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Personal Tastes

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Hi Gordon,

I usually drink wines from all over the world, I am very lucky to have some good friends with great cellars and .........great munificence!

In Italy I love old Barolo and Barbaresco, no matter the style( I saw a question about this, I will be more detailed there): A great Bruno Giacosa or Giacomo Conterno or Clerico( an amazing 89 two months ago....) or Gaja.

In Tuscany my preferences go to Brunello:Case Basse Soldera,Cerbaiona,Pacenti the first that came in my mind.

And then,Valentini and Masciarelli Montepulciano,Terre di Lavoro, Montevetrano

are wines that I love.

I love my region, the Langhe, and I love to go around to visit the others producers, but I often go to France too, I've got a lot of friend there, producers or not.

I've been in Bordeaux,Rhone,etc...,but only one place catch me everytime I go:Burgundy.

Every year I go there 3-4 times, and every time I enjoyed it a lot.

There are some producers that are good friend of mine, like Bernard Dugat-Py,Jean marc Roulot, Rossignol, Denis Mortet, Comte Armand's enologist Benjamin.

I love the power of the Charme of Dugat-PY, The Clos Vougeot of Denis Mortet,

the wines of Comte Armand, Comte Lafon( yesterday evening for a good friend of mine's anniversary a Great Volnay-Santenots 91),Leroy,Claude Dugat,Etc...

For the whites, no doubt: Chablis! Dauvissat and Ravenau on all, but also Billaud-Simon and Boudin.Of course the Mersault of Ramonet and Roulot are among the best wine in the world, for my tastes.



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