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Wine and white truffles

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Andrea, welcome to eGullet.

Any thoughts on the varieties of Piedmonte wines that go well with white truffles? Or that conflict with truffles?

Thanks for sharing your expertise with us!

Jonathan Day

"La cuisine, c'est quand les choses ont le go�t de ce qu'elles sont."

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Hi Jonathan,

I think that the best match(if you have the possibility to" catch" a good white truffle from Alba)is white truffle on an egg,simply, or on a risotto or hand-made pasta(tajarin, for example).

The truffle taste is very strong, the parfume is powerful, you need a complex wine, tannic but balanced; I am sure that a 4-5 years old Barbaresco or Barolo will be wonderful on it.

Let me know!( or invite me when you will do it....)



Andrea Sottimano

Azienda Agricola Sottimano, Barbaresco (Neive)

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