what we had but it was bad - very soggy and greasy.



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Hmmmn so much good food so much little time!

Ok, Last Friday went to Chambar, very good, the tuna salad, and the steak en frites and the smae as jamie with numerous belgian beer

This Friday went to Bin 941, had the brie and poached pear, as well as the homuus and the Beef Wellington, which was so tasty esp. for a cold and rainy night

Saturday , Won More.. ooh my favorite sechuan in the city, we had the Dry Ginger Beef, Beef and tofu with hot garlic sauce, Chicken with Chillli and Peanuts, Mixed Veggie with fired noodle and black bean sauce, Roasted squid, Rock salted shrimp and Mu Shu Pork(Spelling?) and it was soooo good! i kicked my husband out and all the girls over, so the sechuan, the wine.. half stayed over the night! ;)

And today Shabusan.. all you can eat.. gluttony.. not that great of Japanese, but always eat too much anyhow and yes feel sick.. just can't stop myself!


"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well."

-Virginia Woolf

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Just had lunch at Urban Sushi (next to Keg Caesar). This little underground spot had an extreme makeover earlier this summer - I like the lacquered tree stumps as stools. Even though the decor is updated, the food is still the same mediocre stuff. Had Combo 1: assorted tempura (with 2 prawns), salad, gyoza (3 pcs) and one California Roll - $6.75. It's close to work and fills me up.

A light bite at Milestone's on Robson with a friend last night. When you can't decide where to go, it's always easy to end up at Milestone's or Earl's. Had a beer and shared the Thai Noodle Salad (bland) and Spicy Drummetts (salty).

Last Tuesday went to La Ragalade with our monthly Dine-Out group. It was pouring, but the place was packed! Great hearty food, cozy warm ambiance and friendly service. We each ordered something different (tender veal breast, beef stewed with vegetables and mushrooms, chicken in tangy citron sauce and lamb) put them in the middle and shared everything. We were so full and had leftovers to take home. Very good value $155 for 4 (including wine by the glass and beer).

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In reverse order;

Saturday night we went to a friends (new) house in Surrey. First, I swear on Vij's Lamb Popsicles, or whatever you may hold holy that new houses in Surrey now come equpted from the builder with a grow op room rather than a suite as a mortgage helper, few simple reno's and you could have a nice meth lab instead. We got takeout from Green Lettuce at the corner of 64th and Scott Road. My second time trying their "hakka cuisine" (I use the quotes because nowhere else on earth do they refer to that style of food as Hakka except Vancouver). The restaurant specializes in chinese by way of Bombay. Liked it better the first time than I did this weekend, it seemed to be essentially very average takeout chinese with a ton of cumin and cilatro added. I'd be very interested to know if anyone else has eaten here and what their thoughts are.

Saturday for lunch I took my daughters to the White Spot at Oakridge. It's always a joy to eat at White Spot because it's such a comedy act. From the pretend busyness, (just have a seat while we clear your table, when you can see half the restaurant is empty) to the service staff that seem to be suprised to discover people in their place of business that would like food brought to them, nothing runs smoothly at White Spot. I almost ordered an open face hot turkey sandwich, then remebered NEVER order anything other than a burger there, or you'll only have yourself to blame.

Tuesday dinner was at, hold on, get ready...Chuck E Cheese. Giant pizza rat and all. My daughters turned four on Tuesday, I came home and told them I would take them for dinner, where'd they want to go? Gyoza King they both shouted. Then I asked if they wanted to go to a fancy new big people restaurant that served the best fries in the city (Chambar), YEAH they screamed. Then I start thinking, "Keith, you selfish miserable bastard, your kids turn four exactly once and you want to drag them downtown to a place where they'll have to be quiet, sit nicely, not throw pizza at a giant rat, quit thinking of your own needs for once and try to do the right thing by your kids, there's plenty of time to celebrate birthdays at smart new restaurants." So i said, "Or...we could drive to Langley and go to Chuck E Cheese. Wife gives me a look that could kil plants. Kids go mental.

We started with chicken wings (NEW!! As the menu proudly proclaimed) that resembled...oh fuck it, there's no other substance in nature to create an analogy with, they are a material unto themselves. They do resmble chicken in shape however. Pizza is so bad it's incredible. Take a stale bagel, slice it in half, smear with ketchup, cheese whiz and sprinkle imitation bacon flavoured bits on top and you'd wish you were having that instead. It's weird how unappetizing it is. It's ten times worse than the cheapest frozen pizza's you'd eat as a kid (or serve your kids as the case may be). But at least the interior is too loud and too bright. Drank a mix of lemonade and 7-up from the serve yourself soda dispenser, that was good, and the slices of lemon added gave it a nice zip.

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On Saturday we went to check out Go Fish but it wasn't open yet. Instead, we headed upto Rangoli for a late lunch of Savoury Chaat and Lamb Curry.

For Friday lunch I went to Shogun on Hornby St. for some Wonton Soup. I think there are new owners since the last time I'd been, so it didn't seem quite the same (ie. no waitresses running around like crazy).

On Tuesday we headed out to Szechuan Chongqing at 12th and Commercial. We feasted on potstickers, spicy green beans, chili chicken with peanuts, pork and spinich, shrimp chow mein and hot and sour soup.

Clearly I need to be making a reservation for Chambar very soon.

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Pair - Nice local, bistro feel but they need to work on the consistency of the food quality. Food at the table: gorgonzola/pear risotto bland, dry and not very interesting; clam and mussels in a coconut broth. Could have been great but without bread to sop up the sauce it really didn't manage to leave an impression at all. The only bread was a biscotti-like fig anise bread which didn't make the mark. Crab cakes were deep fried and again no flavour to speak of and overpowered by the deep-fried taste. For mains, I had the beef shortribs. They were overwhelming salty and served in a bowl and thus were impossible to eat. The rest of the table had the NY steak which they enjoyed and declared to be cooked as ordered.


Lunch at Elixir. Excellent Tuna Nicoise salad and great bread which more than made up for the lack thereof the previous evening. Wonder where they get their bread. (Is Elixir a knock-off of Balthazar in NYC or did it just seem that way?)

Fast forward to Saturday and Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta and my first ever experience at a Legion (we were there to attend a wedding). Nothing to report with respect to food (in fact, less said the better) but my husband was in heaven because they were selling 18-year old Glenlivet for $4.65 an ounce. And the price included whatever passes for taxes in Alberta. Although he drank a lot of scotch I am happy to report that he didn't dance on the tables like the bride's sister.



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