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went a couple weeks ago. didn't really even look at the menu. 3 of 4 of us had venison b/c of the legend. ordered before our coats were off.

if you roll into the cambie liquor store you can save the chambar ticket price on grand cru or dutchesse. i recommend having a few of these in the parkade across the street from the restaurant and ordering an extra venison. plus the bottles sound cool tipping over, echoing on the cement. rolling.

the tall guy in the suit at the door is not to be trusted. after i threw him the keys to the justy he double parked it and stole my hammer tapes.

but the venison is worth it.

Drew Johnson

bread & coffee

i didn't write that book, but i did pass 8th grade without stress. and i'm a FCAT for sure.

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I finally have the chance to try Chambar next Wednesday, and before I go, I'd like to know if there are any must-try dishes you all would reccomend.


The venison, definitely. Both the carpaccio appetizer & the loin main are very good. Personal preference, but I liked Chambar's venison better than Feenie's venison (on special the night I went). Feenie's venison was $38, Chambar's is $28. Feenie's came with a chocolate demi-glace, while Chambar's comes with a gin & cherry compote. While the chocolate & venison was an interesting pairing, I liked the sour cherry flavour better.

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Hi All

I went to Chambar last night and thought I'd write an update given a lot of the Chambar posts are from 04/05.

Really great experience. Loved the ambience and buzz about the place. The tables were actually amazing (made by the father of the owner according to staff) and the rest of the decor was also excellent.

The food was definitely the highlight. Pretty reasonable prices and wall to wall quality. We had the Congolaise Mussels (huge and tender!), the St Jacques scallops (tender with lovely flavour) for appetizer.

Entree we had tagine and veal. The tagine was good but not amazing. The veal tenderloin on the other hand was a masterclass. Fall-apart tender and set on a bed of highly cmoplementary goodness - some fine green apple slices, cherry jus, and some other bits and pieces. It's unusual that the entree is the standout dish but in this case - wow.

Desserts were also really very good. The Belgian waffle option definitely did the business - almost the consistency of a really good cookie and tasted like it too. I am a cookie monster so heaven for me. Two other desserts (yes, piggy, but with a list like that, hard to choose) were trios. The tartlettes (citron, apple, chocolate ganache) were competent wihtout being outstanding. The other trio (white chocolate bombe. chocolate cake-like thing, and another I have forgotten) were better but not quite in the waffle league.

Lovely staff also.

Highly recommended.

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On Friday, July 21, a friend and I went to Chambar on the advice of BeerFly. I was just going for their selection of Belgian beers, not realizing that they also had a good reputation for food.

We ordered two bottles of Orval, which is not available in my town. Pretty good for a Belgian Pale Ale.


Carpaccio d'autruche. 20 year old sherry vinegar marinated ostrich carpaccio. Buckwheat angel hair salad, horseradish mustard ($13). I've never been a fan of ostrich in steak form as I find the gamey taste unappetizing. Carpaccio, however, seems to be the perfect application for this meat as the gameyness can be enjoyed in small portions. Excellent dish.


Poutine á la Belge. Poutine with blue cheese. Having never had poutine before, I liked this dish a great deal. The pink peppercorns were delicious.

They had the best cocktail menu I have ever seen. I had both the Bazil Zayjax and Blue Fig. Both were superb.

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