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Creme Fraiche

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Lately, I've been going on a creme fraiche binge. I've been making it all summer and eating it on top of stuff and trying to get my hands on different recipes that use it (I especially like the brioche tart in Baking with Julia that uses it), but I'm running out of ideas.

What are your favorite ways to use creme fraiche? Do you top food with it? Mix things into it? Savory or sweet? Whipped?

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The only recipe I have every made that included Creme fraiche was a bell pepper soup. Simply cook sliced bell peppers in milk until soft and fragrant, then puree in blender, add s&p. Then add about a teaspoon of paprika to about a 1/2 cup of creme fraiche and whip. Serve soup hot with a dallop of paprika, creme fraiche mouse on top

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chipotle creme fraiche.

corn-off-the-cob, sauteed with pancetta, enriched with creme fraiche.

creme fraiche stirred into soup, just before serving.

creme fraiche instead of sour cream in stroganoff (more heat-stable, less breaking/curdling.)

ever-so-slightly sweetened, beaten creme fraiche with fresh raspberries and blueberries. or with flourless chocolate cake.

a ramekin of creme fraiche, and one of brown sugar, and a basket of strawberries.

mmmmm, creme fraiche....i owe 30 lbs to it!

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i made a mixture of creme fraiche and red onions for a soup garnish and its soooo good as a dip also! just mix almost equal parts creme and fine diced red onions,,,salt,,touch of mustard and horseradish.. mmmmmmmmmmm,,,bring on the chips! :blink:

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Creme fraiche atop scrambled eggs or a French omlette then topped with caviar or roe.

With lime zest, coriander and chopped chiles as a dip for grilled shrimp.

Atop mashed potatoes with snipped chives and tarragon.

With rosti.

etc etc etc

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After making the pseudo-Strawberry Shortcake from "The French Laundry Cookbook", I have fallen in love with the sweetened Creme Fraiche sauce that went with it. We have since used it on ice cream, strawberry sorbet and hell, eaten it alone with a spoon. All it included was the creme fraiche, a small amount of sugar, and the seeds from a vanilla bean. Warm it up and it's heaven.


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I use crème fraîche regularly to finish sauces. Whenever I make whipped cream I use half heavy cream (the real stuff - not the ultra-pasteurized garbage) and half crème fraîche. It gives a deliciously nutty flavor to the whipped cream

Ruth Friedman

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Also very good as a filling base for tarts with eggs and sugar. I recently deposited a raspberry creme fraiche tart recipe on RecipeGullet. It adds reallly nice taste compared to just using cream.

(RecipeGullet is down temporarily since the SW upgrade, but is said to back up be soon).

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