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Ellen, when Steven is addressed as Mr. Shapiro, that would be an "upgrade", would it not.

Ok, Stella's Burgers were, as I was told at that time, bulk Prime Beef (fore quarter only) was obtained from local slaughter house, ground multiple times a day as needed on the premises. A standard 20% fat content maintained, They said, that at grinding, a small amount of kosher salt was added (ground in), patties were six ounce and hand-shapen. And grilling done in frying pans, using rendered suet, but finishing them off in Butter. Buns were buttered and "Griddled". I never paid much attention to there toppings offerings as I am a purist and stick to lettuce, tomatoes, and then only when in season, and a bit of good mayo.

Hope they still do 'em that way.

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